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CATS NEEDING HOMES who have so far been OVERLOOKED...
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Overlooked Cats - Essex

'Overlooked Cats' Seeking Homes - Essex

Lovely cat  needs a home in Essex PATCH at Caring For Animals 2001, Thurrock, Essex. (Can rehome to:
Ockendon, Grays, Upminster, Hornchurch & Rainham)
I’ve been waiting over a year. Please pick me!

>>Third time lucky for Patch?
Hi there, my name is Patch, I've been through some sad times over the last couple of years. After being with my first owner from birth I was very sad when he passed away... I then happily found a lovely new owner who also sadly passed away. So I am once again alone in the world. I'd love a cosy, quiet home where I can have some love and fuss. I have lots of personality, but after being a much loved family pet for so long, I'm starting to feel a little bit down in the whiskers at the rescue. I'd love a to have a proper home as soon as possible. I'm 12 years old now and would love to be settled again with a special human. Please come down to meet me... Maybe you could give me another chance?
To make an enquiry, please call: 01708 854567 or Email: info@caring-for-animals.org, and pleasemention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
long haired, black male cat, friendly and looking for a home in the Essex area DUSTY at Colchester Cat Rescue (rehoming to Colchester and the surrounding area (Clacton in the east, Chelmsford in the south and Ipswich in the north)
>> This cat will leave Dusty paw prints all over your heart

Ah, you look like just the sort of person I've been waiting for! The name's super, fantastic, wonderful Dusty...but you can just call me Dusty! I happen to have a wonderfully fluffy, black, coat and I am a lovely boy who's full of character...what more could you ask for? I need someone who's experienced with cats. I have fused vertebrae and arthritis (I'm only 4 too!) and I get occasional discomfort so there are some times when I'm not so keen on my cuddles and may even be a bit grumpy. I just need a bit of space and will be fine again and back to looking for cuddles and affection. I'm better with no children and no dogs but could share with cats. Oh and I've been neutered too. So, can I come and live with you?
To make an enquiry, please call: 01206 864284 or Email: mail@colchestercatrescue.org.uk, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
Beautiful cat in essex ANNA at RSPCA, Essex South & Southend. (rehoming in: Southend, Canvey, Maldon, Heybridge, Dengie & South Woodham Ferrers)
>> Beautiful cat would like to find a home

Hello, my name is Anna. I'm a beautiful white long haired female cat. I am about 3 years old and have been neutered. I'm looking for a loving new home, if you have one available? I'd quite like access to a secure garden too please! I'm with a foster family at the moment and they adore me! They've been very tempted to keep me but they know I prefer to be the only animal, I don't want to live with other cats or dogs. I wonder if you might like to arrange a visit to see me? I hope you visit soon!
To make an enquiry, please call: 07977 062 894 between 9am and 6pm or Email: cats@rspcaessexsouth.co.uk, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
Two female cats need home in Essex LEAH & MANDY at National Animal Welfare Trust - Clacton. (Rehoming in N.E. Essex and S.E. Suffolk)
>> A couple of beautiful young girls looking for their first homes.

Hello, my name's Leah and I'd like to find a home for me and my sister, Mandy. Just so you can tell us apart, I have a black coat and Mandy has a tortoiseshell one. We are about 1 year old and we have been at the Rescue since we were very small kittens when we were brought in with our mum. I am the most confident and friendly girl. I like a fuss once I get to know you and I am always the first one to go and investigate new things. My sister Mandy is still shy and she is not keen to go exploring like me, she just needs a little more time. I think we both need fairly quiet homes where people have the time and patience to help us grow in confidence. You see we have no idea what it is like to live in a real home so it will take a bit of getting used to. We both get on well with other cats but we've never had experience of dogs or children, although I suppose we'd be fine with sensible older children. If you are a patient cat lover please come and say hello, we would really appreciate your friendship. We are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
To make an enquiry about Leah and Mandy, please call: 01255 860062 or email: clacton@nawt.org.uk, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
two female cats need home together Essex POLLY & TREACLE at Poppy's Place Animal Rescue, Colchester
>> Adorable mother and daughter!

