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Meet the 'Cat Chat' Cats!

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the feline residents of Cat Chat HQ ('Cat Chat Towers') past and present, from the two 'Founding Felines' Gemini and George, to all the other fine 'Cats in Charge' over the years.

Each of these super cats have in their own way helped to promote cat rescue, and continue to inspire our work to this day.

From 2000 to January 2012 the Cats in Charge also kept a diary - just for fun:
Visit the Cats' Diary!

Cat Chat wouldn't be what it is today without these very special cats...

cat and computer graphic

The current "Cat in Charge"

YOGI (2009 - present)
Male • Black (except for 3 single, white hairs) • Age six and three quarters • Resident Mouser and Frog-Botherer.

Yogi arrived in January 2010 at one year old, as his owners couldn't look after him anymore. Initially he had a few little 'behavioural issues' (we won't embarrass him by giving the details!), but these were gradually resolved, and he quickly became an integral part of the household, and in particular a great playmate for Tangle (until her sad passing in Dec 2013). He is now firm friends with newest arrival, Dave.

Yogi is a little live-wire, with more energy than is good for him. He leaps higher than any cat we've known, and he loves to bring in feathers and frogs from the pond. Luckily he doesn't hurt the frogs, he just likes to poke them and watch them hop!

Did you know that black cats (and kittens) are the least likely to be adopted? Our 'Adopt a Lucky Black Cat' initiative was inspired by Yogi. Could you look beyond the coat, and... Adopt a Black Cat!

yogi cat in the garden looking all growed up
yogi cat makes his entrance

DAVE (2011 - present)
Male • Black & White • Age four and a half • Chief PR Cat • Champion Speed-Eater • Yogi's Best Mate.

Dashing, daft, delectable Dave was adopted in January 2014. He had been in rescue for 10 months, overlooked purely due to being plain old black and white. Dave is quite simply adorable! He adapted to life in a 'proper home' again remarkably quickly, and wasted no time in becoming 'best buds' with Yogi.

Dave enjoys playing, chasing, and a bit more playing. He's also a great 'PR' cat, making friends with anyone who walks through the door. Dave likes his tummy being stroked, has a very impressive purr, and eats a lot more than he looks like he should be able to (where does he put it all?).

Many gorgeous cats like Dave find themselves stuck in rescue for months on end, through no fault of their own. Next time you adopt a cat, please ask about their long-stay cats, you might be in for a nice surprise! » UK Cat Rescue Listings

PS Dave's current favourite website is:

yogi cat in the garden looking all growed up
yogi cat makes his entrance

The Cats in Charge (archive) - their memory lives on...

GEMINI (1995 - 2014)
Female • Tabby & White • A true one-in-a-million cat • One of the 'Founding Felines' of Cat Chat.

Gemini was adopted from a local cat rescue shelter in 1996 when she was six months old, after she had been given up due to her former owner's change in circumstances. Together with George, Gemini was one of the 'founding felines' of Cat Chat, and lived to the grand old age of eighteen and a half.

Gemini was a smart, independent, affectionate, sociable, fearless, nosey and determined cat. Over the years she saw many feline housemates come and go, and always retained her status as boss of the house, even in her old age. Gemini will be lovingly remembered by all who knew her. She was a true one-in-a-million.

Every year, thousands of smashing cats like Gemini, end up in rescues due to their family's change in circumstances.
Could you give a rescue cat a second chance...? » UK Cat Rescue Listings

gemini cat makes her exit
gemini cat on the bench

TANGLE (2007 - 2013)
Female • Tortie & white • One of the nicest natured cats we've ever known.

Tangle was adopted from a local cat rescue group in April 2009. At only two years old, she was considered the 'hardest cat to home' in the rescue. Due to a traumatic past, she simply hid away in a box, so no-one ever saw her, let alone want to adopt her. After two days hiding under the bed here at Cat Chat Towers, she started to venture out, and never looked back!

Tangle soon blossomed into one of the nicest cats you could wish to meet. She loved rolling, sitting on laps, giving nose-kisses, bringing leaves indoors and playing chase with Yogi. Sadly we lost Tangle to lymphoma at 6-and-a-half years old.

