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WELCOME to our 'TOP CATS' Section!
CATS NEEDING HOMES who have so far been OVERLOOKED...

cats homed through cat chat

All they need is a caring person to give them a chance, and they will surely blossom in a loving home of their own. Please consider adopting an overlooked cat - it could be the most rewarding thing you ever do!
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Cats Seeking Homes - Bedfordshire

Cat Rescue Centres - Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire Rescues »» Cat Rescue Centres in Bedfordshire »»

bagpuss cat chat patron helps cats find homes

Cat Homing Pages - Bedfordshire

Cats in Amersham (also rehoming in Beds.): Ark Cat Rescue »
Cats in Bedford: Bedford, Biggleswade & District Cats Protection »
Cats in Luton: Cat & Kitten Rescue »
Cats in Luton: Cat Welfare (Luton) »
Cats in Luton: Feline Cat Rescue »
Cats in Luton: Homeless Cat Rescue »
Cats in Luton: Little Cottage Rescue »
Cats in Luton: RSPCA Bedfordshire South »
Cats in Milton Keynes (also rehoming in Beds.): HULA Animal Rescue »
Cats in Northampton (also rehoming in Beds.): Animals in Need »
Persian Cats in Rushden, Northants (also rehoming in Beds.): Rushden Persian Rescue »

'Top Cats' Seeking Homes - Bedfordshire

Black and white female cat needs home in Bedfordshire POPPY at Feline Cat Rescue, Luton (Can rehome to: Luton, Dunstable & Hatfield)
>> Poppy has been waiting so long to get noticed...

Hello, I'm Poppy. I'm 7 years old but I've spent 4 of those years at the shelter, waiting for a forever home. I'm an independent sort of girl and like to potter outside in nice weather, but I won't wander much beyond the garden. If I were the only cat in the house I would probably spend more time indoors relaxing, stirring for food of course! I'm really not that demanding... I'm scared of being cuddled, but I'm quite happy for you to stroke me. I just don't like being cornered or confined. I've been microchipped and my only health issue is that I'm allergic to fleas so like all self respecting felines, I must be kept up to date with flea treatment. I've been waiting so long, please will you come and take me home?
To make an enquiry about Poppy, please call: 01582 732347 or 01525 717795, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
tortie cat needs a bedfordshire home TINDLES at Bedford, Biggleswade & District Cats Protection (Rehoming in postcode areas MK40 to MK45, SG15 to SG18 and parts of SG19)
>>Beautiful, sweet, mature lady

Hi, I'm Tindles. I'm about 11 years young and I've been in rescue now for far too long! All I need is a human to chat to. And boy can I chat! I will ask you politely for attention and then tell you all about my day. Once, a long time ago, I suffered an injury which has left me with one eye a little smaller than the other. It's a little weepy at times but it doesn't bother me and it's nothing for you to worry about. I have a delicate tummy, easily managed with James Wellbeloved food, oh, and regular flea treatment please - I'm alergic to the things! I'd be happy with some carefully-introduced feline company but I don't want to live with dogs or young children. If I sound like the lady for you (and who wouldn't want a chatty, pretty tortie in their world?) get in touch soon! xxx
To make an enquiry about Tindles, please call: 08442 496911 (9am-5pm 7 days a week) or Email: enquiries@bedfordcatsprotection.org.uk, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
Black cat needs home in Bedfordshire NIGHT at Cat & Kitten Rescue, Watford (operating from bases in Watford, Harpenden, Wendover, Harrow & Aylesbury)
** Homed **

>> She'll make a great indoor cat!
Hello, I'm Night. Not a bad name for a black cat I'd say. I'm 20 months old, and will go to my new home neutered, vet-checked, microchipped, wormed and de-flead with prescription products and fully vaccinated against flu and enteritis. I'll also bring with me a 4 weeks introductory insurance with Pet Plan! I'm a bit shy so I would need to be in a household without young children. I get on well with other animals so I'd be a great companion for your other cats, if you have any, and I'd even be happy to live with a gentle and chilled dog. All I want is a home with people who are experienced with cats and have a lot of patience, love and tlc to give. Is that you? If you think so you can meet me at my foster home in Harpenden
To make an enquiry about Night, please call: 07843 118 426 (Tuesday to Saturday, 12 noon to 2pm) or Email: catandkittenrescue@hotmail.com, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
homeless cat AMBER at Homeless Cat Rescue, Luton, (Covering: Luton, Dunstable
,Leighton Buzzard, Hitchin)
** Homed **

