cat found

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cat found

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i work in a hotel in a service area no houses nothing around apart from a motor way, there seems to be this little black cat looks like a baby to me i rang the rspca and they said to keep feeding it and they will call us in a week but a week seems so long for that cat to be near a motor way and not get hurt or killed! i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to do or anyone to call?
it would be great if u could help me out
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Re: cat found

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If it were me I would try to catch it and take it to a vets to get it scanned and see if it is micro chipped. At least that way it can be returned to its owners if it is.

My own cat is currently missing and I am desperately hoping that someone will have the presence of mind to take him to a vets for scanning if they are feeding him or he is hanging around anywhere.

For any owner the worst thing is the not knowing ....

Hope this helps
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