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Rescue & Rehoming

Cats Seeking Homes Across the UK
UK Cat Rescue Shelters
Kittens - Why Rescue a Kitten?
Kittens Needing Homes across the UK
Senior Kittizens - Why Rescue an older cat?
Feral / Farm Cats Needing Rural Homes
Black Cats - Homes Desperately Needed
Disbled Cats - Could You Adopt?
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Rehoming your cat - advice
Direct Rehoming - information
Cat Fostering - information
UK Animal Rescue Listings (Animals A - E)
UK Animal Rescue Listings (Animals F - Q)
UK Animal Rescue Listings (Animals R - Z)
Rescue & Rehoming Queries - Feline Forum

Cats Homed - success stories

Rescued! Cats Homed April 2014
Rescued! Cats Homed March 2014
Rescued! Cats Homed February 2014
Rescued! Cats Homed January 2014
Rescued! Cats Homed December 2013
Rescued! Cats Homed November 2013
Rescued! Cats Homed October 2013
Rescued! Cats Homed September 2013
Rescued! Cats Homed August 2013
Rescued! Cats Homed July 2013
Rescued! Cats Homed June 2013
Rescued! Cats Homed May 2013
Testimonials: Rescues Helped & Cats Homed

Lost & Found Pages

Lost and Found Advice
Lost and Found Registers
Lost and Found notices - Feline Forum
N. Ches / S. Lancs - Cat Homing & Rescue, Warrington
W. Yorks - Independent Cat Rescue, Dewsbury

Help for Shelters

List a cat on Top Cats Section
Get your rescue group listed
Get a Free Web Rehoming Page
List your rescue on Kittens Available Page
Help Available for Rescue Shelters
Cat Rehabilitation Pen
How You can help your Local Shelter
How you can Help Cat Chat

Cat Health Pages

Cat health and Care links
Cat Behaviour links
Diabetes (Feline)
Disabled Cats - Adoption and Care
Feline Hiererchies
FIV information (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)
FeLV information (Feline Leukaemia)
Feline Calicivirus (FCV)
Health and Behaviour Queries - Feline Forum
Low-Cost Neutering
Meowing at Night
Neutering information
Toileting / Spraying in the house
Understanding Aggression in Cats

Information & Advice

Find your Local Rescues
Feral Cat Information
Cat Fostering Information
Hot Weather - Pet Advice
New Cat - bringing a new cat into the home
New Cat - cat-to-cat Introductions
Animal Welfare Charities: A - C
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Cat Rescue Shelters
UK & Ireland

Locate your nearest cat and kitten rescue and rehoming centre:

Alderney - Cat Rescue Centres
Avon - Cat Rescue Centres
Bedfordshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Berkshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Birmingham - Cat Rescue Centres
Borders - Cat Rescue Centres
Buckinghamshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Cambridgeshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Central, Scotland - Cat Rescue Centres
Ceredigion, Wales - Cat Rescue Centres
Channel Isles - Cat Rescue Centres
Cheshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Co.Durham - Cat Rescue Centres
Connacht, Ireland - Cat Rescue Centres
Cornwall - Cat Rescue Centres
Cumbria - Cat Rescue Centres
Derbyshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Devon - Cat Rescue Centres
Dorset - Cat Rescue Centres
Dumfries & Galloway - Cat Rescue Centres
Durham - Cat Rescue Centres
Essex - Cat Rescue Centres
Fife - Cat Rescue Centres
Gloucestershire - Cat Rescue Centres
Grampian - Cat Rescue Centres
Guernsey - Cat Rescue Centres
Hampshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Herefordshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Hertfordshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Highlands - Cat Rescue Centres
Humberside - Cat Rescue Centres
Ireland (Ulster) - Cat Rescue Centres
Ireland (Connacht) - Cat Rescue Centres
Ireland (Leinster) - Cat Rescue Centres
Ireland (Munster) - Cat Rescue Centres
Isle of Man - Cat Rescue Centres
Isle of Wight - Cat Rescue Centres
Jersey - Cat Rescue Centres
Kent (East) - Cat Rescue Centres
Kent (West) - Cat Rescue Centres
Lancashire - Cat Rescue Centres
Leicestershire - Cat Rescue Centres
Leinster, Ireland - Cat Rescue Centres
Lincolnshire - Cat Rescue Centres
London (East) - Cat Rescue Centres
London (West) - Cat Rescue Centres
Lothian - Cat Rescue Centres
Manchester - Cat Rescue Centres
Merseyside - Cat Rescue Centres
Middlesex - Cat Rescue Centres
Midlands - Cat Rescue Centres
Mid Wales - Cat Rescue Centres
Munster, Ireland - Cat Rescue Centres
Norfolk - Cat Rescue Centres
Northamptonshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Northumberland - Cat Rescue Centres
North Wales - Cat Rescue Centres
Nottinghamshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Orkney - Cat Rescue Centres
Outer Hebrides - Cat Rescue Centres
Oxfordshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Shetland Isles - Cat Rescue Centres
Shropshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Somerset - Cat Rescue Centres
Southern Wales - Cat Rescue Centres
South West Wales - Cat Rescue Centres
Staffordshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Strathclyde - Cat Rescue Centres
Suffolk - Cat Rescue Centres
Surrey - Cat Rescue Centres
Sussex (East) - Cat Rescue Centres
Sussex (West) - Cat Rescue Centres
Tayside - Cat Rescue Centres
Tyne and Wear - Cat Rescue Centres
Ulster, N.Ireland - Cat Rescue Centres
Wales (North) - Cat Rescue Centres
Wales (Mid) - Cat Rescue Centres
Wales (Ceredigion) - Cat Rescue Centres
Wales (South West) - Cat Rescue Centres
Wales (Southern) - Cat Rescue Centres
Warwickshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Western Isles - Cat Rescue Centres
West Midlands - Cat Rescue Centres
Wiltshire - Cat Rescue Centres
Worcestershire - Cat Rescue Centres
Yorkshire (East) - Cat Rescue Centres
Yorkshire (North) - Cat Rescue Centres
Yorkshire (South) - Cat Rescue Centres
Yorkshire (West) - Cat Rescue Centres

Cats Seeking Homes

Cats in Avon
Cats in Bedfordshire
Cats in Berkshire
Cats in Borders, Scotland
Cats in Buckinghamshire
Cats in Cambridgeshire
Cats in Central, Scotland
Cats in Channel Islands
Cats in Cheshire
Cats in Cornwall
Cats in Cumbria
Cats in Derbyshire
Cats in Devon
Cats in Dorset
Cats in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
Cats in Durham
Cats in Essex
Cats in Fife
Cats in Gloucestershire
Cats in Grampian, Scotland
Cats in Hampshire
Cats in Hertfordshire
Cats in Highlands, Scotland
Cats in Isle of Man
Cats in Isle of Wight
Cats in Ireland
Cats in Kent (East)
Cats in Kent (West)
Cats in Lancashire
Cats in Leicestershire
Cats in Lincolnshire
Cats in London (East)
Cats in London (West)
Cats in Lothian, Scotland
Cats in Merseyside
Cats in Norfolk
Cats in Northamptonshire
Cats in Northumberland
Cats in Nottinghamshire
Cats in Orkney Islands
Cats in Outer Hebrides
Cats in Oxfordshire
Cats in Shetland Isles
Cats in Shropshire
Cats in Somerset
Cats in Staffordshire
Cats in Strathclyde, Scotland
Cats in Suffolk
Cats in Surrey
Cats in Sussex
Cats in Tayside, Scotland
Cats in Tyne & Wear
Cats in Wales
Cats in Warwickshire
Cats in Western Isles
Cats in West Midlands
Cats in Wiltshire
Cats in Worcestershire
Cats in Yorkshire (East)
Cats in Yorkshire (South)
Cats in Yorkshire (North)
Cats in Yorkshire (West)

Cat Rehoming Pages
UK & Ireland

Cats and kittens needing homes at the following rescue and rehoming centres across the UK

