Indoor cat

Post here if you can offer a loving, permanent home to a cat (NB: PLEASE put your Location in the Subject line)
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Indoor cat

Post by Penny » Tue Mar 27, 2018 10:02 am

I live in a quiet flat with no pets or children and I am looking for a cat up to 5 years,shorthair,who is happy to live indoors. Preferably a neutered female.

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Re: Indoor cat

Post by Flower887 » Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:03 pm

Hi Penny,

I saw your post on the forum and wanted to share the details of a beautiful shorthair neutered female cat my family and I have been fostering. She is looking for a quiet forever home with no children.

Here are her details...
I took in a beautiful little stray female cat a few years ago with the intention to Foster her until we could secure her a forever home. She is much loved with a very sweet personality. I would love to keep her with me permanently and feel very attached to her, however having moved home, there is a strict no pet policy and my family are unable to continue to foster her due to health issues.

When I found her a few years ago, she was out in the freezing cold, sleeping in the middle of a car tyre in the snow and absolutely terrified of people. Quite a large part of her ear was noticeably missing and I realised that she was completely deaf. I took her to the vets and it was found that she had advanced tooth decay and was in a lot of pain. It is heartbreaking to think how long her teeth had been that way. She had to have six of her teeth removed but since that time she has really settled and been happy.

She has gained a lot of confidence around people and it has been lovely to see her confidence grow and her personality shine through. Although she is still wary and timid, she loves nothing more than being close to somebody and sleeping on your lap.

When I brought her home, it was clear she had lived with someone before (and had not been outside all of her life). She immediately seemed familiar with a litter tray and made herself at home quickly. I have shared her photo and details on a number of missing cat sites, but no one has ever come forward.

She is very small and to look at her she does not appear fully grown, although the vet feels she is in her senior years (and therefore certainly fully grown).

Before I found her and took her in, the people who were kindly leaving food down for her advised that she used to have a cat friend who she used to share her food with, but the cat was very sadly knocked over by a vehicle and did not survive.

Based on the information I’ve heard, I feel she may do well with another indoor cat who could keep her company (although she has been very content on her own), but definitely no children. While she is very loving, on occasion, she has scratched and nipped. I feel this was a fear response (she has spent a long time being afraid of people).

I strongly feel that this little cat needs a very patient family with a quieter household, experienced with cats that can understand and be sensitive to her needs – particularly her timid behaviour and being deaf. We have never let her roam outside as we did not want her to go missing and we were worried about her being knocked down if she could not hear cars coming behind her.

She does need treatment applying to her ears daily (which get itchy) and softer food as she has several missing teeth.

I really do not want to rehome her through a shelter. I would really want to meet her new forever family and keep in touch to know that she is doing well.

I am based in Yorkshire. Please feel free to message me with questions and for more details.

This lovely cat has a lot of love to give and is such a wonderful companion. I would love to find her her perfect forever home. Below are some photos of her :)

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