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Rehoming 'Roll of Honour'
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Cat Homing Successes - April 2014


(Newest Entry at the Bottom – Please Scroll Down!)

The cats on our Roll of Honour are just a small selection of cats homed through Cat Chat.


Just to let you know Bastian was rehomed last week. The same person who adopted Mr. B returned to take Bastian home too... once again through Cat Chat!
Cavan Vets, West Midlands (April 2014)

5x black kittens

It is known to be difficult to find good homes for black cats, so it is a big thank you to Cat Chat as we found homes for all of this litter thanks to them appearing on Cat Chat. This sad little bunch were found aged around four weeks old in a cardboard box alongside large rubbish bins at a block of flats.
National Animal Welfare Trust, Thurrock Branch (April 2014)


Duggie had been with us for some time and we are so happy he is now in a loving home. Thank you Cat Chat.
National Animal Welfare Trust, Thurrock Branch (April 2014)

Bella and Ash

BELLA (left) and ASH (right)
These kitties were homed as a result of Cat Chat. Many thanks.
Grendon Cat Shelter, Warwickshire (April 2014)


We three furry felines would like to thank the Cat Chat humans for our fab new pads. Myself (Forrest) and Robbie & Rosalie have gone from rags to riches and send our love and purrs. Great job guys.
Willows Cat Adoption Centre, Tyne & Wear (April 2014)


Just to let you know that at long last Pudd has been homed and she was seen on the Top Cats section of Cat Chat. Thank you very much for that.
Cat Action Trust 1977, Leeds (April 2014)


Could you please remove Rowley from your Top Cats page as he found a home via there today :)
Furballs Rescue, Surrey (April 2014)


Wispa has now left us for a new life after being seen on our homing page. She owes her new start to Cat Chat.
Kirkby Cats Home, Nottinghamshire (April 2014)


Blue is our first April homing. He was spotted on our Cat Chat homing page and within hours of the phonecall, was whisked away to his new home.
Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottinghamshire (April 2014)


Just to let you know Clyde has been successfully rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat! Thanks once again! X
Canino Animal Rescue, Northamptonshire (April 2014)

Last 12 Month’s Rehoming Roll of Honour

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