Avon / Somerset - Weston-Super-Mare Cats Protection
Bedfordshire - Bedford, Biggleswade & District Cats Protection
Bedfordshire - Bedfordshire south RSPCA
Beds / Bucks / Herts - Ark Cat Rescue
Beds / Bucks / Herts - Cat Welfare (Luton)
Beds / Bucks / Herts - Feline Cat Rescue
Beds / Bucks / Herts - Little Cottage Rescue
Beds / Bucks / Herts / W.London - Cat and Kitten Rescue
Beds / Bucks / Herts / N'hants - HULA Animal Rescue
Beds / Cambs / Herts / Leics / Northants / Warks - Rushden Persian Rescue
Beds / Herts - Homeless Cat Rescue, Luton
Berkshire - Battersea Dogs And Cats Home - Old Windsor
Berks / Bucks / W.London /Surrey - Hillingdon, Slough, Windsor & Kingston RSPCA
Berks / Hants / Oxon / Wilts - The National Animal Welfare Trust - Berkshire
Berks / Hants / Surrey - Katz Castle Animal Rescue
Berks / Surrey - Katiecat's Rescue
Buckinghamshire - Marjorie Nash Cat Rescue
Bucks / Kent / Surrey - Blue Cross Rehoming Services (London & South East)
Bucks / Oxon - Four Paws Cat Rescue
Cambridgeshire - Cambridge Cats Protection
Cambridgeshire - Chatteris, St. Ives & District Cats Protection
Cambridgeshire - Peterborough Cat Rescue
Cheshire (Ferals) - Mid Cheshire Animal Welfare
Cheshire - Paws Inn Cat Rescue
Cheshire - Stapeley Grange RSPCA, Nantwich
Cheshire - Ashcroft Cat Rescue, Winsford
Cheshire - Ellesmere Port Cat Rescue
Cheshire / Derbyshire - RSPCA Macclesfield, S E Cheshire and Buxton
Cheshire / Lancs - Altrincham Cheshire RSPCA
Cheshire / Lancs - Cat Homing & Rescue (CHAR), Warrington
Cheshire / Lancs - Humane Education Society
Cheshire / Lancs - Stockport Cats Protection
Cheshire / Lancs - The Heatons Animal Rescue Group
Cheshire / Lancs - Trafford Cats Protection
Ches / Merseyside - South Wirral Cats Protection
Co.Durham - Durham & District RSPCA
Co.Durham - Tendercare Cattery Rescue Centre
Co.Durham - Wear Valley & Darlington Cats Protection
Co.Durham / Northumb / Tyne & Wear - Drifters Reach at Westgate Ark
Co.Durham / Northumb / Tyne & Wear - Helping Pets (North-East)
Co.Durham / N.Yorks - Teesside Cats Protection
Co.Durham / Tyne & Wear / N.Yorks - Aristocat Rescue
Cornwall - Cats Protection - St Austell & District
Cornwall - Sally's Cat Rescue, St. Austell
Cumbria - Eden Animal Rescue
Cumbria - Animal Concern Cumbria (West Branch)
Cumbria / Dumfries & Galloway - Animal Concern Cumbria (North Lakes and Solway)
Cumbria / Durham / Lancs / Staffs / W.Yorks - Blue Cross Rehoming Services (North)
Derbyshire - Angel Wings Animal Sanctuary
Derbyshire - Derby & District RSPCA
Derbys / Leics / N'hants / Oxon / West Mids - Roxies Rescue
Derbys / Lincs / Notts / Yorks - West Yorkshire Persian Cat Rescue
Derbys / Notts - Ashfield & Amber Valley Cats Protection
Derbys / Notts - Woodland Nook Cat Rescue
Derbys / S.Yorks - 8 Lives, Sheffield
Devon - Feline Network, Paignton
Devon - Plymouth Cat Rescue
Devon - Teignbridge & Totnes Cats Protection
Devon / Dorset - Margaret Green Animal Rescue
Dorset / Hants / IOW / Wilts - Pound Kitten Rescue
Dorset / Somerset - Somerset & Dorset Animal Rescue
Dumfries & Galloway - Stranraer & District Cats Protection
Essex - Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch
Essex - BB's Cat Rescue
Essex - Crescent Cat Rescue, Tendring
Essex - Springfield Animal Rescue, Chelmsford
Essex - Goldie's Cat Rescue, Basildon & Upminster
Essex - Caring for Animals, Thurrock
Essex - Colne Valley Cats Protection
Essex - Cuddly Critters Small Animal Rescue, Thurrock
Essex - Hazelwood Cat Rescue Centre, Basildon
Essex - National Animal Welfare Trust, Grays
Essex - Pussycat Lodge Trust, Brentwood
Essex - Chelmsford & District Cats Protection
Essex - RSPCA Essex North West
Essex - RSPCA Essex South & Southend
Essex / Kent (West) - Bow Lodge Cat Rescue
Essex / Kent (West) / E. London - Celia Hammond Animal Trust - Canning Town
