TWENTY for 2020: BT & Sabrina (Home Needed - Whitland, Carmarthenshire)

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TWENTY for 2020: BT & Sabrina (Home Needed - Whitland, Carmarthenshire)

Post by Lisa-D » Mon Jul 27, 2020 10:12 am

To mark Cat Chat's 20th Anniversary, our "Twenty for 2020" Campaign aims to find homes for the 20 most overlooked cats in rescue:

Number 11 on our campaign are...


BT & Sabrina have been in the care of Cat Rescue West Wales for more than two years.

At just 5 and 7 years of age, BT and Sabrina became great friends when they met at the rescue several years ago. Now, these pretty girls lay together and play together. This pair will often sweetly headbutt to show their affection to each other. That's the equivalent of humans hugging!

Although slightly more reserved than her pal, BT can soon be won over with a little patience and a few tasty treats. Sabrina doesn't require any such encouragement to seek attention. A chat and stroke will result in a satisfying purr!

As this cute couple have been in care for so long, they may be a little elusive at first however, we've no doubt that their lucky new owner will soon be the recipient of their very own head butts!

Find out more about BT & Sabrina here:

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