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Shadow from Little Cottage Rescue, Luton, Beds, has now been homed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

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About Cat Chat

Our Mission Statement:

"To facilitate the rehoming of unowned cats and kittens nationally through cat rescue groups, and to promote kindness to all animals."

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Cat Chat - Who We Are:

Cat Chat is a UK Registered Charity (reg. no. 1100649)
We are a web-based Charity sourcing new, loving homes for currently over 8,000 unwanted and abandoned cats annually from rescue shelters across the UK and Ireland through our ‘Virtual Cat Shelters’. Our on-line homing services are given free of charge to rescue centres large and small, from the numerous independent shelters and rescue groups to branches of the larger organisations. We also help vet practices to find homes for cats left in their care.

Our Story so Far:

gemini cat co founder of cat chatCat Chat was first launched in June 2000, by founders Mandy and Steve, inspired and assisted by their two rescue cats Gemini & George. As the website developed, and more shelters and cats were featured, so increasing numbers of rescued cats began finding homes through the site. The internet, and Cat Chat in particular, was fast becoming a vital rehoming resource for shelters. So, with the aim of helping many more rescued cats into homes, a small group of trustees was recruited and in 2003 Cat Chat became a registered Charity.

george catSince then, the Cat Chat site has found loving homes for many thousands of cats from shelters and rescue groups across the UK and Ireland - we source homes for currently well over 8,000 rescued cats annually. Cat Chat is often referred to by shelters as their ‘Rehoming Lifeline’. To see a selection of cats recently homed with Cat Chat's help, visit our » Rehoming Roll of Honour

Today, we have a dedicated team who keep the various sections of Cat Chat running » meet our Team. We are delighted also, to have three very special patrons: tireless animal welfare campaigners Sir Roger Gale MP and his wife Suzy, and the wise and wonderful Bagpuss » meet our Patrons

cat chat 15th anniversary logoOver the years Cat Chat has developed enormously, and continues to do so. We have extended our services to help vet practices who have cats left with them for homing, and developed our own unique design, 'cat homing pages' for shelters. Cat Chat's most recent advancement is our ambitious new 'Cats Needing Homes' section, which launched in August 2014. The section features thousands of cats needing homes, from shelters and rescue groups across the UK and Ireland, and is updated continually.

Our quest to help even more cats out of shelters into homes, continues...

Our Objectives

Through the Cat Chat website, we help rescue centres nationwide to find more homes for cats in their care, and to encourage more people to adopt rather than buying from a pet-shop or breeder. We are particularly committed to finding homes for the harder-to-home cats, such as older cats, nervous or shy cats, FIV positive cats, and cats who have been in care too long. We believe that there is a home out there for every cat!

We also promote neutering at four months of age, to prevent unplanned litters, and so reduce the future stray population. Despite the constant message of 'neuter, neuter, neuter!', rescue centres are still continually full with stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens. There are many thousands of cats in rescue care across the UK and Ireland right now, and we will do all we can to help that situation.

We believe that by encouraging adoption and neutering, that one day, every cat will be a wanted cat.

The Objects in the Cat Chat Constitution are:

  • "To promote the efficiency and effectiveness of charities whose purposes are to promote animal welfare, by the provision of an internet website, IT support and facilities"
  • "To advance the education of the public in matters of animal welfare by the provision of a website and information service"

For many rescue shelters, Cat Chat is their main source of good homes;
Shelters often refer to us as their ‘Rehoming Lifeline'.

Our Activities

Here are some of the ways in which Cat Chat is currently helping rescue shelters, and helping cats:

  • Cat Rehoming Pages for Shelters - We offer free cat homing web-pages to any UK or Ireland based rescue centre or rehoming group, enabling them to feature their cats seeking homes on the web. We set the page up, link it from Cat Chat, host and promote it at no cost to the rescue. All cats on these pages appear on our central 'Cats Needing Homes' section. We believe every cat in care should have an equal chance at a new, loving home, so Cat Chat helps all kinds of cats from all kinds of rescue and rehoming groups, large or small.
  • Helping the 'Overloooked' Cats - Most shelters find they have a few cats that always seem to be overlooked, and often stay in care for months or even years. They may be elderly, have a medical condition, be very shy, or are simply passed by in favour of prettier or younger cats. Rescue shelters and rehoming groups can feature any 'harder to home' cats on our Overlooked Cats section. This section has been very successful in finding new homes for many cats, some of whom had almost given up hope. Some of the cats rehomed via our Overlooked Cats section appear on our » Rehoming Roll of Honour.
  • Rescue Shelter Listings - We always encourage people to go to a rescue centre when seeking a new animal companion, rather than going to a pet shop or breeder. To make this easier, we provide an extensive county by county database of rescue and rehoming centres across the UK and Ireland. We currently have around 1,300 rescue centres represented on our pages, and we are continually adding and updating our listings.
    Want to rescue a cat ? Start here » Shelter Listings
  • Kittens Needing Homes Listings - Most rescue shelters find they take in unwanted or abandoned mums and kittens from about April through to October (Kitten Season), and some even find they are inundated with them! We help find more homes for these kittens through our Rescue Centres with Kittens section. This not only helps the kittens, but frees up those rescue places for other cats in need.
    Want to adopt a rescue kitten (or two)? Start here » Rescue Centres with Kittens Section

  • Feral / Farm Cats needing Homes - Each year, many feral or rural-living cats become homeless due to changes in land usage. Rescue organisations are then left with the problem of finding new locations for these cats. We therefore maintain a section for Feral / Farm cats needing homes on farms, smallholdings, or at stables or other rural locations. » Feral / Farm cats Needing Homes
  • Help for Vets - Vet practices tend not to have as many avenues for finding homes as rescue shelters do, and often find themselves either sheltering a cat for weeks, or even months on end. Therefore, our online services are also available to vets, to help find homes for cats left in their care. » Help Available to Shelters and Vets
  • Public Advice & Education - We advise members of the public in matters relating to cat rescue and cat welfare, via our forum, helpdesk and via our qualified, volunteer advisers. We also aim to advance public education on a range of cat welfare issues through our Advice & Information pages.

We have achieved a great deal since our launch in June 2000, but we have much further to go, and bigger plans are in the pipeline. There are many ways to support us, find out how here » How to Help Cat Chat

Cat Chat Newsletters

Our quarterly newsletters bring you the latest happenings & homings at Cat Chat. Available to view (PDF) below:
You might also enjoy this article about Cat Chat in the Cats Protection summer 2015 magazine.

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