Essex / London / W.Kent / Surrey - Bromley & District Cat Rescue
Essex / Herts - RSPCA Stort Valley, Harlow
Essex / Herts - Harlow, Epping Forest & District Cats Protection
Essex / Suffolk - National Animal Welfare Trust (Clacton Animal Aid)
Fife / Tayside - Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary
Glos / Hants / West Mids / Wilts - Blue Cross Rehoming Services (Central & West)
Hampshire - The Ark Animal Welfare Trust
Hampshire / Surrey - Farnham & Wey Valley Cats Protection
Hampshire / Surrey - HappyCats Rescue
Hertfordshire - St. Albans & District Cats Protection
Hertfordshire - Great Amwell & District Cats Protection
Hertfordshire - Welwyn / Hatfield & District Cats Protection
Herts / E.London - Lea Valley Cats Protection
Herts / W. London - Middlesex North West RSPCA
Ireland - Angels House Animal Rescue
Ireland, Co. Cork - Community Cats Network
Ireland, Co. Down - Belfast Animal Rescue, Ulster
Ireland, Co. Wicklow - Aughrim Cat Concern
Ireland, Co. Antrim - 7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust, Ulster
Ireland, Co. Kerry - Kenmare Locality Animal Welfare Society (KLAWS)
Kent (East) - Folkestone & Hythe Cats Protection
Kent (East) - Swale Cats Protection
Kent (East) - Kingsdown Cat Sanctuary
Kent (East) - TAG Pet Rescue, Isle of Thanet
Kent (East) - Thanet Cat Club, Isle of Thanet
Kent (East) - Canterbury & District Cats Protection
Kent (East) - Cats in Crisis - Thanet
Kent (East) - RSPCA Canterbury, Dover & District
Kent (East & West) - Rolvenden Cat Rescue
Kent (East & West) - RSPCA Ashford, Tenterden & District (Ashford Garden Cattery)
Kent (West) - Battersea Dogs And Cats Home - Brands Hatch
Kent (West) - Maidstone Cat Welfare
Kent (West) - Maidstone & District Cats Protection
Kent (West) - Tunbridge Wells & Maidstone RSPCA
Kent (West) / E. London - Anim-Mates
Kent (West) / E. London - Celia Hammond Animal Trust - Lewisham
Kent (West) / E. London - The Catcuddles Sanctuary, Greenwich
Kent (West) / Sussex (East) - Streetkatz Rescue, Lamberhurst
Kent (West) / Sussex (East) - Celia Hammond Animal Trust Sanctuary (Hastings)
Kent (West) / Sussex (East) - Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough & District Cats Protection
Lancashire - Blackpool Cats in Care
Lancashire - Bolton & Bury Cat Rescue
Lancashire - Bolton & Radcliffe Cats Protection
Lancashire - Furry Tails Feline Welfare, Blackpool
Lancashire - Manchester & Salford RSPCA
Lancashire - Pennine Pen Animal Rescue, Oldham
Lancashire - Pet Rehome, Bolton
Lancashire - Prevent Unwanted Pets (PUP) - Fylde Coast
Leics / Warks - Cats in Need
Leics / Warks - Cat Action Trust 1977 - Nuneaton & Hinckley
Lincolnshire - Burton-on-Stather Cat Rescue
Lincolnshire - RSPCA Lincolnshire East
Lincolnshire - Lincs Ark Animal Welfare
Lincolnshire - North East Lincolnshire Animal Rescue
Lincolnshire - Second Chance Cat Rescue (Keelby)
Lincolnshire - Cats in Crisis - Lincoln
Lincs / Notts - Life For Cats
London (East) - RSPCA London South East
London (West) - Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
London (West) - Hendon, Finchley & Mill Hill Cats Protection
London (West) - Guardian Angels Animal Support, Hounslow
London (East & West) - The Mayhew Animal Home
London (East & West) - Paws for Life & 9 Lives Cat Rescue
London (East & West) - London Cat Rescue
London (West) / Surrey - Cat Action Trust 1977, Central & West London
London (West) / Surrey - Hounslow Animal Welfare Society
Lothian / Strathclyde - Cat Action Trust, Lanarkshire
Merseyside - Phoenix Cat Trust, Liverpool
Merseyside - Thingwall Cat Rescue
Norfolk - CatChums Cat Rescue, Norwich
Norfolk - Feline Network
Norfolk - West Norfolk RSPCA Rehoming Centre
Norfolk - North Norfolk Cats Lifeline Trust, Sheringham
Northamptonshire - Cats' Friends, Rothwell
Northamptonshire - Animals in Need
