Clicker training

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Clicker training

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We have a very curious and bright tortoiseshell cat who is 11 months. We play with her lots and think she would enjoy some additional mental stimulation. She is currently an indoor cat as we have a main road at the front of the house and worried about her safety until she is a bit older. She is quite sassy and not too into lots of petting but wants to be around is all the time and is super motivated by play and treats. Has anyone got any ideas about clicker training and cats? Does it work? At the moment we are doing treat-click association. We have been doing it for 2 days. She is very engaged but hasn’t made the association yet! Any people’s first hand experienfe would be great!
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Re: Clicker training

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None whatsoever here but there are tons of guides on You-tube and at least one clicker-trained cat, Kaiser, with his border collie partner Nana. One video is even called something like anything you can do - they both perform the same tricks.

But it's your comment about being older and more sensible that caught my attention. Cats do not grow road sense by magic and age, and a dangerous road for a kitten is a dangerous road for a cat at 5, 10 and 20 years old. So if you don't want to let her out now, there isn't going to be a good time later.
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