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PeRabbit Rehoming
Most Animal Rescue centres have Rabbits for homing: Rescue Centre Listings
UK Wide - Rabbit Rehome:
Buckinghamshire & Northamptonshire - Rabbit Rescue and Boarding:
Essex (Chelmsford) - Blackberry Patch Rescue:
Essex (Maldon) - Forever Home Rescue:
Essex (Dagenham) - Little Angels Rabbit Rescue: Little Angels Rabbit Rescue
Hampshire (Southampton) - Wheek & Squeak Guinea Pig Rescue:
Kent & London - Greenwich Rabbit Rescue:
Kent & Sussex - Happy Endings Rescue (Faversham):
Kent (West) & London (East) - GBH Rescue:
Kent (Hythe) - Daisie's Sanctuary:
Kent (Nr Westerham) - Beaver Water World:
Lincolnshire - Lincolnshire Mid & Lincoln RSPCA:
Midlands - Fat Fluffs:
Merseyside (Liverpool) - Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary:
Norfolk - PACT Sanctuary (People for Animal Care Trust):
Nottinghamshire (Brinsley):
Nottinghamshire (Kirkby-in-Ashfield) - Pet Welfare:
Scotland (Fife) - Fife Rabbit Rescue:
Scotland (Glasgow & West Central Scotland) - Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care:
Surrey (Old Coulson) - Furry Friends Animal Rescue:
Sussex (Chichester)& Hampshire - The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre:
Wales (Flintshire) - Capricorn Animal Rescue, nr Mold:
Wales (South) - South Wales Animal Rescue:
Warwickshire (Keresley Village) - Coventry Rabbit And Guinea Sanctuary:
Wiltshire (Westbury) - Cotton Tails Rescue:
Yorkshire (Leeds) - Yorkshire Animal Shelter:
Yorkshire (North) - Bunny Burrows, Richmond:
Yorkshire (South) - Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity (BARC):
Yorkshire (West) - Greenleaf Animal Rescue:

See under 'Rodents'
Also, most Animal Rescue centres have Rats for homing: Rescue Centre Listings
M.N.M. Rat Rescue - Shropshire

UK Wide - Proteus Reptile Trust:
UK Wide - Sams Species Reptile Rescue & Sanctuary:
Berks, Hamps, & Surrey - Safe and Sound Animal Care:
Essex - D.W.A.R.F. (Dangerous Wild Animal Rescue Facility):
Kent (Nr Westerham) - Beaver Water World Reptile:
Lancashire (Bolton) - Reptile Rescue Den:
Scotland (West Lothian) - Lothians Reptile Rescue:
Sussex - Sussex Amphibian & Reptile Group:
Sussex (Brighton) - RSPCA Reptile Rescue:
Sussex (Brighton) - Second Chance Reptiles:
West Midlands - Central England Reptile Rescue & Bird of Prey Sanctuary:

Most Animal Rescue centres have rodents for homing: Rescue Centre Listings
Bristol, Avon & Goucestershire - Bristol's Rabbit Rescue:
Essex - Essex Guinea Pig & Rat Rescue:
Northamptonshire - Nanna's Small Animal Rescue:
Nottinghamshire - Primrose Mouse Rescue:
Wales (Cerdigeon) - Rhydowen Rodent Refuge:

SALUKIS (Gazelle Hounds)
(See also listings under 'Dogs')

UK Wide - Saluki Welfare Fund: website

(See also listings under 'Dogs')

UK Wide - Samoyed Association Rescue (UK):

(See also listings under 'Dogs')

UK Wide - Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme:

Cornwall (Gweek) - National Seal Sanctuary:
Ireland (Dublin) - The Irish Seal Sanctuary:
Lincolnshire (Mablethorpe) - The Seal Sanctuary:
Norfolk - Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary:
Scotland - The Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary, Oban:
Scotland (Orkney) - Orkney Seal Rescue:
Scotland (Shetland) - Hillswick Wildlife Centre:

