Cat weeing periodically in the house

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Cat weeing periodically in the house

Post by LucyF » Tue Aug 11, 2015 8:30 pm

We have had Kiki ( aged 6) for almost x4 years. From the beginning , she has urinated in the house.
She has been to the Vets and there is nothing wrong with her physically. She is a very nervous cat and gets stressed very easily.
We have also liaised with a Pet Behaviorist - she provided a number of things to try. For example , we are now using clumping litter . She uses this for a certain period , then will start peeing in the house again.

My husband is at his wits end, and wants to get rid of Kiki. I cannot get rid of her..........

I know this subject pops up a lot. Any advice would be appreciated.

Does anyone have a place for a cat who pees like this?

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Re: Cat weeing periodically in the house

Post by bengalsmeow » Sun Aug 16, 2015 1:38 pm


whatever the place where she urinates the most i would probably cover with some news papers?

if that doesn't work or she urinates almost Everywhere then i must think she is on her period? my dog was on it for a month but I'm not sure if cats and dogs share the same period stuff..? best of luck though! good luck :) :D

Edit: sorry i forgot she did it from the start? i realise cats pee when they are nervous, something in the house making her nervous? children crowding her too much or fussing and shouting? when did the periodically seeing start?

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Re: Cat weeing periodically in the house

Post by Willowgill » Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:10 pm

I have this issue with Daphne - she uses her litter trays 95% of the time but just when I think she's doing well (we've had her nearly 4 years) she'll find a corner to pee in or suddenly stand up in the tray and pee on the floor :roll: How many litter trays do you have and do you have other animals in the house (or may be coming in through the catflap if you have one which you're unaware of) which might have scared her? How often are you cleaning out the tray - some cats are very fastidious and even one clump might be putting her off using the tray. I've started to use puppy training pads under the trays (I have 1 upstairs and 3 downstairs) which help if she misses but it's not really a good idea to use them in place of the litter tray. I move things into the places she's used so she can't get there any more (door stop in one corner, a pile of baskets in another) I also changed my litter to the biodegradable one which flushes down the toilet and lasts for ages - it still clumps but is better than the clay type. I can sympathise as my husband too says she'll have to go on occasions but that's mostly when she's chased our other cat out of the house! Finally there is a product called Urinoff which you can use to get rid of the stains and smell which works quite well.

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