Looking for kitty (blind, deaf, Cerebellar Hypoplasia)

Post here if you can offer a loving, permanent home to a cat (NB: PLEASE put your Location in the Subject line)
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Looking for kitty (blind, deaf, Cerebellar Hypoplasia)

Post by CH kitty lover x » Wed Dec 16, 2015 5:10 pm

Hiya, I stay in west lothian, Scotland. I'm looking for an indoor cat, any age or gender. It would be an indoor home without much access to outdoors so it would be great if i could find a blind, deaf or CH kitty to live with me. I've tried all the rescue centers for miles around but cant find anything. If anyone can help or has a cat with special needs to be re-homed, i would be very grateful.

Thank You Xx

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Re: Looking for kitty (blind, deaf, Cerebellar Hypoplasia)

Post by Cat-FAQ » Fri Dec 18, 2015 7:43 am

The following links might be useful for you, if you haven’t already seen them:
Cat Chat’s ‘Cats Needing Homes’ section: http://www.catchat.org/shelter_centre
Or, find your local rescue shelters here: http://www.catchat.org/adoption (there may be some you’ve not contacted)
Also, some good tips here to keep indoor cats happy: http://www.knowyourcat.info/getcat/indoorcats.htm
Hope that helps.

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