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Boris update

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 5:14 pm
by cathyday
Dear Cat Chat gang

I haven't been on this forum for quite a while, which means we've had quite a long period of time without any medical worries with my 2 boys. The biggest achievement this year has been that finally after 7 years with us H has stopped sneezing and showing signs of Herpes cat flu virus. He's been a very happy little chap for over a year now. YAY! The down side is that he's been much more lively which hasn't done the bird or mouse population of Cheshire much good. Plus he's still getting into all sorts of mischief, which usually entails him being stuck in the engine bay of our neighbours car. I've lost count of how often I've had to clean oil off his fur this year.

The main reason for my update though is to say Boris is still going strong at 17 and a half years old. Having had thyroid level problems since he had both both glands removed a few years back, he is now on a dog version of thyroxin which suits him very well and is dead easy to give in tablet form with a little food every morning. Since he's had all but 2 teeth removed we blend his food for him and recently he's had medication for CRF added in the evening along with Phosphorus binders. He's on mainly renal food, but he refuses point blank to eat this on it's own unless we blend one pouch renal with one pouch of Felix Senior, hence the binders.

He is also suffering from feline dementia and unless we shut him in the kitchen to sleep in his luxury box with en suite litter tray every night, he keeps us and H awake by just wandering around the house howling. He is very deaf too so the howling doesn't bother him but it certainly does us.

During the day though he's a very happy purry chap who sleeps contentedly on our bed or on a rocking chair in the hallway. During the evening he comes and sits with myself and Glen on the settee watching TV purring away.

It's taken many months to hit upon the right thyroid and CRF meds for him, but now we have that balanced along with the right mix of food and home care I feel we'll have our lad with us for a while yet. Fingers crossed......

Re: Boris update

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:09 pm
by booktigger
Glad both your boys are doing well Cathy

Re: Boris update

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 10:52 pm
by Camdengirl
Lovely to have an update on Boris and H! Good to hear they are both doing well, and that H has stopped sneezing. Hops has been quite snuffly recently and I keep having to clean dried-on cat snot off the furniture! I'm sorry Boris now has dementia, but it sounds as though he's still perfectly happy with life, which is the most important thing.

Like Boris, Pip now has her own luxury en suite room at night. She's recently been diagnosed with advanced heart failure, and to keep her stress levels down I am separating her from Hops overnight - the small hours are when he's most likely to think the height of fun is chasing a little old lady cat all around the place. Also like Boris, she can't be where we are if we want to sleep: she doesn't make much noise but isn't having any of this 'humans need their sleep' nonsense and likes to smack me in the face every time she fancies a fuss/something to eat (which is about every 1-2 hours). Hops is quite enjoying the fact that as she is now in her own suite he does get to sleep with us.

I hope Boris and H continue on good form for a long while to come, fusses to both of them.

Re: Boris update

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:29 am
by Crewella
I remember your problems with Boris, and H, so am delighted to hear they are both doing so well, and hope that means you are too! Fusses to them both. :)

*I'm also delighted that my favourite ginger tripod is doing well. Sorry to hear of Lady P's diagnosis, but am glad you seem to have found some ways to make her life easier. Fusses to both of yours too* xx

Re: Boris update

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:28 am
by bobbys girl
Hi Cathy, nice to hear from you. Thanks for the update, what good news to start the week on. :D

Re: Boris update

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:49 am
by lilynmitz
Hi Cathy, great to hear from you again. I've been wondering how Boris was doing, and kept looking out for updates from you. I'm really pleased to hear he's still with us and still enjoying life, in his own little way. I know the meds routine well - Lily was on similar, and now that we have two "normal" cats, who we just have to feed, clean out and entertain, I realise what a huge effort went into keeping her going and comfortable for as long as possible. Pleased to hear H is still on good form too, and that his sneezes are under control. Long may your two continue to keep you, and us, entertained. :D

Re: Boris update

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 8:26 am
by cathyday
Thanks everyone for your replies and great to hear about your furry ones too.

We're very much looking forward to Christmas this year without any worry and concern over whether we can make it through the holidays without a vet visit. The last 3 Christmases we've ended up at the vet with Boris for various reasons, but we're really hoping this year we won't be troubling Vet Steve with our woes.

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you and your fur babies stay well and have a great time!!

Re: Boris update

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 9:13 am
by Crewella
That's lovely, wishing you a happy and worry-free Christmas. xx