Found in Woodlesford Leeds, ginger & white cat

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Found in Woodlesford Leeds, ginger & white cat

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Since December last year I have been trying to find the rightful owners for this cat. Local advertising has yielded nothing.
It is a tall cat, mostly ginger with a white tummy & legs. Beige splodge next to nose.
Basically living in my garden for a good 6 months.
He will come to me on his terms but if i try to approach him I get a warning nip & scratch - never drawn blood but it's definitely a warning. This is why I haven't been able to take it to the vets to see if it's chipped.
I've tried dozens of local resources but none will come out. I simply have no means of getting it to a vet!
Keeps trying to get into my house but my own cat is on medication which could potentially kill this cat. So during this heatwave I've basically been a prisoner in my own home! Unable to open windows & patio doors to keep this one outside.
Photo attached (I think) please help this cat find a home!
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Re: Found in Woodlesford Leeds, ginger & white cat

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Have you called RSPCA, as this is what they specialise in. It will be very worrying if they do not come out.

I've had a ginger cat roaming around my gardens for about 6 months, come everyday. One day he came into my house through the window and looked to have been badly hurt. I rang RSPCA and locked the windows so he couldn't escape.

I can't see from the picture, is he skinny? Does he look under fed?

Now the cat lives with me, he didn't like his owners very much and chose to me as his owner. I have a cat also and they get on well. The previous owners said they don't have money to look after him.

I would call rspca if you haven't, I would leave water outside for him to get. As it's been very warm, and if he has no home he would be very dehydrated.

Also, if you call your vets, I'm sure they can give you advise on what to do.

Hope he finds his way home
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