Cat flu passed from kitten to existing cat

IMPORTANT: If your cat is in any distress or discomfort, please consult your own vet as your first priority.
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Cat flu passed from kitten to existing cat

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So....we adopted a kitten. From a reputable rescue charity with all health checks done. We’ve now had her for 2.5 months and she is a lovely little thing.

But, she started sneezing within a couple of days of arriving at our house and has never stopped really. She’s also had intermittent weepy eyes. Vet says it’s likely she’d had cat flu before and it’s re emerged again and not gone.

We already had a 1.5 year old cat. He is fully up to date with all vaccinations. He’s just started sneezing and looks sorry for himself. I’ve put a call in to the vets but my questions are:

1) Assuming he’s caught cat flu from the kitten, will he hopefully have a mild dose since he’s been vaccinated?
2) I understand that once they have it they are carriers for life. So likely they will both be carriers now? But can they keep passing it back and forth to each other? Or is it that it can rear its ugly head at any point in one of them (stress etc) but they other one would be fine unless also triggered by some stress etc?

I’ve never been to the vets so much. They should give me my own seat in the waiting room ☹️
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