Northamptonshire - Canino Animal Rescue
Northamptonshire - Northampton Cats Protection
Northants / Warks / W.Mids - Wonky Pets Rescue
Nottinghamshire - Animal Accident Rescue Unit
Nottinghamshire - Burton Joyce Cat Welfare
Nottinghamshire - Kirkby Cats Home
Nottinghamshire - RACR, Nottingham
Nottinghamshire - Thorneywood Cat Rescue, Nottingham
Scottish Highlands - Cats Protection - Tain & District
Somerset - National Animal Welfare Trust - Heavens Gate Rescue
Staffordshire - Cats Protection - Cannock Area
Staffordshire - RSPCA Staffordshire North
Staffs / Warks - Grendon Cat Shelter
Staffs / West Mids - Caring Animal Rescue
Staffs / West Mids - Stafford, Wolverhampton & District RSPCA
Staffs / West Mids - Kats Cradle, Wolverhampton
Strathclyde - Cat Action Trust 1977, East Kilbride
Strathclyde - Cat Concern
Strathclyde - Glasgow Cats Protection
Suffolk - Bury St. Edmunds & Stowmarket Cats Protection
Suffolk - Framlingham & Saxmundham Cats Protection
Suffolk - Haverhill & Stour Valley Cats Protection
Surrey - Surrey, Woking & Distict RSPCA
Surrey - Cats in Crisis - Epsom
Surrey - Furballs Rescue, Camberley
Surrey / Sussex (West) - Crawley & Reigate Cats Protection
Sussex (East) - RSPCA Sussex East & Hastings (Bluebell Ridge)
Sussex (East) - Kitty in the City, Brighton
Sussex (East / West) - National Cat Adoption Centre - Cats Protection
Sussex (East / West) - Oriental Cat Welfare Trust (OCWT)
Sussex (West) - Horsham & District Cats Protection
Sussex (West) - RSPCA Sussex North Branch
Sussex (West) - Worthing & District Cats Protection
Tyne & Wear - Gateshead & District Cats Protection
Tyne & Wear - North Tyneside Cats Protection
Tyne & Wear - Pawz for Thought
Tyne & Wear - Willows Cat Adoption Centre
Wales (North) - Holyhead Cat Rescue, Angelsey
Wales (North) - Freshfields Animal Rescue, Caernarfon
Wales (Mid & Southern) - RSPCA - Newport Adoption Centre
Wales (Southern) - Maesteg Animal Welfare Society
Wales (Southern) / Worcs - N.F.Rescue
Wales (South West) - Cat Action Trust - Carmarthenshire
Warwickshire - Rugby Cats Protection
Warwickshire - Mid Warwickshire Cats Protection
Warwickshire / West Mids - Avon Cat Rescue
West Midlands - Birmingham North Cats Protection
West Midlands - Cramar Cat Rescue and Sanctuary
West Midlands - Midlands Animal Rescue Team, Walsall
West Midlands - Team Cat Rescue, Birmingham
West Midlands - Walsall Borough Cats Protection
West Midlands - Walsall & District RSPCA
West Midlands - Ward End Cat Rescue
West Midlands - Wolverhampton Cats Protection
West Mids / Worcs - Fur and Feathers Animal Sanctuary, Wythal
Worcestershire - Best Friends Forever, Malvern
Worcs / Herefordshire - Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter
Yorks / Cumbria Derbys / Lancs - Cat Welfare, Leeds
Yorkshire (East) - Beverley & Pocklington Cats Protection
Yorkshire (East) - Small Pet & Cat Care
Yorkshire (N & W) - Leeds Cat Rescue, Collingham
Yorkshire (N & W) - Yorkshire Animal Shelter
Yorkshire (South) - Cat Action Trust (1977) - Doncaster South
Yorkshire (South) - Rotherham Rescue Rangers
Yorkshire (South) - Royston Animal Welfare
Yorkshire (South) - RSPCA - Barnsley & District
Yorkshire (S & W) - Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity
Yorkshire (West) - Yorkshire Cat Rescue
Yorkshire (West) - Wharfe Valley Cats Protection
Yorkshire (West) - Independent Cat Rescue, Dewsbury
Yorkshire (West) - Leeds Feline Friends
Yorkshire (West) - Cat Action Trust 1977 - Leeds Branch
Yorkshire (West) - Bradford & District RSPCA

Pedigree Cat Rehoming Pages

Orientals - Oriental Cat Welfare Trust (OCWT)
Persians - Chapelhouse Persian Rescue
Persians - Rushden Persian Rescue
Persians - Thorneywood Cat Rescue
Persians - West Yorkshire Persian Cat Rescue

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