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CATS NEEDING HOMES who have so far been OVERLOOKED...
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Overlooked Cats - Kent (West)

'Overlooked Cats' Seeking Homes - West Kent

brother and sister cats looking for a home in west Kent or East Sussex SID & MUFFETT at Celia Hammond Animal Sanctuary, Brede. (Rehoming to areas near the Sanctuary or near our London Clinics in Canning Town and Lewisham)
We’ve been waiting over 3 years. Please pick us!
>> Could you see past our colours..?

Hi, my name is Sid and I am the short haired one on the left, the fluffy one is my sister Muffett. You may find it hard to believe, because we are just so cute, that we are still waiting for our forever home for over 3 years now; it seems that people can't see past our being black and white, and instead see all the love we have to offer. We are very affectionate and friendly cats, both neutered and will make superb companions once we have settled in. We would prefer a home with a garden to explore and away from busy roads, and no children. if you think you can see the love and fun we can bring to your life, then do get in touch, we will be waiting for you.
If you want to make an enquiry about this lovely pair please call 01424 882198, or email: sanctuary@celiahammond.org and please mention you saw them on Cat Chat, thank you!
beautiful friendly tabby cat looking for home in Kent MOLLY at The CatCuddles Sanctuary, Greenwich. (Rehoming in: London & North West Kent)
I’ve been waiting for a home for over 1 year. Please pick me!
>> Special & loving little Molly wants to share her big heart with you

Oh hello there, my name's Molly, so lovely to meet you. Now people say I'm a very special cat on account of my affectionate and gentle nature and my calming aura! (I'm not entirely sure what an aura is but I think its something to do with purrs?) Sadly my previous people didn't care for me properly and my diabetes was left undiagnosed. I didnt mind that so much as the lack of cuddles, that made me so sad. However it means now I'm 15 years old and I need injections twice daily and special food. With my condition treated like this I'm a happy cat, I just need a special human who is prepared to manage this and give me a peaceful and loving home. I don't mind other gentle kitties, only my food musn't get mixed up with theirs. At the shelter they really want me to find a forever home so if you can't adopt me because of cost, they are offering long term foster care with food & medicine cost covered. Because of this, they are also looking for sponsors if you would like to contribute towards my care but can't adopt. Please say you'll help me, I just want to be loved.
To make an enquiry, please call: 02081 232230 or email: evina@catcuddles.org.uk and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
black long haired male cat and black and white short haired female cat looking for a home together in the Kent/ Sussex/London areas ELLIE & JOLLY at Celia Hammond Animal Sanctuary, Brede. (Rehoming to areas near the Sanctuary or near our London Clinics in Canning Town and Lewisham)
We’ve been waiting over 3 years. Please pick us!
>> Ellie and Jolly need a lucky break!

Hello everybody, we're Ellie and Jolly a Mum and son pair and we're here hoping that we'll catch someone's eye. We've been waiting for such a long time to find our special person. I'm Jolly and I'm a handsome semi longhaired, black boy and my Mum Ellie, is black and white and short haired. We're sure there must be some people out there who love black and black and white cats? Mum's a bit shy but once she gets to know you she loves getting a fuss and me? I'm confident and friendly and I just adore being brushed! Did I mention that we both love Dreamies?! No? Well we LOVE Dreamies!! If you have a couple of packets of them... we'll be your friends for life! We're looking for a quiet home, with no young children to help build Ellie's confidence, and a safe garden so we can go exploring. Hope to see you soon!
To make an enquiry, please call: 01424 882198 or Email: sanctuary@celiahammond.org, and please mention you saw them on Cat Chat, thank you!
friendly female cat looking for home in Kent DOREEN at Bromley & District Cat Rescue. (Can rehome to West Kent, Essex, Surrey and Greater London)
I’ve been waiting for a home for over 2 years. Please pick me!
>> Pretty little tortie lady is waiting patiently for her forever home

