new cat litter tray

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new cat litter tray

Post by msalsa »

I need some advice
I have decided after a couple of years of no cat in my home to adopt another, I rang my local cp and chatted to the lovely lady and requested a very tall order, I would like to adopt a boy cat that didn't travel to far from home.....yep I know the impossible maybe.
After the long chat we agreed that she would call if a cat came up.
So last evening I had the call, a lady had rung her in is the long bit of the message.
She had a 4yr old male cat since a kitten it lived happily with her dog and other cat, then her dog died and after a few months of grief she decided to get another dog. Unfortunatly the dog took an instant dislike to the resident cats, after over a year of trying only one of the cats managed to get along with the dog, so after much soul searching she decided to find a new home for the 4yr old in question.
She managed to adopt him out to a relatives work friend.
So off the 4yr old went to his new home.....nearly to the point sorry.
The cat has been there for four weeks and he is not happy and is not able to get on with the resident cats, I think there maybe 3 or 4 of them, so the cat is in the main bedroom, in a flat and he has now taken to messing in the room too....I am unsure if there is a litter tray I presume so as the other cats in the house are indoor cats and they must have trays.
The new adoptive mummy has asked the old mummy if she will take the cat back as she cannot cope anymore...this is where I come in.
I am going to see him tomorrow and looking forward to it, I am just a little worried about the messing, do you think he has forgotten how to use a litter tray?? His first mum says that he went into the garden to do his business with her but I shall have to keep him in for a while and I have no idea on how to re train a cat to use a litter tray???
He is by all accounts a loving soppy cat who never messed in the first mummys house, he did go out but never very far no more than the garden and then came in and went back to bed. So he would suit me well.
Any advice welcome and sorry about the long boring explanation.
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Re: new cat litter tray

Post by Kay »

I wouldn't worry - this cat has been through a lot of upset and stress, and doesn't seem to have been a priority in either of his first two homes - that is going to change with you, where he'll have peace and quiet and by the sound of it be cherished

it's very rare for a healthy domesticated cat to refuse to use a litter tray, especially if there is no competition from other cats - you might have to experiment with trays and different kinds of litter to find what suits him, but I'm sure you'll get there - meanwhile you can put newspaper down until you know it's not needed

good luck with your new boy, and let us know how you get on with him
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Re: new cat litter tray

Post by greenkitty »

I totally agree with Kay, cats are very clean animals and messing outside of a tray is normally health or behaviour related, he sounds like he's quite stressed so I'm sure in a calm house with no competition he'll settle. I would be inclined to have two trays in different locations so he can choose where he goes and as Kay says you can experiment with different trays and litters if necessary. Good luck :)
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Re: new cat litter tray

Post by Grace56 »

I would echo what Greenkitty and Kay have said. Poor little chap must be very upset at being passed around like that. But I'm sure he will now have a loving and caring home with you, Msalsa.

I have two litter trays for Dave, who is my only cat and I use a non clumping, very pale grey/white litter medium I buy from the Co-Op. It's in a blue bag and is £2:99 for the smaller size. It lasts for ages but unfortunately I've forgotten the brand name. And the empty bag has gone.

I wish you many happy years with your new little one. And do let us know how you are both doing. :)

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