Renal diet wet food

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Renal diet wet food

Post by Crewella » Sat Nov 12, 2016 7:26 pm

When I've had cats with renal issues I've always had a real struggle to get them to eat the prescription diet foods and mostly ended up feeding a mixture of renal dry and senior wet. The most palatable, I've found, tend to be the RC and Hills pouches - the tinned version seems to be a gloopy grey pate type food and most of mine won't touch it, even when healthy and with a good appetite. I also tried the Eukanuba tinned, which was a drier, grainy sort of grey pate and none of mine would eat that either.

Recently the rescue were donated some prescription foods after someone's elderly cat passed away and, being the one that usually takes on the oldies, they gave it to me. They'd obviously been through the same struggles as there was quite a range there, including all the ones that I had tried, but a couple (from Beaphar and Animonda) were new to me and, actually, seemed a bit more palatable. Both are a sort of coarse pate texture - somewhere between pate and corned beef in looks, and at least my lot would eat it. Whether they still would if their renal issues were more advanced remains to be seen, but I thought someone might find this helpful.
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