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Congratulations SIMON!
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Simon from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh, Fife, has now been homed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

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Cat Chat Supporters

This is the page where we say Thank You to all the lovely people who support us, enabling us to help more cats out of shelters, into homes!

Thank you from all of us at Cat Chat, and also on behalf of all the cats we will find homes for in the future. Our heartfelt thanks goes to...

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Page Sponsors... thank you!


HiLife Pet Foods: Tasty, delicious pet foods for cats and dogs, created using top quality ingredients. HiLife pet foods sponsors our Overlooked Cats section, for cats who need a little extra help to find the right home. Find out more about HiLife here: hilife pet foods

Kitty Collars: Our Shelter Pages are sponsored by Kitty Collars and their fantastic range of cute and comfortable personalised cat safety collars. Website:

kitty collars - safe cat collars

Animal Search UK: The UK's leading search service and free website for missing pets, Sonsors of our Lost & Found information page. Website:
animal search uk lost and found pets service

Feliway: The secret to happy cats.  Feliway creates a state of familiarity and security in the cat's local environment. Sponsors of the following pages: ‘New cat in the Home’ / ‘Feline Introductions’ / Meowing at Night / Soiling or Spraying Indoors. Website:
Feliway - the secret to happy cats

The Cat Gallery: Art, crafts and decorative gifts for the cat lover, including top quality branded gifts (Rosina wachtmeister, Suzie Marsh, Jellycat etc). Find the perfect gift for yourself, your cat or your cat loving friends. Sponsors of our Senior Cats information page. Website:

the cat gallery - quality gifts for cat lovers

Erin House: A stunning range of collectable pictures and figurines, with a feline theme from over 20 feline artists. Sponsors of our Cat Homing Successes (rehoming Roll of Honour) section. Website:

Erin House logo - collectable pictures and figurines

Applaws: Applaws is 100% natural pet food. It contains only the ingredients listed, and no animal derivatives, sweeteners, flavourings or fillers. Sponsors of our Black Cats information page. Applaws natural Cat and Dog Food

Burns Pet Nutrition: A natural diet based on non-caged chicken or ocean fish and free from chemical preservatives or colours. Sponsors of our Adopt a Cat page. Website:: Burns Pet Nutrition

Find Pet Boarding: When you need to board your pet, search here for your local boarding catteries, kennels and small animal boarding. Sponsors of our Choosing a Cattery page. Website: find pet boarding cattery search

Katzecure: Safe and efficient garden cat-proofing system. Fits any garden walls or fences. Sponsors of our Kittens information page. Website: Katzecure - Keeping cats secure with elegant cat proof fencing

World's Best Cat Litter: Dust free, clumpable, organic, no chemicals, flushable, biodegradable and long-lasting. Now available in the UK (as used at Cat Chat Towers). Sponsors of our Fostering information page. Website: World's Best Cat Litter

cat homed through cat chat
cat homed through cat chat
cat homed through cat chat

Supporters, Donors and Friends... thank you!


Artwyse: Well, what can we say... Cat Chat wouldn't exist at all if it wasn't for:

Cannon Accountants: Friendly, professional... and cat lovers too!

Chaptan Computer Services: For purr-fect programming and web-wizardry:

Coppercat Photography: Beautiful portraits capturing the character of your pet:

Donors: To all Cat Chat donors - one-off donations, and regular donors - Thank you for your support!

Easyfundraising: Thanks to all of you who raise funds for us by shopping on-line via Easyfundraising.
ebay for charity
eBay for Charity: Thank you to eBay and Paypal Giving Fund for donations through their 'Give a £1' scheme, and to all the wonderful eBayers who donate a percentage to us via eBay for Charity when listing items for auction.

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Famous Friends: For their most valuable support. »» Meet our Famous Friends

Friends of Cat Chat: Thank you to all of you who have joined as a Friend of Cat Chat.

Giveacar: Turning unwanted cars into cash for charity -

Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust: For their generous support:

Lee Nicholls: Fabulous paintings of the moggy kind (and much more!):

Monster Graphics: Brilliant Banners of the PVC kind! -

Northwood Club (the), Ramsgate: For their ongoing help and support:

Patrons: For their continued help, support and encouragement: Sir Roger Gale MP and his wife Suzy, and the wise and wonderful Bagpuss »» Meet our Patrons

petplan charitable trust logoPetplan Charitable Trust: For their generous support:
"Petplan Charitable Trust has been delighted to support CatChat in helping to bring hundreds more great cats to the attention of people wishing to give them loving homes, and in promoting responsible cat care."

Purrs in our Hearts Forum: For their ongoing support and friendship:

Rampa Touchstones: For their kind donations in support of cat rehoming:

Rescue Centres: Thank you to those rescue centres who donate to us when we find homes for your cats. Thanks also to those rescues who mention us in your newsletters, it is much appreciated!

Seaward Copyshop: Top quality printing and copying, plus service with a smile:

Skoob Books: Thank you to Skoob Books, London, for their kind support and donations:

Stamps & Postcards: Thanks to all who save their used stamps and postcards to benefit Cat Chat!

support adoption for pets charity pets at homePets at Home 'Support Adoption For Pets': Thank you to Pets at Home, for their donation of some new and much-needed computer equipment through their Support Adoption for Pets scheme.
"Support Adoption For Pets are proud to support Cat Chat, who work so hard to find the loving homes that all cats deserve."

Volunteers: To our web-wise volunteers, you are doing a fantastic job! »» Meet our Volunteers

Webshop Customers: Thank you to all of you who buy from the Cat Chat Webshop!

And Special Thanks to all who have Rescued, and Neutered!

Cat Adopters: Thank you to everyone who has Adopted a Cat from a Shelter.

Responsible Owners: Thank you to all of you who have Neutered & microchipped your cat!

cat homed through cat chat
cat homed through cat chat
cat homed through cat chat

Your Business could become a Cat Chat Supporter...  
Cat Chat sources loving homes for currently over 8,000 rescued cats annually from rescue centres across the UK & Ireland. Many shelters refer to us as their 'Rehoming Lifeline'. If your business could support us by becoming a page sponsor, or by placing a collection pot at your premises, please email: email to advertise
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