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Rehoming Roll of Honour
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Cat Homing Successes – May 2015


(Newest Entry at the Bottom – Please Scroll Down!)

The cats on our Roll of Honour are just a small selection of cats homed through Cat Chat.

Cat homed Willows Cat Adoption Centre Tyne & Wear

Poor Isaac had been waiting for a home for ages. He went on a trial adoption that didn't work out, then three new owners came along and wanted him. He has been rehomed to a lovely family, thanks to Cat Chat.
Willows Cat Adoption Centre, South Shields (May 2015)

black cat homed from all animal rescue southampton

Thanks to Cat Chat, Bertie has got a new home!
All Animal Rescue, Southampton (May 2015)

tabby and white cat homed rugeley cats society

Dolly was rehomed after featuring on Cat Chat :-)
Rugeley Cats Society, Staffordshire (May 2015)

Cat homed, Little Cottage Rescue, Luton

Another Cat Chat success – less than 30 minutes on the Little Cottage Rescue Cat Chat Homing Page and Ziggy found a loving home. Thanks again for all you do.
Little Cottage Rescue, Luton (May 2015)

Cats homed, Cat Welfare, Leeds GINGE (left) & TABBY (right)
Thanks to advertising Ginge and Tabby on the Cat Chat website, an offer of a home came through that was perfect for them! We always deliver cats to their new home and though this one was an hour and a half's drive away, it was worth the trip to ensure they have a happy and secure future. Fingers crossed it’ll be ok. We hope to add a happy ending photo on our Facebook page once they've come out of hiding! Thanks again to Cat Chat for rehoming them!
Cat Welfare, Leeds (May 2015)

Cat homed Eight Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield

Niki has gone to her new home thanks to help from Cat Chat. Thank you.
Eight Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield (May 2015)

Cat homed Marjorie Nash Cat Rescue Bucks
Another satisfied customer! Ted was spotted within a couple of days of going on our Cat Chat Homing Page and is now happily settling in to his lovely new home. He has grabbed this opportunity with both paws and is making the most of it – thank you Cat Chat!
Marjorie Nash Cat Rescue, Amersham (May 2015)

Cat homed, Consett Cats, Consett

Poppy has been rehomed because of Cat Chat. Many thanks.
Consett Cats, Consett (May 2015)

Cats homed, Cat Action Trust 1977, Leeds OLIVER (left) and SAPPHIRE (right)
We were waiting to see if he was going to settle, which he now has, so we can now confirm Oliver has found a forever home after being seen on the Overlooked Cats section of Cat Chat. Better still, we have found a home for Sapphire too, who appeared on the same section. We are so grateful to Cat Chat – it's such a help.
Cat Action Trust 1977, Leeds (May 2015)

Cat homed, Cats In Crisis, Epsom

After a lovely woman said to us she really wanted to rehome an overlooked cat, she has taken Mia after spotting her on the Cat Chat Overlooked Cats section. Thanks very much for having her on there!
Cats In Crisis, Epsom (May 2015)

Cat homed, BB's Cat Rescue, Chelmsford

Wonderful, young Charlie has found his forever home :-) Thank you for your help Cat Chat :-) He has headed off to pastures new and has a little female friend too :-)
BB’s Cat Rescue, Chelmsford (May 2015)

Cat homed, New Beginnings Cat Rehoming, Gateshead

Finally Jacob on our Cat Chat Homing page has been rehomed directly via Cat Chat! Thank you.
New Beginnings Cat Rehoming, Gateshead (May 2015)

Cats homed, Feline Network – Devon, Paignton

MOLLY & DUCKY (left) and MYLO (right)
We have homed Molly and Ducky together, and also Mylo, all through Cat Chat, so many thanks indeed. 
Feline Network – Devon, Paignton (May 2015)

Cat homed City Cat Shelter Brighton
SOPHIE (left) & LILY (right)
City Cat Shelter is very proud to announce yet another rehoming through Cat Chat - the lovely Sophie, who is virtually blind, and her sister Lily! The owner was originally only going to take Sophie, but Lily did such a good job of "me too, me too!" that she got a home as well! Their new home is spacious and full of light, and the girls love it.
City Cat Shelter, Brighton (May 2015)
Kitten homed CatChums Norwich
We have a litter of 7 black kittens and I know one of them will be rehomed through Cat Chat - we hadn't named them but here's a photo. They are about 5 weeks old and will be going home in 3 weeks time.
CatChums, Norwich (May 2015)

Cats homed National Animal Welfare Trust, Thurrock
BLACKTHORN (left) & BUSHY (right)
When their owner had to move, two cats found themselves homeless. Their owner said that although they were brothers, they really didn't get on well together so we put them in separate pens. We then put them on Cat Chat and it wasn't long before Blackthorn was homed, followed shortly after by Bushy. Thank you Cat Chat!
National Animal Welfare Trust, Thurrock (May 2015)

Cat homed Beverley & Pocklington CP, Beverley

We have recently homed Merlin thanks to Cat Chat.
Beverley & Pocklington Cats Protection, Beverley (May 2015)

cats homed Aylesbury Cat Rescue Bucks

Pantouffa has been homed through Cat Chat. It has taken over 6 months to home her but she is now happily settled into her forever home.
Aylesbury Cat Rescue, Aylesbury (May 2015)

Cat homed Burton Joyce Cat Welfare Notts
Munge the mega ginger boy took about 30 seconds to settle into his new family’s home, they say it’s as though he’s always been there. Munge has Cat Chat to thank for his new life.
Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham (May 2015)

Cat homed Burton Joyce Cat Welfare Notts
Lovely, gentle Lottie who lovingly mothered any kitten that came her way left the last two behind to start enjoying life for herself. Lottie’s new mum and dad saw her on Cat Chat.
Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham (May 2015)

Cat homed Kirkby Cats Home Notts

A very lucky cat indeed is Bridget, she was spotted on our cat chat homing page and whisked away to a new life of love and luxury.
Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham (May 2015)

Cats homed Kirkby Cats Home Notts
Lady Luck was really shining down on these two lovely boys, not only did they find themselves a super new life after being spotted on our cat chat homing page but they also only spent three weeks in the pen.
Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham (May 2015)

Cat homed Burton upon Stather Scunthorpe JASPER
Jasper was straying near a school, and a lady who worked there was feeding him, but when the school closed for Christmas there was no-one to feed him and that is when he came into rescue. He was a lovely big friendly boy who loved to sit on your knee. Fortunately he was seen on Cat Chat by a family who had a lovely country home with lots of space for Jasper to explore. He took no time to settle and is adored by the family. Jasper has definitely found his forever home!.
Burton-upon-Stather Cat Rescue, Lincolnshire (May 2015)

Cat homed, City Cat Rescue, Brighton
Cliff met his new forever family after they found him on Cat Chat and moved in the day after! Apparently, his new mum says it already feels like he's always been there. This was one of our best matches!
City Cat Shelter, Brighton (May 2015)

Cat homed Canino Animal Rescue Northampton

Thanks ever so much to Cat Chat for directing a lovely couple to us who have adopted Chelsea!
Canino Animal Rescue, Northampton (May 2015)

Cat homed Rugeley Cats Society Staffordshire

A few enquiries from Cat Chat for one of our other cats has led to Gianna being rehomed as well. Thanks :-)
Rugeley Cats Society, Rugeley (May 2015)

Kittens homed Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary Fife
I'm over the moon to report that after being spotted on Cat Chat, George has now been homed - he has gone to a nice family in the country!! Many thanks for your help - as always!
Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh (May 2015)

Last 12 Month’s Rehoming Roll of Honour

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