Flea treatment for cat who reacts to spot on

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Flea treatment for cat who reacts to spot on

Post by sarie » Fri Aug 22, 2014 11:56 am

Hey guys, my cat Harvey is a bit of a pain to flea/worm. He reacts very badly to spot on treatments - as soon as I snap the top off the container his eyes start to close up and he looks really pained, even if he's on the other side of the room. As soon as I apply the treatment his eyes water and he starts running around the house with his eyes shut freaking out. As a result I avoid using spot on treatments on him as he's clearly either allergic or just hyper-reactive to them.

Unfortunately he's also absolutely horrendous to tablet. I've had tough cats in the past but he's impossible - even wrapped in multiple towels with help he'll destroy me. He refuses to swallow even when forced with water in a syringe and tricking him doesn't work. I've tried using Milbemax when worming him as it's smaller and is meant to taste better but even then I can't hide it in food or treats, he just spits it out.

As a result I'm at a bit of a loss on my options. I've noticed he's got fleas at the moment - they're not bothering him but they're bothering me and I'd like to get on top of them before it becomes a problem.
I could risk using spot on as he hasn't ever had any long lasting effects but I feel tremendously guilty doing so as he clearly has problems with it and there's no guarantee that at some point he won't have a nasty long lasting reaction. There's not much point in attempting a tablet though as I've yet to get one into him successfully.

If there's a lack of options then I'll take him up to the vet and let them tablet him as they're pros but I'd rather avoid this if I can! I remember when he was a baby the vet gave me little powder sachets for his food to treat fleas (unless I'm remembering wrong, it was 6 years ago!) - I wondered if these work for adult cats? He'll probably still be a pain and leave his food but if I give him nothing else to eat and mix it into Tuna maybe I stand a chance!

Any advice appreciated! Thanks :)

nanny pamy
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Re: Flea treatment for cat who reacts to spot on

Post by nanny pamy » Sat Aug 23, 2014 8:24 am

Im sure you,l get some good advice. Im a *newie* so I may not be much help but I have started taking Theo to the vet once a month for his flea/worm treatment. Hes so timid he doesn't bite or scratch but just goes flat on his stomach shaking so I felt guilty doing it myself and I also felt nervous trying to do it and I think he picked up on this. The vet is so calm and professional, he just takes him from his cage and does it in seconds and puts him back and its done. I used to use Advocat (as the rescue told me to) and he would run and hide for about an hour after and get these huge dilated pupils but the vet said its too strong (for an indoor cat) so he uses frontline. Its 6 50 and he doesn't charge me to do it. I just find it less stressful for Theo and I also want him to get used to the vet so he goes for his claws trimmed too every couple of months too.

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Re: Flea treatment for cat who reacts to spot on

Post by Hunnybunny » Sat Aug 23, 2014 10:41 am

Program is a 6 month injectable option. Speak to your vet.

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