>> Special lady looking for an indoor only home
Hello! You look nice. My name is Amber and I am looking for my forever home. I am about 6 months old and as pretty as a picture as you can see. I am a very special cat as I have something called FIV. If you want to know more about that, then theres the link below – but the best news is, it means that I stay indoors so it doesn’t matter if you are in an area with a busy road or you don’t have a garden. I can’t live with non FIV cats in case I pass it to them, but would love to share your home with me being an only cat or with other FIV kitty friends. So, come by and see me and I bet you wont be able to resist bringing me home with you.
To make an enquiry, please call: 01582 529009 or 01582 703179 or Email: homelesscatrescue@hotmail.com and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
(For further information on FIV click here or visit the FIV Owner's Club on our friendly and helpful forum)
Gorgeous pair of cats need a home in Bedfordshire DUSTY & HARVEY at Little Cottage Rescue, Luton. (Can rehome to Bedford, Hertford, Luton & Milton Keynes)
** Not currently available **
> Gorgeous pair seek forever home together
Hi there this is Harvey speaking, I'm here with my good friend Dusty, looking for a lovely new home together. We very much enjoy each others company and I reassure Dusty. So you'll want to know more about us...I am 12 years old and sadly have lost most of my teeth but my regular check ups at Wendover Heights Veterinary Centre take care of me, and I'm ahem... a little on the podgy side. I do like my sleep and love a cosy lap where I can find one. The lovely Dusty is a 5 year old Burmese cross, she was a rescue cat from just a few weeks old, she doesn't eat that much and is a little nervous until she gets to know you, Dusty also has regular check ups at the vets with yours truly. We would love a new home asap, so come meet us.
To make an enquiry, please call: 01582 968817 or Email: pamprice08@talktalk.net, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
female cat looking for a home in bedfordshire, buckinghamshire, hertfordshire or West London EVIE at Cat & Kitten Rescue, Watford (operating from bases in Watford, Harpenden, Wendover, Harrow & Aylesbury)
>> Ready to find love in a forever home

Hello, my name is Evie and I am a very beautiful grey and white lass. I was handed in as a stray before Christmas and it took me a while to settle in to the idea of having regular food and attention. I am currently happiest as an only cat with someone to give me plenty of attention, preferably adults but older teenagers would probably be ok. I am making great strides and even sat on my fosterers lap last week, so it is time to find a home of my very own now. I will go to my new home neutered, vet checked, microchipped and having had my first vaccinations. If you think you could fall in love with me do make arrangements to meet me at my foster home in Borehamwood, by calling or emailing and I promise you will not be disappointed.
To make an enquiry about Evie, please call: 07843 118 426 (Tuesday to Saturday, 12 noon to 2pm) or Email: catandkittenrescue@hotmail.com, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
homeless cat GEORGIA at Bedford, Biggleswade & District Cats Protection.(Rehoming in postcode areas MK40 - MK45, SG15 - SG18 and parts of SG19 )
>> Full of love and fun!

Hi, my name is Georgia and aren’t I gorgeous! Yes, that really is me in the photo. I’m 3 years old and looking for my forever pad. You look just about acceptable from here so I’ll tell you more about me. Well, I love to be loved and I can be really cheeky too – all part of my charm of course! Playing is also great fun, but I can get – well – a bit overexcited – so I’m probably best homed where any children are at least 5 years old. I do rather like having ALL the attention by the way, so no other cats please, or dogs. I have been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped and so am all ready for my purrfect home. I’ll see you in a bit then!
To make an enquiry, please call: 08442 496911 or Email: enquiries@bedfordcatsprotection.org.uk and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
Black and white male cat searching for home in Bedfordshire SODA, HULA Animal Rescue, Milton Keynes (rehoming in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire)
>> A loving chap seeking someone special to give him his dream home

Hello! My name is Soda and I'm a thirteen-year-old, neutered, black and white boy searching for a lovely, quiet home to call my own. I may be on the maturer side, but I am certainly young at heart! I am full of character and absolutely love fuss and attention, but don't be surprised if I walk away from you once I've had enough – I've been told this is quite a normal thing that us cats do, and certainly doesn't mean I don't like you. I would love a home with outdoor access and can live with children over 10 years old and other cats too, as long as they've lived with another cat before. Unfortunately I don't get on with dogs though. Being a slightly older chap, I do suffer from arthritis, but I am on medication for this which helps me out and my lovely humans at HULA can give you more information about this. I have also sadly been diagnosed with kidney disease; however, this is very common in us felines and with the right food, I can still live a very happy life. I know these two issues have put people off in the past, so I'm really, really hoping someone special comes along who can look past this and make my dream of a happy forever home come true. I promise to be the best furry companion ever in return!
To make an enquiry, please call 01908 584000 or email hularescue@tiscali.co.uk and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
male cat looking for a home in Bedfordshire CHUTNEY at Cat & Kitten Rescue. (Operating from bases in Watford, Harpenden, Wendover, Harrow & Aylesbury)
>> Charming Chutney

Hello, I am Chutney. I am a 2 (ish) year old, neutered, tabby & white chap. I was found straying in a garden and at first was very wary of people, but I have now realised that people mean love and hugs and strokes, so I am back in the swing of things. I am looking for a home where you will encourage me to develop my purrsonality but also be patient when needed. I am happy to live with children and dogs as I have been fostered with both; I am not that fussed about going out so I could easily live as a house cat. If you think I deserve a second chance and would like to meet me get in touch and they will arrange it, I am currently in Welham Green.
To make an enquiry, please call: 07843 118 426 (Tues-Sat: noon - 6pm. Sun: noon - 2pm) or email: catandkittenrescue@hotmail.com, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!

Want to Adopt a Rescue Cat?

Cats: For Rescue Centres in this Region: Rescue Centres in Bedfordshire »»
Cats: For Rescue Centres elsewhere in the UK: Rescue Centres across the UK »»
Kittens: Rescue Centres with Kittens Needing Homes: Kittens Needing Homes »»
Farm Cats: Rescue Centres with Feral / Farm cats seeking Rural Homes: Farm Cats Needing Homes »»

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