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CATS NEEDING HOMES who have so far been OVERLOOKED...
All they need is a caring person to give them a chance, and they will surely blossom in a loving home of their own. Please consider adopting an overlooked cat - it could be the most rewarding thing you ever do!
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Overlooked Cats - Bedfordshire

'Overlooked Cats' Seeking Homes - Bedfordshire

ginger and white cat seeks home bedfordshire TITUS at Stray Cat Rescue, Toddington. (can rehome throughout Beds.)
I’ve been waiting for a home for over 2 Years. Please pick me!
>> BIG, beautiful, boisterous, friendly boy

Wotcher! I'm Titus, and as you can see I'm a really handsome hunk! I'm five years old, tabby & white, neutered, healthy and microchipped. I'm a very friendly boy, which I demonstrate by jumping onto people's shoulders to get a big old fuss (I love attention). They say my big personality matches my size (heh heh heh!). I'd be best not living with young children, but I'll be fine with other cats. I'd love somewhere with a nice garden, you know a bit of space to run around like a lunatic in - yep that would do me just fine. I've been waiting ages for a new home, it must be my turn soon. Please ask about me, I've got so much love to give!
To make an enquiry, please call: 01525 875993 or 07985 662712, and please mention you saw terrific Titus on Cat Chat, thank you!
Black and white female cat needs home Bedfordshire ANGEL from Stray Cat Rescue, Toddington (rehoming throughout Beds.)
I’ve been waiting for a home for over 2 Years. Please pick me!
>> Gorgeous, lively youngster needs lots of playtime

Hello, my name is Angel. I'm a beautiful, playful youngster with a short haired black and white coat. I came into rescue just before giving birth to seven (yes, seven!) kittens, and now that my mothering duties have finished I have been spayed and am ready to resume my own kittenhood in a loving permanent home. I could share a home with another friendly cat, though I'm not quite sure about dogs or young children. What I really need is someone who can spend lots of time with me so that I can have all the fun and playtime I've been missing out on! If you think that you could offer a caring forever home I'd love to meet you.
To make an enquiry about Angel, please call: 01525 875993 or Mobile: 07985 662712, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
Tabby and white male cat needs home Bedfordshire JERRY at Cat & Kitten Rescue (operating from bases in Borehamwood, Harpenden, Harrow, Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead, Northolt and Watford)
>> Gorgeous tabby boy needs a loving home

Hello, my name is Jerry. I'm a very handsome young chap of two years old with a short haired tabby and white coat. My previous human carers sadly had to part with me due to their allergies, and although I'm being very well looked after by my kind foster carers I'm finding the change of environment rather unsettling. I'd love to find a caring, peaceful forever home in which I'll be given lots of time and patience whilst I settle in. A home without young children or other cats will suit me best, and I'd like access to a safe garden. I am neutered, and will go to my new home microchipped and vaccinated. Do you think you could offer me the loving permanent home I'm longing for?
To make an enquiry about Jerry, please call: Email: catandkittenrescue@hotmail.com, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
Mother and daughter pair of cats looking for home in Bedfordshire MAMA & TWINKLE at Little Cottage Rescue, Luton (rehoming in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire)
>> A mother and daughter duo in urgent need of a home

Hello! My name is Mama and I am a 14-year-old, neutered lady with a lovely fluffy tortoiseshell coat. As my name suggests, I am a mum – and the beautiful ginger and white cat to my right is my daughter, Twinkle. She is 13-years-old and also neutered. We are desperately on the hunt for a puuuurfect forever home as, though we really appreciate the care we’ve had since being rescued, we are still so lonely and confused. Our elderly owner died you see, so a new environment, new people and new smells really shook us up. A loving home with plenty of TLC is just what we’d need to be us again! We are self-confessed sun worshippers, love to potter around outdoors, so a garden would be amazing, and are a healthy duo. A comfy blanket or bed and some tasty food and we’d be two very happy cats! Could you give us the home we crave?
To make an enquiry, please call 01582 968817 or email pamprice08@talktalk.net and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!

