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Cat Homing Successes - July 2014


(Newest Entry at the Bottom – Please Scroll Down!)

The cats on our Roll of Honour are just a small selection of cats homed through Cat Chat.

Cat homed St Francis Persian Rescue, North Yorkshire

We have rehomed our first cat via Cat Chat - Xena.
St Francis Persian Rescue, North Yorkshire (July 2014)

Cat homed Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Essex
Very good news – a cat we have had with us for a very long time (because she is black and very, very shy) has found a new loving home after being seen on Cat Chat. Suzy is her name. A family took Suzy with no expectations and said she can do what she likes.
Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Essex (July 2014)

Cats homed, Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Essex
A young couple, who had just lost their cat after 16 years, felt their house was empty. So they came to see our cats after seeing us on Cat Chat. They came with the view to have one cat, but when they saw six-month-old sisters Poppy and May, they had to take them both home.
Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Essex (July 2014)

Cat homed, Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Essex

Toby – a four-month-old young man – has been rehomed by a lady, with the help of Cat Chat. The lady's previous cat had suddenly died and, missing him so much, she had to have another young man in her life. Thanks to you all at Cat Chat.
Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Essex (July 2014)

Cat homed Cat and Kitten Rescue, Watford

We have successfully homed Fango as a result of an
enquiry via Cat Chat. Thanks, as always, for the work you do in supporting our rescue and promoting our cats.
Cat and Kitten Rescue, Watford (July 2014)

Cat homed, All Animal Rescue, Hampshire

Just to let you know that thanks to Cat Chat, Marmite has found a loving home.
All Animal Rescue, Hampshire (July 2014)

Cat homed, Guardian Angels Animal Support, west London

MISS NAUGHTY (left) and JEFFREY (right)
Just to let you know Miss Naughty and Jeffrey have been very happily rehomed thanks, once again, to Cat Chat.
Guardian Angels Animal Support, west London (July 2014)

Cats homed, Marjorie Nash Cat Rescue, Buckinghamshire LOUIS (left) and GEORGE (right)
We are thrilled to report Louis and George have found a home together! They've been with us for months and, though a couple of people fell for friendly, fussy Louis, nobody seemed to want the pair – as they sleep curled up together, we weren't keen on separating them. Thanks to Cat Chat, a lovely couple finally spotted and fell for both!
Marjorie Nash Cat Rescue, Bucks (July 2014)

Cats homed, Maidstone Cat Welfare, Kent

MINI (left) and SPARKLE (right)
Mini and Sparkle have been rehomed, with many thanks to Cat Chat for all its help.
Maidstone Cat Welfare, Kent (July 2014)

Cat homed, National Animal Welfare Trust Thurrock branch, Essex
Mary, a sweet black and white cat, came to us as a stray with a bad hernia. Once treated, we found she was a lovely girl. A couple who already had a cat saw Mary on Cat Chat and thought she would make an ideal companion for their cat.  This has worked out so well, for the cats love each other. Thank you Cat Chat.
National Animal Welfare Trust – Thurrock branch, Essex (July 2014)

Cat homed, National Animal Welfare Trust Thurrock branch, Essex

George came to us when his owner found she could no longer keep him. Seen on Cat Chat, he soon found a new home, where he is thoroughly spoilt! Thanks to all at Cat Chat.
National Animal Welfare Trust – Thurrock branch, Essex (July 2014)

Cat homed Burton Joyce Cat Welfare Nottinghamshire

We are absolutely ecstatic – our Top Cat Victor, who is slightly disabled, timid and partially sighted, has found a super duper home after being spotted on Cat Chat. What's more, the feedback is that after a traumatic first night, he's settled amazingly and is one of the family – playing, purring and behaving like a normal cat.
Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottinghamshire (July 2014)

Cat homed Kirkby Cats Home, Nottinghamshire HUMPHREY
We are pleased to report our big, friendly, greedy boy Humphrey has left us for pastures new. His first stunt with his new mum and dad was to bash his way out of the cat carrier on the way home, irrevocably damaging said carrier; he then moved in, took over and has kept them on their toes ever since. They wanted a character and boy did they get one! Humphrey owes his new life to Cat Chat and two very tolerant people.
Kirkby Cats Home, Nottinghamshire (July 2014)

Cats homed, Clacton Animal Aid, Essex AURORA & MAX (left) and BLACKBERRY (right)
Thank you to Cat Chat for helping us to find a home for siblings Aurora and Max. We have heard they have settled in well and Aurora is now called Milly (I think she may be pleased about this!). Also, our lovely, gentle, older black boy Blackberry fought off the competition to secure himself a home with the help of Cat Chat. Well done Blackberry!
Clacton Animal Aid, Essex (July 2014)

Cats homed, BB's Cat Rescue, Essex

ACE (left) & JET (right)
Ace and Jet are another two cats that have been homed through Cat Chat. Despite being black, extremely shy and having to be homed as a pair, .they had a human fall for them. Now their life can start in a peaceful, loving home.
BB’s Cat Rescue, Essex (July 2014)

Cats homed, 8 Lives Cat Rescue, South Yorkshire

ALBERT (left) & ASLAN (right)
Albert and Aslan have found their new home together, thanks to Cat Chat. They're delightful, purry little boys and we're so happy they’ve found a fabulous new home together.
8 Lives Cat Rescue, South Yorkshire (July 2014)

Cat homed Rolvenden Cat Rescue, Kent
Charlie has now been rehomed through Cat Chat. He has settled in well with an active retired couple and is now allowed in the garden, where he loves helping with the gardening - he tries to weed, but ends up digging big holes - more like a dog than a cat in this respect. He is much loved.
Rolvenden Cat Rescue, Kent (July 2014)

Hi guys, Thank you for the fab homes which you brought to us for Bailey (longhair tabby), Lana (Bengal) and 6 of our many kittens. Much appreciation as always, you do an amazing job.
Willows Cat Adoption Centre, South Shields (July 2014)

two ginger cats homed little cottage rescue luton

MARLEY (right) and LINUS (left)
Our new Cat Chat web page has all ready homed 2 long stay cats - Linus and Marley. Marley with the big bushy tail has gone to live in a nudist colony! Thanks again.
Little Cottage Rescue, Luton (July 2014)

black 3 legged cat homed durham rspca

Catchat is the best thing to happen to this small group of volunteers in a long, long time. Sooty has just trotted off to her new home on her 3 legs - many thanks for all your support.
RSPCA Durham & District (July 2014)

homed cats belfast

Hunter and Gysmo have now been rehomed, after being with us 3 months.
They were seen on your page! Many thanks.
Belfast Animal Rescue (July 2014)

cat rehomed essex

We are delighted to inform you that the beautiful Jo Jo has been rehomed after been seen on Cat Chat.
Crescent Cat Rescue, Essex (July 2014)

longhaired cat homed burton joyce cat welfare

Hi, Good news! The delightful Mooch quickly found a new home after being seen on cat chat. She settled down on the sofa the first night and is quite content.
Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Notts (July 2014)

tabby cat homed animal accident rescue nottingham

Hi, Just to let you know we recently rehomed Dotty, after she was seen on Cat Chat. Thank you for all your help.
Animal Accident Rescue Unit, Nottingham (July 2014)

Last 12 Month’s Rehoming Roll of Honour

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