Large bald patch on long-haired moulting feral

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Re: Large bald patch on long-haired moulting feral

Post by Animal lover » Thu Mar 26, 2015 11:49 pm

I am so glad she is in good health and it is nothing serious. Good to know there are no matts and her skin is good. I remember a cat who was a stray and 'belonged' to a neighbour of my Sister's who looked not that much different from Mama Cass in the photo, and on closer inspection he needed a lot of clipping. Poor puss. His front left leg was partly matted to his side. Mama Cass is clearly looking after herself well. Did the vet do a blood test to look at her hormones? Has she been done? Hopefully she will stop over grooming soon. The last thing she needs is to form it in to a habit or a comfort. Can the vet suggest anything you could put on her to get her to stop? Anything horrid tasting? It must be the mackerel keeping her skin good, all that fish oil. It shows that even though she is feral, you look after her well.

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Re: Large bald patch on long-haired moulting feral

Post by Hazel » Fri Mar 27, 2015 7:15 pm

Yes it's such a relief that she's in good condition (although I can't credit the oily fish - that was just to get her in the trap). She was speyed a couple of years ago but I suppose it could still be hormonal. It's easy to feel a bit foolish when the vet says there is nothing wrong, but with all that thick fur we couldn't be sure she wasn't in a bit of a state.

I am going to have a look into flower remedies that I can put on her food to see that'll stop her overgrooming. We had an overgroomer a few years ago who responded well to Feliway but that's no good for an outdoor only girl! With a bit of look she'll stop once the moulting stops anyway.

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