Offering a home for stray & feral kittys - Sunderland

Post here if you can offer a loving, permanent home to a cat (NB: PLEASE put your Location in the Subject line)
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Offering a home for stray & feral kittys - Sunderland

Post by SilkyMoth » Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:13 pm

Hello! I'm a fellow cat lover and own many animals including 2 lovely cats! I have recently been converting my garden shed into a home for feral cats to reside in. So now all I need is some feral cats! I am looking to pay nothing for them as I need my money to feed them and keep it running. I live in Houghton Le Spring, in the middle of Sunderland and County Durham. My garden is of a medium size, consisting of three different levels, the ground level where we have chairs, hard flooring and the dog is often aloud there. Ah, I forgot to add, I have 2 cats whom often stay inside, 1 dog (who of course ignores the cats and gets on well with them), 24 fish in a rather large pond complete with a stream, 1 rabbit and 2 guinea pigs. I will add that the pond had a net covering at all times to prevent fishy stealers! Yet leaves the stream uncovered for cats to drink from, the guinea pigs and rabbit are in a large hutch which Is also complete with a run that is cat-proofed preventing any 'accidents'. There is then a second level, this has the pond on it and the stream, as well as the garden playhouse/shed which had a door with a window and 2 other windows either side, there is boxes either side allowing cats to look out of the windows. There is a hole near the sealing that is specially covered for ventilation and the door to the playhouse does have a lock. On this level there is grass covering all of the floor as well as bushes for cats to hide in and perches for them. The third and last but not least level is simply the top of the garden wall, this has several large trees along it with a high fence behind stopping cats from reaching the road, it is often used as a kitty toilet for the strays which is rather annoying but still we put up with it, this level is loved by every cat whom passes through the garden.

As you can see I have a pretty much kitty paradise in my garden which is just waiting for visitors! I would love to know if anyone has any feral cats in need of a loving home, I may add that I am also taking in stray cats as house pets and so if anyone has found a stray cat with no home I would be glad to take them in and give them a new home to!
I have also added a part of the shed for any stray or feral kittens so it is now complete for cats of any ages!

Feel free to comment or email me at - [email protected] and we can work something out!

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Re: Offering a home for stray & feral kittys - Sunderland

Post by Janey » Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:32 am

Hi, it may be worthwhile contacting local rescues as they often need homes for feral cats. You can check out your area from the map here and ring round:" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Offering a home for stray & feral kittys - Sunderland

Post by cyl808 » Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:52 pm

just email you
hope you can help
email : [email protected]

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