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Peculiar Acting Male

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:58 pm
by joncher69
My 3 yr old Male Cat (Lucky) was the most docile, laid back and loving cat. One day, 2 months ago, he was tired and lethargic with low grade fever. My Vet put him on antibiotics and did blood work that turned out pretty much normal. After a regiment of Antibiotics for a week he "perked up" but a couple days later, a big "change" occurred regarding his behavior! He became "irritable" and hisses and "snaps" at me when I try to pet him. He "swats" and "bites" (not viciously thankfully) and has a new murmured subtle "growl-like" reaction to attempts to touch him. He runs around and plays feeling his oats and eats like a horse! he is particularly infatuated with "feet" walking by him and fixates on them and attacks them. He is still highly affectionate and will rub up against you with no problem unless you try to "pet" him (that sets him off) there are no marks on him and I can't find any particularly tender or sore spots on him! He constantly follows my other cat harassing her! (he never did this before) Lucky doesn't get too rough and she stands her ground and "fends" him off but I am, as is my Vet is, at wits end as to what this condition or occurrence is. His symptoms have changed NONE in the time since he contracted this. He is a completely different cat, in temperament only, than he was in the first 2 yrs I have had him? I cannot believe it is an injury as his actions have not changed any, day or night, hot or cold, wet or dry he is always in this "Hissy" somewhat "irritated" mode and mood. Can anyone please enlighten me??? thanks for thinking!

Re: Peculiar Acting Male

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 3:39 pm
by Jacks
I have heard that some gastrointestinal parasites can cause changes in behaviour as they can migrate and affect the brain - like Toxoplasmosis and roundworms. Is Lucky an outdoor cat, and is he up to date with worming and flea treatments?

Behavioural changes like this could also be because the cat is in pain. An aversive incident outdoors could bring about short term hissyness and recoil at being petted, but this should wear off quickly once back in the normal loving environment.

If Lucky is an outdoor cat, has he been spending a lot of time outdoors recently?

Re: Peculiar Acting Male

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:07 pm
by greenkitty
Has he been neutered?

It could be redirected aggression, he could be in pain or he could just be associating your hand with the fear of being put in his carrier and taken to the vet.

Re: Peculiar Acting Male

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:01 pm
by joncher69
Lucky HAS been neutered when a kitten. He is frequently outdoors but has always stayed close to our house on the deck, in the garage or shop or close around in the yard. We ( almost daily) have always put him in his carrier to keep him trained on not being afraid of it. He is very accustomed to going in his carrier. Granted, he could be in pain but if so, then it hasn't gotten a bit better and he feels good enough to play and run and all the other things he has always done. My vet checked for worms and parasites and fleas and none were found. Maybe I need a new Vet as possibility that something was missed and like I stated, he is outdoors often but stays around close and is usually "under foot". We do have a lot of rabbits around as well as vermin.