Feral kitten Birmingham /walsall

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Feral kitten Birmingham /walsall

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Hi guys. My sister in birmingham had what seems like a feral kitten in her house 5 days ago. We have had to bring it to mine as she had other oets who could hurt it and it wouldn't leave. This poor kitten has been hidden in my room for 5 days. It is afraid of humans and stays hidden constantly. I tried advice from the cats protection league because of these issues but they say they cant rehome him/it.
I have no problem keeping him if he can get along with my cat but im upset that this kitten cant feel comfortable at all.
I need advice on how to deal with this. I have all the patience in the world but cats protection wont even come out and tell me the kitten is safe and its gender..
Does anyone have any advice?

P. S the cat looks about 9 weeks old. He eats amd drinks if he can smeel the food and no one is about. He has also used a litter tray some times (all this stuff i put under the bed so he felt more comfortable)
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Re: Feral kitten Birmingham /walsall

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Thank you for caring about this little one. If you haven’t already seen Cat Chat’s Lost & Found advice page, the information there might help: https://www.catchat.org/index.php/cat-m ... ound#found
Also, see the latest Lost Cat reports (from PetsReunited.com) here: https://www.catchat.org/index.php/lost-found-cats

We would always recommend a vet visit to ensure that the kitten is healthy and they should also be able to give you an age and gender.
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