Black and white cat with batman face pattern

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Black and white cat with batman face pattern

Post by Kestrel » Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:26 am

Found a black and white female cat in London, she has a sort of batman mask style face pattern, she has quite thick fur and bushy tail and she's super friendly. I first found her walking around the car park one night in march she was approaching everyone, cars houses people ect. I work a security guard every night and since I found her iv let her in and fed her ect. A neighbour had a charity scanner for a chip and she told me the chip wasn't registered???? I have no idea what to make of that I thought microchips were registered when they are put in.

I'll edit the post later on my PC as I can't seem upload a photo of her directly from my phone as it claims its too large.

Why would a microchip not be registered????
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Re: Black and white cat with batman face pattern

Post by Marla » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:31 pm

It's nice of you to look after this kitty and check for a chip.

Microchips are inserted by vets, rescues and individuals who charge for the service. Some of these insert the microchip and give the paperwork to the owner to register themselves. (However, the last time we had a cat microchipped, the vet insisted that they register the chip immediately, which I thought was a good idea.)

You could use a site like this one to find out which microchip database the microchip belongs to:

Then you could contact that company to ask if they will help you locate the vet/rescue/person who inserted it - they may or may not help. If you can get the vet/rescue/person's name, then you could ask them to trace the owner as they should have a record of the microchip.

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