Hello, my name is Polly and this is my daughter Treacle. We are a gorgeous pair who are looking for a home in which we can stay together. I'm a short-haired tortoiseshell and white lady and my little Treacle is a gorgeous black coated kitten - she is a terrific character, but has a heart murmur which means we're looking for an indoor-only home. We are playful, attention-loving and affectionate girls who could share a home with sensible older children or calm felines (but no dogs please!) We'll go to our new home spayed and ready to begin our fabulous new life with all the love we need. Please get in touch!
To make an enquiry about Polly & Treacle, please Email: poppysplace@hotmail.co.uk,
and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!

ginger and white male cat looking for a home in the Essex, London, Kent and  Surrey areas ARCHIE at Bromley & District Cat Rescue. (can rehome to West Kent, Essex, Surrey and Greater London)
>> Come and meet Archie, the loveliest cat you could wish to meet

Hello there, you caught me just about to take a swipe at my ball but you look a lot more interesting so my ball can wait! I'm Archie, mainly white with a bit of orange and they say here that I'm such a lovely boy, sweet natured and laid back, don't know what that's all about but I do love people, other cats, older children...oh just everything and everyone really! I'm 4 years old, healthy, neutered and vaccinated. I'm deaf which means my meow might be a little loud and one of the other cats said it sounded like a screech but the people here don't seem put off by it, in fact they smile. I'm looking for a home and would love to come home with you. If you'd like to know how to make life easier for a deaf cat click on here: http://www.catchat.org/disabled_cats.html#deaf
To make an enquiry about the lovely Archie, please call: 0208 464 6035 mob 07788 627130 or Email: bromleyrescuecats@gmail.com, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
loving male cats in essex WITHY & MURRAY at Poppy's Place Animal Rescue, Colchester.
>> Can you offer two gorgeous cuddly cats a new home?

Hello, we're Withy and Murray. We're looking for a great new home together, do you have some room for us? We're both male cats and are neutered, chipped and vaccinated. All we need now is you! We have beautiful white and black fur and are long haired cats, so we do require regular grooming to keeps us looking our best. We're 10 years old and are both fit, healthy and active! We love to spend time with our humans and love a nice cuddle! If you like cuddles too, please get in touch.
To make an enquiry, please Email: poppysplace@hotmail.co.uk, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
tabby female cat looking for home in essex MILLIE at Springfield Animal Rescue, Chelmsford, Essex
>> sweet tabby lady needs a loving home

Hello my lovely, thanks for stopping by! Allow me to introduce myself - my name's Millie and I guess I don't need to tell you I'm a tabby girl - as I can tell you're a smart cookie! Now I'm what's known as a friendly but independent kitty, and between you and me that means you get a good deal. I like a fuss and I'm interested to hear what you've been up to each day, but I'm quite capable of amusing myself if you're out at work or whatever it is you do! Sounds perfect doesn't it? Now, brace yourself for a surprise..... Yes, I'm 13! I know I don't look it.. I certainly don't act it - I'm known to chase butterflies still! I'm trim, I'm in good health and even had recent dental. Want to find out more? I know I do!
To make an enquiry, please call: 01245 609482 or email: alfiegirl@hotmail.com and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!

male tabby Cat needs Essex home MURPHY at Springfield Animal Rescue, Chelmsford, Essex
>> Lap Required Please

Hello, my name is Murphy. I'm a 13 year old shorthaired male tabby cat. I am looking for a new home as the grand daughter in my previous family developed quite a severe cat allergy. I'm neutered and have a clean bill of health right down to my teeth! I'm an easy going and gentle cat, so I can live in a home with children. I will need access to outdoors, as if it's not too cold and wet I like to have a potter about in the garden. My favourite thing to do is to find a nice warm cosy lap to snuggle up on, do you have one of these available in your home?
To make an enquiry, please call: 01245 609 482 or Email: alfiegirl@hotmail.com, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
Friendly cat needs a home in Essex NOIR at RSPCA Stort Valley. (rehoming in: Saffron Walden in Essex to Broxbourne in Hertfordshire - including Bishop’s Stortford, Harlow and surrounding villages.)
>> Super friendly chap deserves a second chance to know what a real loving home is