Many lovely cats like Tangle are passed by in rescues because they are too shy to come forward when strangers are around. All they need is someone to give them a chance. Next time you are adopting a cat, ask about their shyer residents, you could be missing a treat! » UK Cat Rescue Listings

tangle cat on the ladder
tangle cat gets in a tangle

PICKFORD (1996 (approx) - 2009)
Male • Tabby & White • FIV positive • Ex-stray • Inspired our ongoing aim to promote the adoption of nervous cats.

Pickford was initially known as ‘Sparecat’ and ‘3-Dinners' when he turned up here as a stray, and was fed outside for a few months. He finally plucked up his courage, and moved into Cat Chat Towers in September 2005, aged around 9 or 10 years. Back then he was scruffy, hungry and extremely nervous. Little did we know what an adorable, affectionate chap he would become.

Leaving his stray-days behind him, Pickford made the most of every day. He adored fuss, laps, and as much catnip as he could get his paws on. His transformation was a delight to witness, and we were incredibly privileged that he chose to share the last four years of his life with us, as he slowly became the magnificent cat he always deserved to be.

Rescue centres regularly take in strays like Pickford, who are often nervous at first, but who will truly blossom in a caring home. Go on, give an ex-stray a chance! » UK Cat Rescue Listings

pickford cat on his lounger
pickford cat playing shoelaces

COLONEL BEAU (1994 (approx) - 2008)
Male • Pure White • A HUGE cat! • The Colonel inspired our 'Adopt an Older Cat' Senior Kittizens campaign.

Colonel Beau came to live at Cat Chat Towers in January 2005, at the age of 10-ish, after his owner sadly died. Always a larger-than-life character, he was swiftly to become a much loved and respected figure. Over his time with us here, the Colonel (Sir) helped to raise the profile of the older cat, and was the original inspiration behind our 'Senior Kittizens Rock! (between naps)' campaign to encourage adopting a senior puss.

Beau was a big, beautiful, handsome, proud, playful, soft, soppy, lovable old soldier, who adored a fuss (but didn't do laps), and knew how to keep his troops in order!

Every year, thousands of cats over 10 years old find themselves in a rescue centre because their owner has died, or been taken into a care home, yet they can have many years of love to give. Could you adopt a Senior Kittizen? Read our Top 10 Reasons to Adopt an Older Cat

BODGER (1994 (approx) - 2007)
Male • Black & White • FIV positive • Ex-stray • Bodger inspired our campaign to promote the adoption of FIV positive cats.

Bodger was rescued in August 2004 as a very nervous stray cat of about 10 years, and came to live at Cat Chat Towers for a few months of socialisation and TLC. He was certainly a challenge at first, as he could be quite aggressive due to his fear of people. However, with time and patience, he evolved into an adorable cat who loved to sit on laps and be stroked. Bodger then moved on to his 'forever' home in November 2004, where he lived for another three happy years.

Bodger inspired us to find out more about FIV, and so began our campaign to spread awareness of the facts about the virus, as opposed to the myths. As a result, many cats owe their lives to Bodger, and we will be forever grateful to him for the experience, the learning curve, and the pleasure of having known and loved him. Find out more about FIV here: FIV Information, or visit the FIV Owners Club on our forum. If you might consider adopting an FIV Cat, ask at your local Rescue Centre.

bodger cat gets a fuss
bodger cat washing down to his white bits

GEORGE (1996 - 2004)
Male • White-with-black-bits • Half turkish van & half not • One of the 'Founding Felines' of Cat Chat.

George came to live at Cat Chat Towers at 8 weeks old, from the same rescue centre as Gemini. From day one, George adored Gemini and Gemini adored George, and together they became the Founding Felines of Cat Chat. Sadly we lost George to cancer at just 8-and-a-half years old.

George was 'half Turkish Van and half not', and was a funny, sweet, cute, handsome and lovable cat, who never lost touch with his inner kitten. Inventing games was a speciality, such as: Newspaper Football, Coffee Table Skating, Blanket Boxing, Walnut Whacking... well, you get the idea.

Every year from May to November, rescue centres are inundated with kittens. If you are thinking of adding a kitten or two to your household, please don't buy from a petshop or breeder - instead ask at your local rescue centre, and Adopt a Rescued Kitten!

Want to rescue a cat from a sanctuary?
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