Help with Ozzy

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Help with Ozzy

Post by firetwoice » Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:23 pm

As I write this there are tears rolling down my cheeks, and I'm usually a strong balanced bloke.
Ozzy my beautiful b&w cat 'found me' shortly after I got divorced and he's been protecting me for 5 years now. I've had cats and dogs throughout my life, but this little fella is extremely special to me, probably because I now live alone.

Due to unforseen circumstances (which I'll only discuss in person) I have to repay Oz with the love and care he has shown me over the years, and find him a new owner who will give him the same attention he is used to from me. Yes, I spoil him, but in a healthy way, but hey.....the payback is so so worth it, only a cat lover would know. He is such a loving pal.

A little about him:
He is 6 years old with a lovely temperament and does'nt scratch or bite. He has learnt only to use his scratcher for this so your furniture is safe, and he knows not to jump onto kitchen worktops. I have a cat flap installed and because I currently live in a quiet culdesac, he's free to wander in and out of the garden at will. He wags his tail like a dog and opens his own doors :). He's extremely healthy with a lovely shiny coat. An added bonus (to me) is that he only uses his cat litter in emergencies.....there's a huge field next door, so I can't blame him. He has a natural affiliation for warm fires / duvets (he has his own) / cool breezes / woolly jumpers - preferably with the owner still wearing it. I could go on. Ozzy is fine with other pets as long as they're non-aggressive, I often looked after my friends dog and they spent hours happily together in the garden.

The important part:
Please let me apologise in advance....I care too much to let him go to anyone, so if it's a noisy house or you live in a built-up area it's a no-go I'm afraid. He's not street savvy like most town cats. Ideally I'm looking for a retired couple or someone settled with plenty of time spent at home. Ideally in the country, he's used to birds flying around the garden, a bees nest close by and so he's long past chasing them now. I'm a good judge of character so I'll recognise anyone who has a genuine love of animals, it's not something you can fake. If it's a designer cat your'e looking for, we don't do that here sorry.
I live close to the Lake District (Cumbria) and would prefer anyone interested to live in that vicinity really.
If you spend plenty of time at home, Ozzy is simply the ideal companion to cheer up your world.
I realise I'm being a little fussy, but it will literally break my heart when he goes so I want to be absolutely sure he goes to the right 'parent'.
If this means I'm limiting my chance of responses I understand, but he really is worth it. He has plenty of 'stuff' so there's no need to buy anything.
Thank you for reading.
Hope you can help, but please don't respond if you live in a busy area or near a main road.

Many thanks,


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Re: Help with Ozzy

Post by Cat-FAQ » Wed Feb 20, 2019 1:55 pm

Cat Chat’s rehoming advice page might help, which also includes advice on ways to avoid having to rehome:

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