Oh hello there sweetie! My name's Doreen and I'm a gentle little puss of 4 years old. The lovely people at the rescue are dismayed that I've been looking for a home for 2 years now. I can't understand it either! I'm affectionate and friendly, I'm young and healthy too, with a gentle nature. They think its because I can be a little shy when people first come to visit, also I politely let the other cats go first. But when I know someone is friendly, I'll come on over for a nose bump and face rub! Anyway, you know where to find me, sitting here, just waiting for a lovely someone to take me home. I know it will happen someday, I just need to be patient.
To make an enquiry about lovely Doreen, please call: 0208 464 6035 or Email: bromleyrescuecats@gmail.com , and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
Cats need Home in West Kent COCO & WHISPER at Medway Cat Trust, Gillingham (rehoming in the Medway area)
>> Cute Cats Need A Home

Hello, I'm Coco and my friend is Whisper. We came into the cat sanctuary separately, but we get on so well! We can be homed together or could be separated if needs be. We are both 1 year old black short haired neutered cats. We're both super pretty cats, as you can see from our photo! I'm pretty friendly. Whisper is a little timid, but does enjoy a little stroke, whereas I like to lay on the nice comfy bed and have a tummy tickle. We were found abandoned in a garden at 6 weeks old, so this is all we have ever known. Please give us a chance at having a happy life in a home of our own...with you please? Come and visit us soon!
To make an enquiry, please call: 07853 383 305 or Email: medwaycattrust@gmail.com, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
black cat seeks home bromley london kent BEN at Bromley & District Cat Rescue. (can rehome to North/West. Kent, Greater London, and parts of Essex & surrey)
>> Handsome young lad, seeks loving 'forever home'

Hi, my name's Ben, and I'm two years old. My previous family had a child with an allergy, so they didn't want me anymore. They shut me in a cat carrier and left me there for at least a week, it was awful. I was glad to get to the rescue after that, I can tell you! I'm a bit shy at first with new people, but if you're kind I will soon show you how loving and loyal I am. I like company, so someone who is at home for part of the day would be great. I get on with other cats, but would prefer no dogs or children. I'm healthy, neutered, and ready to find my 'forever home'. If you could love me, please ring and ask about Ben - just say I'm the handsome one with the white flash, they'll know!
To ask about lovely Ben, please call: 0208 464 6035 or Mobile: 07788 627130 or Email: bromleyrescuecats@gmail.com, and please mention you saw Ben on Cat Chat, thank you!
female cat needs a home kent dartford TINKERBELL at Poppy's Place Animal Rescue, Dartford. (Covering Kent and the surrounding area.)
>> Lovely Little Lady

Hi there! I'm Tinkerbelle or Tinks for short, I'm only a kitten! about 6 months old, but could be up to a year!, Im a petite, neutered girl. I've had a bit of a rough start but I've kept all of my stories to myself! No-one knows what happened to me. But luckily I have found my paws at Poppy's Place and I am being taught to trust again. I am great with humans, cat's I can't really stand, but I am getting used to children.I have a feisty personality, but in the right home and with the right care, I will feel safe again and oh boy! Pleeeeease, let me come home with you!
To make an enquiry, Email: poppysplace@hotmail.co.uk, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
female black & white cat looking for a home in tenterden kent LACEY at Cats Protection - Tenterden & District. (Rehoming in: Tenterden, Ashford & surrounding villages and Romney Marsh.)
>> Lovely Lacey needs someone to love

Hello there, my name is Lacey and I am a gorgeous young lady of 1. I am neutered and black and white as you can see. I was handed in as a stray and I am very timid; so I am looking for a patient and understanding human who will love me and give me time to return that love. I may be able to live with an older cat as a companion, someone who can teach me how wonderful it is to live in a real forever home. If you have plenty of patience and think I could be the cat for you, please get in touch as soon as you can.
To make an enquiry, please call: 01797 366 379 or 07805 928 394 or email: tenterdencats@gmail.com and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!

black female cat looking for a home in tunbridge wells, maidstone kent BETH at RSPCA Tunbridge Wells & Maidstone. (Rehoming in: Crowborough, Maidstone, Staplehurst & Tunbridge Wells)
>> One furry two year old needs you!

