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  • Deal

    TILLY & CHERRY from Deal & more cats in East Kent »

  • Cobham

    MILLIE from Cobham & more cats in
    Surrey. »

  • Bedford

    SMUDGE from Bedford & more cats in Beds. »

  • Tendring

    TIGER from Tendring & more cats in
    Essex. »

  • Cork

    POLLY POCKET from Cork & more cats in Ireland. »

  • Leeds

    BELLA from Leeds & more cats in
    N. Yorks. »

  • Harlow

    JESS from Harlow & more cats in
    Essex. »

  • Peterborough

    POPPY from Peterborough & more cats in Cambs. »

  • Bedford

    TABITHA from Bedford & more cats in Beds. »

  • Gateshead

    HARRY & WILLS from Gateshead & more cats in
    Tyne & Wear. »

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low cost cat neutering and spayingDon't Wait until it's Too Late...

Please Neuter Your Cat (male or female)

Spring is here, which also means it's Kitten Season. Rescue centres will soon be over-run with kittens - largely because too many owners didn't get their cat spayed, and find themselves with an unplanned, unwanted litter. Please neuter your cat - male or female. If cost is an issue, low cost neutering is available - don’t wait til it’s too late!

Why Neuter? Where to get Low Cost Neutering »

Spring 2016 Cat Chat charity newsletterCat Chat Spring Newsletter

All the latest Homings and Happenings!

Our Spring Newsletter is out now. So if you fancy catching up on the latest homings and happenings at Cat Chat, grab yourself a cuppa, and click below. There are some lovely happy homings of course, plus an update on our Overlooked 15 campaign and much more besides. Please enjoy!

Cat Chat - Spring 2016 News »

Cats Remembrance PageRemembrance Gallery

Remembering those special cats who left pawprints on your heart.

Our Remembrance Gallery is a place to remember your much loved cats, and pay a real tribute to them, by helping rescued cats find the homes they need. Donations made in memory of a loved feline friend help us to help more cats out of shelters and into homes.

Visit our Remembrance Gallery »

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Find a Rescue Centre

Our Cat Shelters section is a comprehensive register of cat rescue centres, rehoming groups, shelters, sanctuaries and cat welfare charities across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. All kinds of cat rescue organisations are included, from the smallest homing groups to branches of the national rescue charities. If you could offer a home to a rescued cat, you can find details of all your local rescues here...
Visit our Cat Shelters Section »

Adopt a Rescue Cat

Are you thinking of adopting a rescued cat or kitten? Perhaps you are looking for a friendly family cat or a loving feline companion? Could you offer a caring home to a kitten or two, or a rural home for neutered feral cats? Our Cats Needing Homes section features thousands of cats and kittens of all ages, colours and personalities in rescue centres throughout the UK and Ireland, all looking for a loving home...
See Cats Needing Homes near you here »

Help for Shelters

If you run a Cat Rescue Shelter or Rehoming Group in the UK or Ireland - Cat Chat can help you!
We offer free web-based assistance to cat rescue centres, to help find more good homes for cats in shelter care. We can also help vets practices with cats to rehome. Currently over 8,000 rescued cats and kittens annually, find a new home with Cat Chat's help.

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