I'm getting a New Kitten, I need advice on my others

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I'm getting a New Kitten, I need advice on my others

Post by lsharples_96 » Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:29 pm

Hello, I'm getting another kitten within the next few weeks or so, we already have two females who are older around 10 and 16-18 years of age. The youngest isn't that bothered on change that I've noticed as she is happy pretending to be a dog with our 2 year old Springer Spaniel.
My eldest is very attached, she loves to cuddle, sleeps on my bed by my head on my pillow and rarely leaves the house due to other cats bullying her. I'd like to make the transistion to a new kitten in the house as smooth as possible, is it just the same as adding a new dog or baby to a household? I don't want her feeling left out especially at her age as I've noticed she gets really down if she is left for a while.



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