How can I stop my cat meowing at night and weeing out of the litter tray?

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How can I stop my cat meowing at night and weeing out of the litter tray?

Postby Clydey92 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:47 am

Hi there,

My 6 year old Cat, Clyde, has been up meowing at all hours of the day the past two nights. She has recently lost her sister due to a car accident right outside of our house (October) and her elder brother (non-biological) due to old age in December, but she was coping ok. We recently added a new kitten to the situation too (early December) and they don't get along.

The past couple of weeks things have got worse, she has been weeing on the bed, which she normally sleeps on me with, and on my clothes in the wardrobe (My wardrobe is not protected with doors but just a curtain which we have since blocked off as best we can). I now have plastic over all of my clothes and my bed and the last couple of days I have resulted in shutting my bedroom door when I am not around which upsets me as my bedroom is the place where she feels like she can be safe.

Since blocking off the wardrobe a couple of days ago, she has started meowing in the middle of the night, meaning that myself and my partner are only getting a few hours sleep. I have tried rubbing catnip into her blanket, giving her food just before bed and playing with her just before bed to tire her out. I don't know what else to do and I am getting tired and grumpy!

To add fuel to the fire, we are moving house in the next couple of months (due to the killing of our other cat right outside our house on a busy road) which I am worried will make the situation worse. In April, myself and my partner are moving out of home into a new build and the plan has always been to take Clyde with us as she dotes on my partner and I but that is two house moves in quick succession (although it will get her away from the kitten who she doesn't get on with)

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

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Re: How can I stop my cat meowing at night and weeing out of the litter tray?

Postby Kay » Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:13 pm

sounds to me as if the problems stem from the new kitten - from her point of view she has lost the two companions she was at home with and forced to share with a new and younger interloper - made worse I suspect because she is female, because in my experience girls are often happier being only cats

are you also confining her to the house, rather than letting her out, because of the road, because of course this would be another change to her usual routine

so she is unhappy and unsettled, and the inappropriate weeing is her way of showing this, and I wonder if there is any way you could find someone to look after the kitten now, which would be much more able to adapt to changing circumstances, and see how Clyde is when she has your undivided attention

and a final thought - how long has she been sharing you with your partner? is he another change she has had to adapt to recently?

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