Leices! URGENT Home for Timid ginger stray boy pls!

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Leices! URGENT Home for Timid ginger stray boy pls!

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URGENT HOME for GINGER BOY-CAT needed please! Hi I trapped a cat 6th May, which was run over by a car, dragged and had a broken leg, end Feb. Everyone in the neighbourhood of Broughton Astley says he's been around catching food, for years. I took him to PDSA Birstall and the vet has confirmed he is not microchipped, quite fit and his leg has mended; also he's "eating them out of house and home, please can I collect him on Wed. 12th May 2021 when they will castrate him?"- He does not have FIV and Vet gave him clean bill of health. He is ginger with a tiger's stripey tail, white chest/bib and white paws. The local pet shop call him "Arthur" - but he was thin, has a bad life as no-one feeds him. He was timid and people couldn't get near - but since PDSA fed him they said he's ok with humans, / suitable for rehoming, and "has been very well behaved!" They still suggested I bring the cat trap (I borrowed from L.A.A. Huncote) and release him back into my/ Broughton Astley area - tomorrow 12th May 2021, I can't keep him in a cat trap while I find him a home, it would be cruel. I am prepared to travel to help him though. I haven't been given any time to find him a home but don't want him to be hungry and without shelter in rain, in future. If there's a way, I have got a photo of "Arthur" when his front leg was broken, I'll send to you. My mobile is 07812345655. I'm a cancer patient, waiting for surgery, so can't keep him. All best wishes and thanks for reading, from Diana, Broughton Astley [email protected]
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Re: Leices! URGENT Home for Timid ginger stray boy pls!

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Hi Diana,

Thanks for looking out for this cat.

If you haven’t already seen Cat Chat’s rehoming advice page, the information there might help: https://www.catchat.org/index.php/rehome-pet-cat

You could also email Cat Chat’s Help Desk for further advice: cat.advice (at) catchat.org

Hope that helps.
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