Mr Bradley Walsh (Bromley & District Cat Rescue)

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Mr Bradley Walsh (Bromley & District Cat Rescue)

Post by Jane » Sat Nov 07, 2015 4:41 pm

(Posted on behalf of Bromley & District Cat Rescue)

Bromley & District Cat Rescue are struggling due the ill health of the main carer of the cats, so homes are needed URGENTLY in London & Home Counties

Cuddle-loving, playful Mr. Bradley Walsh is still here waiting for a new home - and we can't understand why, as he's lovely!

He was rescued from being a stray, after someone had been feeding him in their garden. We were called to take him in when they noticed that he had some sore patches on his front legs, like blisters. Our vet had a close look at him, and it appeared that Mr. Walsh had been partially covered in some unidentified chemical which had burned his skin, on his front legs and under his chin. Exactly what he had come into contact with, (and how), is still unknown.

At first he was hesitant to be close to people, but as his skin healed he become more confident. His fur has now grown back on the affected areas, albeit a little 'tufty' in places! Once he regained his health and his coat, he began to show his playful side - now he loves nothing more than rolling on his back on a newspaper (while I'm trying to read it, of course!), and then being rolled up in it like a furry sausage-roll - he purrs away and then delights in scrabbling his way out again... only to come back for more the next time the newspaper is laid out!

After his time as a stray, Mr. Walsh is now enjoying cuddles, loves his food, and is very happy to be in the warm with home comforts. We aren't exactly sure of his age, but our best guess is somewhere between 3 and 5 years. He would like a home with a garden, and would be fine living with other cats.

Whoever adopts Mr. Walsh is in for a treat!" onclick=";return false;

To meet Mr Walsh please contact the rescue directly on: 0208 464 6035 or Mobile: 07788 627130
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