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Purrs of thanks to the Cat Gallery for sponsoring our Adopt an Older Cat Page.
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Adopt an Older Cat

Homes Desperately Needed For 1,000's of Older Cats!

Our 'Adopt an Older Cat' campaign aims to raise awareness of the thousands of older cats in rescue shelters across the UK. Even cats as young as just 8 or 9 years get overlooked, even though these days that's just middle aged!

Their plight is even worse in summer when most people just want kittens - and all those wonderful, loving Senior Kittizens are yet again left behind, waiting... and waiting... and still waiting...

adopt an older cat

Senior Kittizens Rock! (between naps)

Just a few of the golden oldies homed through the Cat Chat pages...
adult cat jimmy homed
senior cat muller homed
ginger cat homed through cat chat
older cat vanity homed through cat chat

Could You Adopt an Older Cat?
Most rescue centres have many adult and senior cats, just longing for a new home...
Ask at your local rescue centre or rehoming group » Cat Rescue Shelters in Your Area
Senior Kittizens also appeal for homes on our » Cats Needing Homes Section

Our Top 10 Reasons to Adopt an Older Cat:

  1. The personality of an older cat is already known - making it easier to match you with the right cat!
  2. Older Cats are generally less demanding than youngsters, and need less supervision, so if you work outside the home, an adult cat is much better able to content itself while you are out than a youngster.
  3. Most older cats are seeking little more than a warm lap, regular food and love!
  4. Adult cats from a rescue will be neutered, litter trained, and calmer than a youngster.
  5. If you have an older cat already, another oldie, carefully introduced, can be less stressful for him/her than a kitten.
  6. The older cat is less likely to catch birds and mice than a youngster, or at least much less often.
  7. Cats regularly live into their late teens these days, so most seniors will have many years of life and love to give.
  8. A senior puss is unlikely to leap up on your shelves and knock your ornaments off, or to climb up your curtains!
  9. Mature Mogs are so grateful to have found a loving home again - they will repay your love ten-fold!
  10. And last but by no means least... Senior Kittizens Rock! (between naps)

WHY are there so many ADULT CATS in RESCUES?
Adult cats come into rescues for a wide variety of reasons - and the older the cat, the more likely it is to have some disruption in it's life that means it has ended up at a rescue.

The most common reasons for adult cats to find themselves in a shelter: The owner has moved to somewhere that doesn't allow pets, the family is emigrating, relationship breakdowns and divorce, the owner has died or gone into a care home, a adopt an older catfamilymember such as a child or grand-child has an allergy... and many more reasons. Often a cat will have spent years happily living with an owner or family, then one day they are suddenly homeless, for reasons that the cat will never understand they end up in a shelter!

Many cats live into their late teens these days, so most seniors will have many years of life and love still to give!

You know where you are with an adult cat - what you see is what you get! Many people automatically choose a kitten, but you have no way of knowing what sort of cat they will become in adulthood, and kittens don't stay kittens for long. If you overlook the oldies, you will be missing out on some of the most special cats - and that very special cat in the shelter is missing out on the loving home they so dearly long for.

Before deciding on what kind of cat to adopt, please consider giving a home to a Mature Moggie!

Puss Pension Schemes & Long Term Fostering
Some shelters offer a "Puss Pension Scheme" whereby if you adopt a cat over 10 years old, they will pay for any unforseen future vet bills. Others, such as the Cinnamon Trust, operater a system of 'long term fostering'whereby the cat is still technically owned by the rescue, but you become their long term fosterer. Some rescues will even pay for both food and vet bills if you take on a senior cat as a 'permanent fostering' basis.
senior cats need adoptingAsk your local rescue shelter about their Older Cat schemes.

Why go to a Rescue and Rehoming centre?
Rescue centres are first and foremost concerned with the health and wellbeing of the animal. The vast majority of shelters are very careful about placing each animal in the right home, and will offer advice and support where necessary even after adoption. If for whatever reason things don't work out (such as not getting on with another pet), the rescue will take the cat back into their care. Cats from rescue centres will have been vet-checked and neutered prior to adoption, and de-flead, and de-wormed where necessary.
Rescuing an Oldie gives them a new life... and gives you a loyal, loving companion.

Also... when you adopt a rescue cat, did you know that you are helping TWO (or more) cats?
By rescuing, you free up that shelter place for another cat in need!

Buy from our exclusive Senior Kittizens range - And help us to help more Oldies...
You can help us promote adopting a ‘Golden Oldie’, by purchasing from our exclusive 'Senior Kittizens' range. Items currently available are: Mugs, sturdy, eco-friendly Canvas Bags, lightweight Cotton Shoppers and Tea Towels, all with the slogan: “SENIOR KITTIZENS ROCK! (between naps)”.  Designed by us here at CatChat, with an exclusive illustration by feline artist Emily Skinner, helping to promote adopting an older cat.

canvas shopping bags, cotton shoppers, tea towels

Mug: £4.60 • Cotton Shoppers £3.95 • Tea Towels £3.75 • Canvas bags £5.95 • Only from our web-shop »» Visit the Cat Chat Shop

Are you owned by a Senior Kittizen?
Want to find out exactly how old your cat is in human years?
Click here for the »»  Cat-to-Human age calculator!

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