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Cat Homing Successes – November 2014


(Newest Entry at the Bottom – Please Scroll Down!)

The cats on our Roll of Honour are just a small selection of cats homed through Cat Chat.

Beautiful cat rehomed

This beautiful girl now has a lovely new home thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat.
Little Cottage Rescue, Bedfordshire (November 2014)

Black cats homed
These two handsome black cats were spotted on Cat Chat. Both their new owners travelled a long way (Cheltenham and Worcester) to come and get these wonderful cats. Both have settled well and the new pictures Roscoe's owners have sent show he's right at home already (check him out on the right).
Newbridge Cat Rescue, Worcestershire (November 2014)

Cat homed, 8 Lives, Derbyshire/South Yorkshire

Bosca was rehomed through Cat Chat. Here she is looking lovely as ever in her new home.
8 Lives, Derbyshire/South Yorkshire (November 2014)

Cat homed

Tigger has found his forever home thanks to Cat Chat.
Aylesbury Cat Rescue, Buckinghamshire (November 2014)

Homed Cats Aylesbury cat rescue
Loving sisters Chanti and Tassi found their forever home within days of us putting them on our Cat Chat page. We didn't even get them put on the pedigree page! They went in record time.
Aylesbury Cat Rescue, Buckinghamshire (Nov 2014)

Cat homed, New Beginnings

This wonderful cat has a new home thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat.
New Beginnings Cat Rehoming, Northumberland (November 2014)

Cats homed, All Animal Rescue, Hampshire

MILLIE (left) & FUDGE (right)
Millie and Fudge have now found a new home thanks to Cat Chat.
All Animal Rescue, Hampshire (November 2014)

Cats homed, Rugeley Cat Society, West Midlands/Staffordshire

FELIX, STELLA (left), TRIXIE (right), WAYNE and BINX
Felix, Stella and Trixie were rehomed after being featured on our Cat Chat page. Also, Wayne and Binx managed to find homes after people contacted us by seeing us on Cat Chat.
Rugeley Cats Society, Staffordshire (November 2014)

Homed cats Majorie Nash

After a long wait in rescue, our two brothers Peter and Prince have at last found a home together after being spotted on our Cat Chat homing page. Another good result for Cat Chat – many thanks!
Majorie Nash Cat Rescue, Buckinghamshire (November 2014)

Cats homed, Guardian Angels Animal Support, Hounslow, Greater London
ISLA & RHONA (left), ALEX & HENRY and JEFFREY (right)
These cats and kittens were rehomed through being seen on Cat Chat. We are very pleased, as too are all the cats and new families. Thanks for all the great work you guys do.
Guardian Angels Animal Support, Hounslow, Greater London (November 2014)

Cats homed, Mitzi's Kitty Corner, Devon
MORRIS (left) and TRIGGER (right)
Great news – Morris has gone to a lovely new home via Cat Chat. He is a very happy boy. We have also rehomed Trigger via Cat Chat. We have only being going since the early summer and have already rehomed more than 30 cats and kittens. Many thanks – we are very grateful to Cat Chat.
Mitzi's Kitty Corner, Devon (November 2014)

Cat homed, Cats Friends, Northamptonshire
Blue has been rehomed through Cat Chat to a lovely couple and their older female cat, who had the bell taken off her collar so he doesn't hunt her! Blue is a beautiful cat and there was an amazing amount of interest in him through Cat Chat because of his good looks. However, a home was chosen with a couple who will be patient with his personality (he won't do anything he doesn't want to and lets you know). Thank you, you provide an invaluable service!
Cats Friends, Northamptonshire (November 2014)

Cats homed, Willows Cat Adoption Centre, Tyne & Wear
RAYMOND (left) and WILLIAM (right) & WALLACE
A massive thank you to Cat Chat for two amazing homes for three of our felines. Raymond's dream home finally came along after being with us for quite a while and a young couple adopted William and Wallace as their first pets together. Heartfelt thanks, as always, from the furry felines at Willows.
Willows Cat Adoption Centre, Tyne & Wear (Nov 2014)

Cats homed, NAWT Claction Animal Aid, Essex

CASEY (left) and JESSIE (right)
A big thank you to Cat Chat from Casey and Jessie for helping them find a new home together.
NAWT Clacton Animal Aid, Essex (November 2014)

Cat homed, Oriental Cat Welfare Trust, East Sussex
Blondie is no longer an overlooked cat – she has been rehomed through Cat Chat. Blondie needed a specific home with no other cats and a safe environment, and she now has all that and more. She is a very happy girl in her new home. We cannot thank you enough for your help and support.
Oriental Cat Welfare Trust, East Sussex (November 2014)

Cat homed, Newbridge Cat Rescue & Rehoming Centre, Herefordshire/Shropshire/Worcestershire BARNEY
Another big thank you to Cat Chat! Big boy Barney that was on the Overlooked Cats page has found a fab new home. His new owners said: "He seems to have settled in brilliantly and is sleeping on my lap. We are both so happy with him and he is so relaxed with us; we're pretty sure he feels the same." We've rehomed 12 cats on our Cat Chat page since opening it a few weeks ago, which is phenomenal! We've also rehomed some that weren't on the site, but with increased footfall, people have been able to see the many cats we have; even our older cats too – wow!
Newbridge Cat Rescue & Rehoming Centre, Herefs/Shrops/Worcs (Nov 2014)

Cat homed, Cat Action Trust – Camarthenshire, Wales

Wonderful news for Bubble – she was spotted on the Cat Chat Overlooked Cats section and has now been rehomed to a lovely lady, where she is getting all the attention she deserves. Many thanks for your help.
Cat Action Trust – Camarthenshire, Wales (November 2014)

Cat homed, NAWT Thurrock branch, Essex

You will be so pleased to know four-year-old Lulu has settled in a new home, thanks to being seen on Cat Chat. Many thanks.
National Animal Welfare Trust (Thurrock branch), Essex (November 2014)

Cat homed, NAWT Thurrock branch, Essex

Another success! Within days of coming to us, Treacle gave birth to a litter of five kittens. They have now been homed, and she has been spayed and is also in a new home, thanks to Cat Chat.
National Animal Welfare Trust (Thurrock branch), Essex (November 2014)

Cat homed, Bromley & District Cat Rescue, Kent
Good news – Doris has gone off to a lovely new home. She was chosen by a lady who found us through Cat Chat and had already adopted another of our cats, so now she has taken Doris too! Unusually, we seem to be homing black cats and older cats through our Cat Chat page lately. We couldn’t have asked for a better home for Doris. Thanks for your help.
Bromley & District Cat Rescue, Kent (November 2014)

Homed Cat

Ruby has found a home via Cat Chat, thank you.
Cat Action Trust 1977 – Doncaster South, South Yorkshire (November 2014)

Homed Cats

Good news – Lola has been homed and it is all thanks to the Cat Chat website.
Folkestone & Hythe Cats Protection, Kent (November 2014)

Cats homed, Sophie's Rescue for Animals in Need, Nottinghamshire

BESSIE (left) and BRIDGET (right)
Bessie and her sister Bridget have both been rehomed together as a result of appearing on your Overlooked Cats section on Cat Chat :-) Thanks for the great site!
Sophie's Refuge for Animals In Need, Nottinghamshire (November 2014)

Last 12 Month’s Rehoming Roll of Honour

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