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Fleas: Housekeeping rules

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:59 pm
by willowdragon
Four days ago I adopted my first ever cat from a family who "could not meet her needs". She is indoor only, but they had two other pets who I suspect were not. We had our first visit to the vet yesterday who informed me she has fleas, and gave me a spray for my house and some spot-on type medication. I have done as the vet instructed with both items. The spot on went on the cat as soon as we got home. The spray I used on the carpets, the sofas, the cats tower and bed (she's only had the brand new bed 4 days, and I was able to dismantle the pillow parts and wash them, surely I don't have to bin them already?!) any fabric item she has used, my own clothing and bedding that has come into contact with her. I then washed and tumble dried everything that I could. And of course have vacuumed every inch, and will do so daily. Kitty has also had a grooming session, which we will repeat daily.

I understand it can take a while to get rid of fleas once they're here, so I'm looking for some advice as to how I proceed. In particular, what do I do about my clothing (for instance my bedrobe, which I wear nightly, has been washed and tumbled but I will wear it again tonight and no doubt kitty will want to snuggle.) do I wash that every day?

And her bedding, being brand new, I'm loathe to bin it as it cost a fortune and it seems unreasonable to need to buy a new form of bedding every day. And if I simply don't provide her with it, she sleeps on the sofa, which obviously I can't replace. Should that be ok now it has had a spray and a wash, or will I need to spray and wash it every day?

Be kind, im new at this. I appreciate any and all advice.

Re: Fleas: Housekeeping rules

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 2:28 pm
by meriad
Welcome to CatChat and congratulations on your new furry friend, but sorry that you've ended up with more 'friends' than you bargained for.

If you can, go to primark and buy some old towels and use them for cat bedding until the flea problem is sorted. Wash the expensive bedding and then put it away somewhere until then. As for clothing, not sure how often you'd need to wash that but I'd probably say every 2nd or 3 day would be enough? But someone else should be able to advise.

Buy some of the plastic flea collars, take one and cut it in half and put the half into your vacuum bag / cylinder. That will prevent any eggs you vacuum up from hatching. Use a new half everytime you empty the vacuum cleaner. Also maybe worth putting a half collar in with the bed whilst it's being stored.

You'll need to vacuum every single day for a good few weeks; paying close attention to the tiny gaps under the skirting boards, between floor boards etc because that's where the little critters will hide and possibly lay their eggs. And you want to get rid of those - adult fleas themselves don't live all that long, its the eggs that are the pain.

All that (plus I'm sure other tips you'll get here) should hopefully soon sort the issue.

Best of luck and let us know how you get on

Re: Fleas: Housekeeping rules

Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 4:50 pm
by willowdragon
Well in the past few days I have sprayed, hoovered, washed, groomed like a mad woman. My electricity bill from the tumble dryer alone is going to be insane. Today I laid flea powder in the carpets and did the hoovering for that too just for good measure. I've googled and googled fleas, eggs, flea dirt, how to check a cat for fleas, and I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right and I have to say.... I cannot find a single trace of fleas. On the cat or on her bedding. No little white blobs of eggs, no black bits of dirt, and no adult fleas themselves.

The vet pulled off what I assume was flea dirt since he did the think where he wet it and it went red. Is it possible that was left over from a flea that remained in her old home, and they didn't come back with her?

Re: Fleas: Housekeeping rules

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:29 am
by meriad
willowdragon wrote: Is it possible that was left over from a flea that remained in her old home, and they didn't come back with her?
No reason why not, so yes that could be the case. I'd probably be tempted to do the flea collar in the vacuum cleaner thing just in case and then see how it goes. Good luck and fingers crossed the unwanted guests don't make an appearance