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Meet the Cat Chat Team...

Cat Chat currently sources homes for well over 5,000 rescued cats each year through our Virtual Shelters.

Our volunteers are vital to our operation, giving their valuable time, expertise and energy to help to make Cat Chat work.

Thousands of ex-rescue cats are purring in their new homes thanks to our smashing team, below...

cat and computer graphic
UK Animal Rescue

Thank You to all our Smashing Volunteers - We couldn't do what we do without You!

pair of cats homed through cat chat
tabby cat homed through cat chat
black and white cat homed through cat chat
tabby cat homed through cat chat
white and black cat homed through cat chat charity
grey tabby cat homed through the cat chat charity pages

The Cat Chat Team

Volunteer Co-ordinator
Bonita Howard

The Cat Homing Pages Team
Page updates - Gail Blakemore
Page updates - Jamie-Louise Ball
Extra Help: Bonita • Jane • Joanne • Mandy

Cat Monitoring Team
Cat Monitor - Jo Taylor
Cat Monitor - Maureen Bull
Cat Monitor - Maurice Hudson

The 'Overloooked Cats' Team
Overlooked Cats Coordinator - Angela James
Overlooked Cat Entries - Gail Blakemore
Overlooked Cat Entries - Helen Doyle
Overlooked Cat Entries - Jamie-Louise Ball
Overlooked Cat Entries - Leanne Knapp
Overlooked Cat Entries - Maurice Hudson
Overlooked Cat Entries - Sara Standing
Overlooked Cat Entries - Tara Lambert
Overlooked Cat Entries - Tracy Beagrie

Kittens Section Administrator
Maureen Bull

The Forum Team
Superviser - Jane Kellet
Moderators - elastu • MagnificentMogs
• MsMolly • Sabrina • sootyman
Adviser – Cat-FAQ

The Helpdesk Team
Emma Woodhouse
Marina Harris
Mandy Cotter

Roll of Honour Team
Marina Harris
Sara Standing

Links Section Administrator
Joanne Todd

Link Checking Co-ordinator
Maurice Hudson

Website Development
Angela James
Bonita Howard
Mandy Cotter
Steve Wise

Accounts - Jaine Love
Financial Admin - Maureen Bull

Feline Behavioural Adviser
Katrina Zurbanu BSc (Hons) (Psych) BSY(PetPsy) MSc (PRM)

Feline Veterinary Advisers
Kitten to Cat Veterinary Clinic, Richmond:
Zeta Hade, BVSc MRCVS

Marketing / Publicity
Journalist - Bryan Nelson
Newsletter Designer - Joanne Dalton
Newsletter Editor - Sara Standing
Photographer - Simon Crutchley
Graphic Design - Steve Wise
Facebook / Twitter - Tracy Beagrie
Google Adwords Administrator - Kerry Archer

PC / IT Adviser
Patrick Hogan

Web Shop Admin - Maureen Bull
Merchandise Co-ordinator - Rosemary Hill

The Committee
Chairman - Maggie Ovens
Treasurer - Jaine Love
Minutes Sec. - Lindsey Kennett
Trustee - Angela James
Trustee - Lynsey Mahmood
Trustee - Mandy Cotter
Trustee - Maureen Bull
Trustee - Steve Wise

ginger cat homed through cat chat
black and white cat homed through cat chat
tortie and white cat homed through cat chat
black cat homed through cat chat
tabby kittens homed through cat chat charity
tortie cat homed through cat chat charity

Sorry - There are no Volunteer vacancies currently available. Please check this page regularly for updates!

Applicants must be 18+, and will be required to complete an application form, supplying details of two referees.

We are always pleased to hear from people who may be able to offer their services to the charity in ways we hadn't thought of. If you have other skills or expertise not mentioned above, that you think might help the Charity... please get in touch! Email: volunteer email

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