Cat still calling 9 days after mating!

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Cat still calling 9 days after mating!

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Hi All,

I was looking for a non-judgemental place to ask for your experience in an issue I'm having. And no I don't need any "spay your cat advise". I am registered to breed.

I have a girl who mated with my stud for 4 day's, after the 4 days both her and the stud seemed fine as they were uninterested in each other and the girl was quiet so I took her away from the stud and put her back in our home where she normally is. From the following day she was still in heat, she is still now in heat 9 days after leaving my stud (and yes I witnessed many successful matings between them). Had anyone had a girl stay in heat for this long after mating and she still landed up being successfully pregnant? This girl has had a litter before so I know she is able to conceive but this just seems so abnormal and it's giving me Grey hairs thinking she's not pregnant and now possibly has fertility issues.

Please tell me from experience what the longest your female has called after they were done mating with the stud?
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Re: Cat still calling 9 days after mating!

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Hi, no judgement of breeders here but this is a cat rescue forum so might not be the best place to find breeding advice! There are some members who might be able to help but if you don't get many responses we're not judging or ignoring you, we just might be a lot of the wrong people. Hope you get some answers anyway.

What breed, out of interest?
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