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Congratulations ICE!
Cats Adopted through Cat Chat
Ice from Furballs Rescue, Camberley, Surrey, has now been homed after being spotted on Cat Chat.
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Turning Unwanted Cars into Cash for Charity

Giveacar is a UK based social enterprise that specialises in auctioning or scrapping old cars for charitable causes, including CAT CHAT!

cat and computer graphic

Donate your old, Unwanted Car and help more Cats find their Forever Home...

Unwanted vehicles are collected free of charge by Giveacar and either sold by auction, or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way at an Authorised Treatment Facility. Proceeds from the sale are donated to a charity of your choice. You can choose to donate all the money raised or send half to the charity and keep half.

giveacar car scrapping scheme

How Giveacar Works

Step 1. Contact Givacar
To arrange collection of a vehicle, visit or call 020 7736 4242, quoting Cat Chat as your chosen charity.
You can also email them to find out more or to donate a car:

Step 2. Your car is picked up
Your unwanted vehicle will be collected free of charge, at a mutually agreed time, usually within 1-3 days.

Step 3. Proceeds donated to charity
Depending on its age and condition, your vehicle is either sold at a salvage auction, or sent for disposal and recycling at an Authorised Treatment Facility. All proceeds, after admin costs, are donated to your chosen charity. If you have chosen to donate half the value of your auction car, your receipt letter will also contain a cheque for half the donation amount.


Got an 'Old Banger'?
Donate your old car, van, motorbike or lorry today, and make a real difference!



give a car - donate half or all proceeds

Giveacar will collect your vehicle FREE of charge, from anywhere in the UK, and donate all or half of the profits to Cat Chat.

Giveacar will take: Cars • Vans • Motorbikes • Lorries
Every vehicle is worth something!

Donate your old vehicle today, and you could make a real difference to homeless cats. Even real 'old bangers’ sent for scrap still net between £40 and £160 for your chosen cause.

Visit or call 020 7736 4242, quoting Cat Chat as your chosen charity.

Innovative • Environmentally Friendly • a Great Recycling Initiative
giveacar standards logos

Find out more about Giveacar here:

cat rehomed through cat chat
"Thank you!" Buster from Kirkby Cats Home, Notts, rehomed through Cat Chat
cat rehomed through cat chat
"Thank you!" Pepper from National Animal Welfare Trust, Grays, Rehomed through Cat Chat
cat rehomed through cat chat
"Thank you!" Morris from Willows Cat Adoption Centre, South Shields, Rehomed through Cat Chat
UK Animal Rescue

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