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RSPCA West Norfolk
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RSPCA West Norfolk - forever homes found...

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Good News: Bella & Elsa have a forever home.

Good News: Sooty has a forever home

Rainbow Bridge: Sadly Smudge passed away at barely a year old. He arrived at the centre from a farm and was given lots of treatment at the vet hospital the centre uses. All better he awaited for his forever home. Smudge fell ill again and nothing helped him get well again. We are so sad he spent his last 4 months at the centre without finding a special family but he received love from volunteers and staff, warmth, food and medical help. It brings a lump to my throat now.

In Folklore, the belief about black cats differs culture to culture. The Scotts believe that a black cat's arrival signifies prosperity. A black cat is considered good luck in the rest of Britain and in Japan. It is said that if a lady owns a black cat she will have many suitors. And a black cat is commonly considered a good omen when crossing a person's path.

So why do lots of people out there stop using common sense and walk past a black cat in rescue? There heart beats the same as a ginger cat, a white cat and a tortie. They offer love, affection, company and snuggle up to you as any other cat would. Myself and my family have always had black cats as well as other colours and never had bad luck. In fact, I am always winning things! Today, Smudge cuddled up in my arms and purred. Sooty, wanting some of that, tried to dig her way through the glass from the next pen whilst giving me all the looks of love she could muster. Elsa and Bella, Ragdoll X ... these girls take it all in there stride and just love you and your armchair!

So here is The Black Cat Gang:

"Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Sooty, a beautiful girl (if I do say so myself) with a quiet, calm and likeable personality. All my babies have found their Forever Homes ... I would sooo love a home of my very own and a family I can love. Will you visit me and perhaps you will fall in love with me? "
Email: [email protected] ... &preview=1

ELSA (Ragdoll X ... looking for a home with Bella):
"Hello! I am Elsa and my sister Bella already has her own post so here is mine... I am like my sister, all quiet and calm and we are looking for that loving home together. We won't disappoint you! We are full of love and adore snoozing the day away with a wander in your garden. We have lived at the Centre since March when our owner sadly could not look after us anymore and we take everything in our stride. We hope you visit us as we'd loove to show you how wonderful we are. "

Email: [email protected] ... t_id=28157

BELLA (Ragdoll X ... looking for a home with Elsa)
"We are two fluffy sisters who would love to go home with you! We are good girls, very quiet and enjoy a snooze, snuggle and fuss. Our names are Elsa and Bella. Oh, and we love lots of grooming as Ragdoll X - can we come and live with you?"

Email: [email protected] ... t_id=28156

"Hello .. I am Smudge. I just want to be loved really. When you first visit me I may appear a little well ... I stand back. But approach me quietly and gently, pick me up and I will snuggle up in your arms and purr and purr and purr. And then guess what I do? I look up at you with all my love. When i have my own home and hooman family, i will gain so much confidence and I will love you forever."

Email: [email protected] ... &preview=1

We hope you won't listen to all this silliness about black cats and consider adopting a kitty. Ours are adorable with so many happiness to offer you. Luther has just gone to his Forever Home - you'll find him in the Homed Cats section of our profile here. We are open 11am to 3pm so please pop over. We are Kings Lynn (West Norfolk) in a little place called Eau Brink. Elsa, Bella, Sooty and Smudge are waiting ....

Tel: 01553 618889

Cat Chat: ... &preview=1

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