Need Advice: New Cat Joins 2 Cat Household

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Need Advice: New Cat Joins 2 Cat Household

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I took in a lost cat that became super attached to my family after sticking around my yard and trying to get inside. Tried to find an owner and no one claimed her so I got her vaccinated and chipped after finding she had already had her spay surgery.

I have two cats and they seemed to be interested in the cat althought cautious.

Ncat is no longer hissing at my two indoor cats, HOWEVER now she seems to get excited and chases my cats around, but it ends up with my cat running to my room and not wanting to leave. Is the chasing a sign of aggression even though she doesnt seem to want to attack them?

Also, the new kitters doesnt seem to express emotion like one normally does. She growls when she wants to play, wags her tail in excitement, etc.

One of my cats (the oldest) is now suddenly scared of the new cat and wont leave my under bed even for food and litterbox uses. Is it possible the cat attacked her when I wasnt aware? Does this ruin the impression of the cat to my indoor babies?

Any advice or sharing similar experiences is much appreciated
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