Urgent help required please

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Urgent help required please

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Good afternoon,

Yesterday I found a tabby male street-ferral cat and now he is with me at home, unfortunately I cannot keep him with me, I already have another home cat and the rescued one it's too wild, also I live in a flat.. I need to leave him in a Shelter, would you please let me know if you could accept him? In case you couldn't, would you please let me know where I could go? It is urgent as there is another cat in the same place that I would like to keep with me as she doesn't seem wild as this one is. Also please do not judge me, I have been feeding them for some months now trying to find a solution for them but I was unable to get them before as the male have been scaring the female one.

He is going to be neutered on Wednesday in Regan Vets Radcliffe. He has not microchip.

I have sent several emails to try to find a shelter but all of them are overbooking, also I have checked with the vet and they gave me some names, I have called this morning but also unable to help. Any idea is more than welcome. I wouldn't leave him again in the street after the neutering.

I am based in Radcliffe – M26.

Many thanks

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Re: Urgent help required please

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If you haven’t already seen Cat Chat’s Lost & Found advice page, the information there might help: http://www.catchat.org/lost.html#found
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