Wee Trev needs a new human (Newcastle)

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Wee Trev needs a new human (Newcastle)

Post by Chris316 » Sat Oct 20, 2018 1:11 pm

Hi there,

I am trying to get my little feline buddy rehomed and am a bit anxious about the whole gumtree/facebook pasting as the baiters and scum out there are known to use those.

Trev is two years old, a ginger Tom. He isnt neutered as i cant do that to my pets but he has all his jabs and has been wormed and flea treatment given in the last week.

Hes the best of both worlds, quite independent and loves roaming outside, he will let you know when he wants out you can believe that, but he will also come in at night and want your attention, curl up beside you and want to be stroked while he purrs.

House trained, he uses the litter box and although a little fussy (strangely doesnt like fish flavour cat food!) he will eat most food dry or tinned

I dont think anyone who has other pets should reply as he is more of a pet that wants you to himself. The whole reason i have to rehome him is that him and my dog dont get on and it is becomes very stressful having to constantly police them.

But if you are in newcastle upon tyne or close enough to come and see Trev and are interested please let me know and we can have a chat. I'll work out how to post pics so you can see him. He is a beautiful little man and i want to see him go to a good home where he will be loved.

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Re: Wee Trev needs a new human (Newcastle)

Post by Cat-FAQ » Mon Oct 22, 2018 10:05 am

Cat Chat’s rehoming advice page might help, which also includes advice on ways to avoid having to rehome: https://www.catchat.org/index.php/rehome-pet-cat

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Re: Wee Trev needs a new human (Newcastle)

Post by YogiBoy » Wed Nov 07, 2018 5:14 pm


I don't know if you have rehomed your cat yet, but I just wanted to add that it would honestly be best if he were neutered, particularly as he is allowed outdoors. All the reasons why, and how to get low cost neutering if needed, are on our Neutering Information page here: https://www.catchat.org/index.php/cat-k ... euter-spay

You are absolutely right to avoid advertising him on gumtree/facebook etc. As per the previous post, our Rehoming Advice page covers that, and gives the best options for you if you need to rehome: https://www.catchat.org/index.php/rehome-pet-cat
We also have a page on "Direct Rehoming" which is when a rescue organisation helps you with the rehoming, but you keep the cat until a new home is found: https://www.catchat.org/index.php/direct-rehoming-cat

I hope that helps, and please do consider neutering Trev!

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