Overlooked Cats - Bedfordshire

'Overlooked Cats' Seeking Homes - Bedfordshire

female black cat looking for a home in bedfordshire MEG at Bedford, Biggleswade & District Cats Protection (Can Rehome to Postcode areas MK40 - MK45 and SG15 - SG18. Major towns include Bedford, Ampthill, Flitwick, Shefford, Sandy and Biggleswade.)
>> Affectionate lass looking for a new family

Hi, my name is Meg, I am 8 years young and on the hunt for a new home to call my own. I was living as a stray until I was rescued and I really enjoyed being part of a family; I will happily live with children (5+) but would prefer not to share my home with other cats or dogs. I like a fuss and will let you know when I want more attention. My foster dad has been brushing my coat everyday and it is lovely and shiny now; it wasn't easy living as a stray and I really hope there is someone out there who can see me for the beautiful girl I am. I am neutered, microchipped and would like a home away from busy roads. If you could open your home and your heart to me do get in touch as soon as you can.
To make an enquiry, please call: 08442 496911 or Email: enquiries@bedfordcatsprotection.org.uk, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
cat needs home in bedfordshire BETSY at Bedford, Biggleswade & District Cats Protectio (rehoming in postcode areas MK40 to MK45, SG15 to SG18 and parts of SG19)
>> Betsy Needs A Home

Hello, my name is Betsy (also known as Betsy Boo!). I'm a female calico and white shorhaired cat. I'm a mature 12 year old cat, but I don't look a day over 7! I'm looking for a lovely new home with some humans to call my own, just the adult kind though please. I can be a little temperamental so would rather live with adults and not children. I also need to be the only pet, as I'm not too keen on other animals. But you won't need any other animals when you've got me, as I am a great cat and like to have fuss, love and affection. I am happy to be an indoor cat, I will keep a watch on things outside from the window. I'm neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped and vet checked so am all ready for my forever home. Come and visit me please!
To make an enquiry, please call: 08442 496 911 or Email: enquiries@bedfordcatsprotection.org.uk, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
gentle, young, black female cat looking for a home in the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and West London areas KYRA at Cat & Kitten Rescue. (operating from bases in Dunstable, Harpenden,Harrow, Hatfield, Northolt and Watford)
>> Kyra's hoping to be a lucky black cat and find a forever home!

Hello everybody! I'm Kyra a cute little black cat who just wants to come home with you. I'm only 18 months old and I am very gentle and really rather lovely, of course, you'll have to meet me to find that out and I just know that when you meet me you'll want to take me home! I have up until now, lived as an indoor cat and I'm very happy with that but I'm also perfectly happy to give the big outdoors a try too, just so long as I have someone looking after me and loving me, I'll be happy. I've not met children or dogs so not sure what I'm like with them but I'm fine with other cats. I'll come to you, neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed, deflead and with 4 weeks introductory insurance. Please do come for a visit, I'd love to meet you!
To make an enquiry, please Email: catandkittenrescue@hotmail.com, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
shy black and white cat seeks home bedfordshire HAMISH at Stray Cat Rescue, Toddington (Rehoming across Bedfordshire)
>> Gentle, timid boy seeks caring home to boost his confidence

Hello, my name's Hamish, and I'm looking for a nice quiet home, with caring people, who will help me not to be so nervous. I was a stray for a long time, so am still very timid with people. I'm quite sure I have a brave, confident Hamish inside me, just waiting to show himself! I just need a patient, loving home to build my confidence. I have a gentle nature, and get on well with other cats, especially females. I have the brightest eyes and silky soft fur, which will be perfect for stroking… once I'm over my shyness. I'm neutered, and ready for a proper home, whenever my special new people read this. I hope that's soon!
To enquire about gorgeous Hamish, please call: 01525 875993 or 07985 662712, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
friendly boy cat looking for home in bedfordshire NORMAN at Cat & Kitten Rescue based in Watford. Rehoming in Beds / Bucks / Herts / London (west).
>> A real gentleman cat!

Oh hello there, my name's Norman and I'd certainly be pleased to meet you! Now call me old-fashioned but I'm just a people-loving cat, looking for a home to settle down and hang up my slippers in (so to speak!). I came in as a stray/lost kitty and no one ever came to claim me. I feel like I've been left on the shelf and I'm only 18 months old! To tell the truth I've gotten a tad 'curvy' since I've been here, but a healthy young cat like me will burn it off in no time when I have space to run and play, and other things to claim my attention! When I first came in I had an abscess and ever since then I've been prone to hold out my paw. The vet thinks its an amusing quirk - as there's certainly nothing wrong with it. I will go to my new home neutered, vet-checked, microchipped, wormed & deflead with prescription products and fully vaccinated against flu enteritis and leukemia. I will also bring with me 4 weeks introductory insurance with Pet Plan. Do come and see me, I'd be ever so pleased!
To make an enquiry about this sweet fellow, please email: catandkittenrescue@hotmail.com and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!
young black and white male cat looking for a home in the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire areas TAZ at Cat Welfare - Luton. (can rehome in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire)
>> Taz needs some extra TLC!

Oh hello, I'm Taz a little 8 month old black and white boy. I've been a bit disillusioned by life as I didn't have the greatest of starts. I don't really want to talk about it as it's in the past and I'm hoping for a happier future. I'm a bit wary sometimes when people stroke me and if I get a bit anxious will sometimes grab and nip but it's just because I'm not sure what you're doing. I'm getting better in my foster home so just need someone kind and understanding to take time with me and I'll be their best friend. I'm really looking for an adult only home with understanding owners. I could share with other cats and am fine with dogs though. I've been neutered and am here with paws crossed hoping someone will want to take me home?
To make an enquiry, please call: 01582 555118 or mobile 07896 082252 or Email: catwelfarerescue@gmail.com, and please mention you saw this notice on Cat Chat, thank you!

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