Companion for FIV cat in Norfolk wanted

Post here if you can offer a loving, permanent home to a cat (NB: PLEASE put your Location in the Subject line)
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Companion for FIV cat in Norfolk wanted

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Hi everyone,

I live in Norwich and adopted a male FIV cat in November. Harris is 4 years old, healthy apart from frequent Upper Respiratory Infection and has a very mild temperament. He's settled in really well, but is very needy and I think he would benefit from the company of another cat whilst I'm at work. The rescue centre I adopted him from said he never had any problems with the other cats and would be fine to live with another cat.

I've been keeping an eye out but very few indoor cats seem to come up for adoption. I recently went to Venture Farm Cat Rescue, but none of the FIV cats seemed the right temperament as Harris is very relaxed and calm.

Does anyone know of any indoor cats of around 4 years of age and a mild temperament up for adoption?


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Re: Companion for FIV cat in Norfolk wanted

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If your boy has a mild temprement, I would not rule out a non FIV cat as a friend for your boy. There is little chance of passing it on unless they fight. Bob is FIV+, non of the girls are.

Good luck finding him a pal.
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Re: Companion for FIV cat in Norfolk wanted

Post by Crewella »

I agree, my Paddington is FIV+ but a very laid-back and sociable sort of cat and mixes in fine with the rest of my gang. Yes, of course, it requires careful thought, but if a cat came up that was perfect in all respects bar their FIV status, then I think it would definitely be worth considering.

There's lots of good info here, if you're interested - I'm sorry if I'm seeming a bit pushy! ... ether.html

Either way, good luck in your search. :)
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Re: Companion for FIV cat in Norfolk wanted

Post by catsrmylife »


Although FIV+ cats can live very happily and safely with FIV- cats (as is the case my household; I adopted a cat who I later found out was FIV+), it would be nice for another FIV+ cat to have the opportunity to be a companion for your cat :)

There is such a lot of stigma attached to FIV (as no doubt you are already aware!) that it is terribly difficult for rescues to find homes for them; even in this day and age where cat people are generally more enlightened.

I think very careful introductions are needed regardless of status, as generally, there will always be a bit of hissing and spitting as cat rely on their sense of smell to recognise others.

Very good luck in your search and I hope some lucky cat gets a permanent home soon :)
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