Tabby and white female cat needs home in Bedfordshire LEAH at Little Cottage Rescue, Luton. (Rehoming in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire)
>> She's a playful girl looking for a new start.

Hello, I'm Leah. I'm an 11 years old, tabby and white, neutered female cat and I would like a new forever home. I had lived with my previous owner ever since being a kitten but that didn't seem to count for anything when it was decided that I should go, just because I had a fleas. Well, I hadn't been given any flea treatment so what would you expect! I think, really, it was just an excuse because they didn't want a cat anymore. The fleas have gone (thank goodness) so, here I am waiting for a new chance in a new home. I'm quite sprightly for my age and still love to play with my toys, although it may be a bit gentler play than it used to be when I was a youngster. I'm not asking for much, just a loving home where I can get a bit of TLC (and regular flea treatment) and with a few toys, of course. I definitely don't like dogs and I'm not sure what it would be like living with other cats or young children. Can you give me a fresh start?
To make an enquiry about Leah, please call: 01582 968817 or email: pamprice08@talktalk.net, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
Black and white male cat searching for home in Bedfordshire PERCY at Cats Protection – Bedford, Biggleswade & District (rehoming in postcode areas MK40-MK45 and SG15-SG18. Major towns include Bedford, Ampthill, Flitwick, Shefford, Sandy and Biggleswade)
>> A black and white ball of energy, eager to find a forever home

Hello! My name is Percy and I am a four-year-old neutered, vaccinated and microchipped boy with a black and white shorthaired coat (I hope you like!). I came into rescue as a stray after a nasty accident that broke my pelvis. You wouldn't know it though as I now run and jump about like nobody’s business, and can’t wait to get outside and explore! Fun is my middle name and I love playing with people and toys, but equally love cuddles too. The lovely people here have looked after me, but it's not the same as your own home. I wouldn't mind living with older children, but might play a bit rough for young children. I wouldn't want to live with a dog, but if introduced gradually, I think I'd be happy to share with a friendly cat. My pelvis may cause me arthritic problems in later life, as well as my teeth, but if further treatment was needed, the lovely Cats Protection would consider contributing. I am now all ready to move into a puuurfect new pad (I’ve packed my suitcase and everything!). Please will you be the one to take me home?
To make an enquiry, please call 08442 496911 or email enquiries@bedfordcatsprotection.org.uk, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
female black cat looking for a home in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire or Hertfordshire Luton SOOZY at Cat Welfare, Luton. (rehoming in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire)
>> Lovely girl looking for a new start

Hello, my name is Soozy. I am a 9 month old, neutered, girl. I am a black longhaired lass who came into rescue with my mother, sadly we were both pregnant when we were found in a multi cat household. The stress of the situation caused me to go into early labour and I lost all my kittens, thank goodness that will never append again. I am very friendly and loving and will happily live in a family home with other cats and children. I would like to find a home with a garden that I can explore, once I have settled in. All I need is for you to come and meet me and offer me a place in your home and heart.
To make an enquiry, please call: 01582 555 118 or 07896 082 252 or Email: catwelfarerescue@gmail.com, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
female cat looking for a home in bedfordshire, buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire Luton SWEETIE at Cat Welfare, Luton. (rehoming in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire)
>> What a Sweetie!

Hi, I am Sweetie; I am around 10 months old and looking for a new home, I am just waiting on my kittens leaving and then I will be neutered and ready to go, after all I want to make sure there will be no more kittens. I have done well looking after my brood but it is time for me to find out what a loving home is like. I would like to find a home with a garden for lazy sunny afternoons, once I have settled in of course! I am a very sweet girl, hence the name; so if you need a little sweetness in your life make sure to get in touch as soon as you can, purr-lease?
To make an enquiry, please call: 01582 555 118 or 07896 082 252 or Email: catwelfarerescue@gmail.com, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!

Cat Homing Pages - Bedfordshire

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