Unstable Sudden Asthma

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Unstable Sudden Asthma

Post by Shannon2016 »

Since 2013 I've had cats, my beautiful Phoebe and Freya then in 2015 my beautiful Archie (Siamese) Archie bred with Phoebe and Freya resulting in Timmy(Phoebe) Phillip and Norman (Freya) I remember finding out they were pregnant and buying everything you could think of, little surgical scissors, kitten milk, string, and it did all actually have to be used for Norman and Phillip because Freyas birth was very hard and I had to cut Normans Umbilical cord.

As you can see they are my life... I've loved and cherished these cats for years but July 4th 2016 I had an asthma attack, which I've never had before, my father had to dial 999, i had one on the 5th July and I was hospitalised until 8th and then I had another Asthma attack on 21st July and was discharged same day. The hospital took an IgA Blood test to test me for allergies and any result over 0.35 is an allergy... to cat dander my result was 100.

I feel so guilty and horrible and distraught over this but if I dont rehome I could die, I know that life for all of us will go on but I know they will miss me so bad because me and the life i have given them is the only thing they have ever known, they are all indoor cats too, I am just so devastated that in one sweep all my babies will be going and the only other option is to risk my life. I wonder if who adopts them from the cats protection agency will talk to them like I do and love them like I do and keep them safe indoors.

I dont even know how long it will take the cats protection agency to have all the pens free so I have advertised them myself online but I dont know how long it will all take, it is absolutely breaking my heart everytime I have to push them away I know they are confused about it. I really dont understand why after all these years with cats only now im having asthma attacks.

It is absolutely horrendous for everyone involved and I cant stop imagining their frightened and confused faces when the cats protection agency takes them all from here, even though it has to happen it will be awful for us all.

Please do not think this is anything against the cats protection agency, its just these are my babies and I would like to know who they are going to and have updates of them.
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Re: Unstable Sudden Asthma

Post by Cat-FAQ »

Cat Chat’s rehoming advice page might help, which also includes advice on ways to avoid having to rehome: http://www.catchat.org/index.php/rehome-pet-cat
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Re: Unstable Sudden Asthma

Post by suelily »

Hi there, I have just read your story and it is so sad, however I have also read the advice on allergies. Read it first and eliminate all possible causes. It may not be your cats. If it is,do you have a garden? Could you possibly afford to get an outside pen built for them if the worst comes to the worst. I could not contemplate having to rehome my baby but I hope it is something so simple that has caused this reaction.As you said " Why now? Good luck, keep us posted.x
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Re: Unstable Sudden Asthma

Post by catly254 »

This is soo sad, having to choose between your life and your cats which have been family for years.
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Re: Unstable Sudden Asthma

Post by pandorawarlord »

this is very sad story, can you post some pictures and say in what area you are in
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