(See also listings under 'Dogs')

UK Wide - Shar Pei Rescue of Great Britain:
UK Wide - Shar Pei Rescue and Welfare UK:

(See also listings under 'Dogs')

South East England - Southern Shih Tzu Rescue:

East Midlands - Giant African Land Snails:

(See also listings under 'Dogs')

UK Wide - Field Spaniel Rescue:
UK Wide - Springer Spaniel Rescue:
North West England - North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue:
Yorkshire (South) - South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel:

UK Wide - Meon Valley Squirrel Rescue:

(See also listings under 'Dogs')

UK Wide - St Bernard Trust:

(See also listings under 'Dogs')

England (North) & Scotland - The Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue:
Lincolnshire - Staffie Rescue:
Scotland - Any Staffie'll Do Rescue:
Worcestershire - Happy Staffie Rescue:

Berkshire - Swan Lifeline Rescue:
Northumberland (Berwick-on-Tweed) - Berwick Swan & Wildlife Trust:
Nottinghamshire (Mansfield) - T. Marsh Wild Animal & Bird Rescue:
Surrey (Egham) - The Swan Sanctuary & Wildlife Centre:
Worcestershire - Wychbold Swan Rescue:
Yorkshire (North) - Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital, Brandsby:

UK Wide - The Tortoise Trust:
UK Wide - Tortoise Protection Group:
UK Wide - Tortsmad:
Kent & London - Just Me and my Tortoise:
Lancashire (Bolton) - Reptile Rescue Den:
Southern England - The Southern Tortoise Association: Website
Sussex (Brighton) - RSPCA Reptile Rescue:

(See also listings under 'Dogs')

Cumbria - Lakeland Trailhound Welfare:

World Wide - The Marine Connection:

UK Wide - Database of Wildlife Rescue Groups & Wildlife Advice:
UK Wide - The Wildlife Trusts: List of Local Trusts
Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey - HART Wildlife Rescue:
Derbyshire (Burton-on-Trent) - Wildlife Rescue:
Derbyshire - Haywill Animal Rescue:
Dorset & Hampshire - Dorset Wildlife Rescue:
Essex (Thorrington) - WildLives Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre:
Gloucestershire, Wiltshire & Midlands - Oak & Furrows Wildlife Rescue, Cirencester:
Hampshire - Animals' Voice, Fordingbridge:
Ireland (Co Antrim) - Talnotry Avian Care Trust (T.A.C.T):
Ireland (Northern) - Wildlife Rescue NI:
Kent (Tunbridge Wells) - Folly Wildlife Rescue:
Leicestershire & Staffordshire(Burton-on-Trent) - Wildlife Rescue:
Lincolnshire (Mablethorpe) - The Seal Sanctuary:
Lincolnshire - Weirfield Wildlife Hospital:
London & Surrey - Riverside Animal Centre:
Midlands (Solihull) - Heronfield Animal Rescue Centre:
Norfolk - PACT Sanctuary (People for Animal Care Trust):
Nottinghamshire (Mansfield) - T. Marsh Wild Animal & Bird Rescue:
Oxfordshire (Great Haseley) - Little Foxes Sanctuary:
Scotland (Aberdeenshire) - Valley Forge Native Wildlife Refuge:
Scotland (Ayrshire North) - Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust:
Scotland (Dumfries & Galloway) - Mossburn Animal Rescue Centre:
Scotland (Dunfermline) - SSPCA Wildlife Rescue Centre:
Scotland (Grampian) - The Fernwood Trust:
Scotland (Grampian) - The New Arc (North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre):
Scotland (Highlands) - Wildlife Hospital Trust:
Scotland (Shetland) - SSPCA Wildlife Rescue Centre:
Somerset (Nr. Highbridge) - Secret World Wildlife Rescue:
Somerset (Martock) - Phoenix Pet & Wildlife Sanctuary:
Wales - All Creatures Great and Small:
Wiltshire (Salisbury) - Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital: