RSPCA West Norfolk - (Elderly Cat) Proud to announce....

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RSPCA West Norfolk
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RSPCA West Norfolk - (Elderly Cat) Proud to announce....

Post by RSPCA West Norfolk » Tue May 24, 2016 7:26 am

A wonderful announcement:

Our lovely elderly Martha has her Forever Home and we couldn't more pleased and happy! She deserves it ... :D

I finally managed to get a photo of this lovely girl. Martha, a beautiful grey & white cat, just wants a lap or chair (or both!) to snuggle up on. She would make wonderful company in a quiet home. She has the odd old lady grump but it is sweet. I think it is a thing with the oldies ... I (Lesley) have four and they are the same, bless them. Martha would love to be FOSTERED and have a home and family of her own. The RSPCA will pay for Martha's vet bills as she is on a low dose thyroid tablet which she can take with chicken or an Easy Pill (about £1.55 per pack and it lasts...). - again, the RSPCA will pay for the tablets. All you need to pay for is a senior cat food diet from the supermarket. I foster a kitty from the RSPCA and works wonderfully well.

Martha has thyroid issue - a tablet can be given with chicken or an Easy Pill. If you adopt her, a prescription can be purchased from your vet (from £6.50 depending on which vet). You can buy the tablets from Vio Vet costing approx 41p each. (I buy three months worth on one prescription). Please have a chat with manager Penny or Jo about this adorable girl...

I adore Martha - I am a Mum of four elderly cats and they give you such love in return and are fully house trained.

Martha was handed into the local vet and came to live at the RSPCA - unfortunately she was not chipped. She is now searching for her Forever Home.

As she is an older kitty (aged 10+), she would probably be happy for a wander in a safe garden, a snooze in the sun - of course, given her age and if your garden is not secure, then life as an indoor may be better - an armchair to curl up on and a lap to snuggle on too. She adores being stroked and when she has had enough, wanders off to her spot to have a snooze and 'me time'. Martha is sweet natured, quiet, calm, gentle and I love her!

Age: from age 10 but think more 14 +

Staff would be happy for her to live with kind and caring children and cat friendly dogs. It is thought she may need to be the only cat but if you have other elderly kitties or calm younger ones, please still contact Jo at the RSPCA.

Email: [email protected] with 'Martha' in the subject bar
If you are local, please pop over to the centre and meet this gorgeous girl.

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