Hi my name is Noir, I am such a friendly chap, I follow my fosterer everywhere while he's feeding and cleaning the other cats. You may be surprised at this as I was from a very neglectful home previously. I am around 10 years old but I am young at heart let me tell you. I am a lovely sweet boy and have a best friend here called Toffee, we share a pen and have become great pals, we eat together, sleep together, live together and follow each other everywhere. I can be homed separately but it would be wonderful if we could stay together. So why not come down and meet me and my pal, see how sweet I am and give me a second chance at a real loving home. Purrrrs for now, see you soon!
To make an enquiry, please call: 01279 306058, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
Cream coloured male cat needs home in Essex TOFFEE at RSPCA Stort Valley. (rehoming in: Saffron Walden in Essex to Broxbourne in Hertfordshire - including Bishop’s Stortford, Harlow and surrounding villages.)
>> An adorable boy!

Hello, I'm Toffee. I suppose I was given that name because of my gorgeous champagne coloured coat. I'm 5 years old, I've been neutered and now I'm waiting for a new home. When I first came to the shelter I'm sorry to say that I wasn't very friendly. I'd been very neglected in my previous home so was wary of all humans. But, after a few months of pampering and spoiling here, I now realise what a great life a cat can have if he's in a loving environment - I now love being picked up, stroked and cuddled! So I want to put the past behind me and find a loving home of my own. I would need a home in the country so that I could have a little bit of freedom to get out into the fields and woods to hunt and explore. I get on well with other cats. In fact I must mention my best friend Noir; we live eat and sleep together at the moment and he would really love to share a home with me (it's worth a try). I have to admit that I'd prefer an adult-only home; I don't think I would like to share a home with young children and I'm not sure about dogs, either. So, how about it, can you give me (and Noir?) a new start in life?
To make an enquiry about Toffee, please call: 07584 016647 or 01279 422543, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
Cat Needs home in Essex BIANCA at RSPCA, Essex South & Southend (rehoming in: Southend, Canvey, Maldon, Heybridge, Dengie & South Woodham Ferrers)
>> Loving New Owner Required

Hello, my name is Bianca. I'm a pretty 2 year old female cat. I have black and white fur and I have been neutered. I'm looking for a home to call my own, would you like to share yours with me? I won't take up much room. As you can see from my photo, I like to snuggle up and have a snooze. I am a little shy at the moment, but with a little encouragement I rather enjoy a nice head stoke. Please come and meet me soon.
To make an enquiry, please call: 07977 062 894 or Email: cats@rspcaessexsouth.co.uk, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
friendly cat seeks home bromley london FREDDIE at Bromley & District Cat Rescue (can rehome to West Kent, Essex, Surrey & Greater London)
>> Super-friendly, playful, loving, a real delight

Hi there, I'm Freddie and it's my turn for a new home, really it is! Everyone says I'm the perfect cat, and they can't understand why haven't I been chosen yet. I'm around two years old, and my previous people just didn't want me when I grew out of being a kitten. But I don't let that get me down. I love people, and will happily climb on your lap for a fuss. I'm playful, loving, healthy and neutered, and I get on fine with other cats. I'm not looking for a castle or posh things, I just want to find my 'forever home', and I'll reward your love tenfold.
Could you offer the gorgeous Freddie a home for life? Please call: 0208 464 6035 mob 07788 627130 or Email: bromleyrescuecats@gmail.com, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
Two black and white male cats need home Essex SPOT & SQUEAK at Crescent Cat Rescue, Tendring, Essex
>> Fabulous, friendly young brothers

Hello, I'm Spot (on the right!) and this is my brother Squeak. We are gorgeous short-haired youngsters of just 18 months old, with fantastic splodgy black and white coats, and we're looking for a permanent home together. We are both neutered. We are thoroughly good natured, friendly chaps - in fact we're so laid back that we tend to get overlooked in rescue, but we'd be a perfect addition to a loving home. We could live with sensible children and other friendly cats or dogs; a home with access to a garden will be perfect for us. If you think that we might be the ideal fellows to complete your family, then please come and meet us!
To make an enquiry about Spot & Squeak, please call: 01255 861309 or Email: carole.whiting1909@btinternet.com, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!

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