Hello everyone! My name is Beth, I am a black semi-long haired 2 year old who loves the outdoors! Making friends with children, dogs and other cats is what I'm good at and I can't wait to get the chance to make friends with you. I first came into the shelter with my 4 babies after having a rough start breeding at a young age, but now I'm all neutered and ready to settle down with a nice family. Do you think you could offer me a home? I look forward to meeting you and helping you fall in love with me.
To make an enquiry, please call: 01622 891222, 01892 517121 or 07595 997674 or Email: maidstonerspca@hotmail.co.uk, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
pair of tabby female cats looking for a home in south east london or north west kent WILKY & PRISSY at Anim-Mates, St Mary Hoo. (Rehoming in South East London and North West Kent)
>> Gorgeous mother and daughter pair looking for a home together

Hi there, we are Wilky & Prissy, we are both neutered tabby girls. I am around 9 months old and my mum Prissy is around 18 months. We were rescued from a building site last September. My mum is a very friendly girl, while I am a little shy and timid; so we are looking for a calm, patient home, with someone who is at home a lot and who can help me develop my confidence. With time, love and plenty of hand feeding and play I will do my best to come out of my shell. Prissy is already the perfect cat, always ready for cuddles and fuss. We have both been vaccinated and microchipped. If you could offer us space in your heart and home then do get in touch as soon as you can.
To make an enquiry, please call: 01634 271 456 or Email: info@anim-mates.org.uk, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
black and tortoiseshell, brother and sister pair of semi feral cats looking for an outdoor home in the London/Kent area SASSY & TY at Celia Hammond Animal Trust - Lewisham. (can rehome to London (East and West), Kent (West) will potentially consider Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire for a good outdoor home)
>> Have you got a safe outdoor home for this lovely pair?

Hello, our names are Sassy and Ty and we're a 10 months old, neutered, brother and sister. We're black and tortoiseshell and shorthaired. We were brought into the rescue as kittens after being found as strays. We've not had the chance to spend much time with people and we're a bit shy and don't really like to be touched. Even after being in rescue for a while we're still shy but we think we'd be able to work well for you if you had stables, a farm or a smallholding even if just by being there we scare off the rodents! In return all we ask is somewhere comfy and warm to sleep and to be fed regular daily meals. We're hoping you can help us find our ideal home!
To make an enquiry, please call: 0208 694 6545 or Email: lewisham@celiahammond.org, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
pair of cats looking for a home in East or West Kent DANDELION & PANSY from Rolvenden Cat Rescue, (Covering Rolvenden, Romney Marsh, Ashford and surrounding areas)
>> Father and daughter, best friends who heed your love

Hi there, we are Dandelion & Pansy, and are father and daughter and we are homing to find a home together. We are around 4 years old and both neutered. We were found in a large group of unneutered and living outside; this has left us both a little shy, we never really interacted with people but with all the love we are getting , we are becoming bolder every day. Now it is time for us to find a home where we can develop our confidence even further. We can happily live with other cats. So if you can offer us love and a safe home do get in touch, we are ready and waiting!
To ask about Dandelion & Pansy, please call: 01580 241632 or 020 3239 9538 or mobile: 0750 413 8398 or Email: info@cats.rolvenden.org.uk, and please mention you saw them on Cat Chat, thank you!
Female black and white cat looking for home in west Kent BLOSSOM at Battersea Brands Hatch, Kent (rehoming in west Kent)
>> A sweet, but shy lady that needs her confidence back

Hello! My name is Blossom and I am a eight-year-old, neutered lady with a super soft, black and white, shorthaired coat. I came into rescue after my previous owners unfortunately couldn’t keep my anymore, but as they had owned me since I was just a kitten, I went from being a friendly, sociable and devoted feline, to now being very scared and timid. When it’s nice and quiet, I do wander out of my bed to say hello to the lovely volunteers who look after me, but this unfortunately means no visitors can see me and take me home! I just know that if someone with a gentle approach could coax me back into the confident character I really am, in a loving, quiet home with outdoor access to match, I would literally blossom!
To make an enquiry, please call 01474 874994/01474 875109/0843 509 4444 or email catterybbh@bettersea.org.uk and please mention you saw them on Cat Chat, thank you!
Cat Needs Home in Kent KITTYKAT at Babs Cats, Swanley (can rehome to: North West Kent and South East London)
>> Kittykat Needs A Home

Hello, my name is Kittykat. Can you help me find my new home please? I'm a black and white short haired female cat, and I've been neutered. I came to the rescue with my pal Vimto. I'm pretty feisty as I am only 10 months old, still just a kitten! I'm pretty friendly too though! Please come and meet me to see just how nice a kitten I am.
To make an enquiry, please call: 07772 660 006 or Email: babscats67@gmail.com, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!

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