Cat spray and wee in the house

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Cat spray and wee in the house

Post by Emzymeow » Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:56 am

Hi everyone, this will be a long one.

So i rescued a male and female cat 7 years ago, the female was pregnant and 4 weeks later gave birth to 5 kittens which i kept. Now i love my babies... The adult male kato was neutered the week after i rescued him and kizzy the mum also done 3 months after the birth of the kittens and all 5 kittens was neutered at 6 months . we used to live in a 2 bed ground floor flat where the cats had unlimited access to outside then when the kittens was a year we moved to a 2 bed house again unlimited time to the outside can come and go as they please this is when the spraying started. I understand it was a new place and the upset the cats which caused it but it never stopped :-(

5years in this house and the cats just kept peeing in the house, ive tried everything!!! We had 7 litter trays changed daily, used feliway everywhere, cat scratch posts and beds and toys but they call kept doing it!!!

Now a year ago we moved to a bigger 3 bed house but because of there previous behaviour they have been banned (by my partner) from the living room , spare bedroom and my sons bedroom. And

We have the exact same problems the cats just keep peeing everywhere :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

I use vinegar spray as it removes the ammonia smell but it doesnt stop them. Use feliway, have litter trays, cat beds, toys are scratching post

Sometimes its almost like they do it on purpose, they have spent the night outside wondered in, in the morning and pee on the kitchen side.... Why?

Its got to the point where my partner wants them all gone but their my babies and i cant give them up!!!! He also wants to ban them from rest of the house if he could which i hate :'(

Please if anyone has any suggestions???

Primarily its 1 cat who is the worst and starts the others off if that makes sense.

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