Could yowling and anxiety be episodes? Henry died, sister doing the same.

IMPORTANT: If your cat is in any distress or discomfort, please consult your own vet as your first priority.
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Could yowling and anxiety be episodes? Henry died, sister doing the same.

Post by catsgalore » Tue Feb 07, 2017 8:18 pm

Last September, Henry my beloved nearly eight year old Persian died. He had been diagnosed with heart problems two years previously and we had seen a heart vet regularly and he was on heart meds. Henry was sitting on my bed with me,( we were virtually inseparable), we'd had some lovely strokes and he'd walked a few steps towards the edge of the bed and was having a wash. He then rolled towards the edge, but I caught him with my foot and gently pushed him back on. He was forever nearly rolling off things. As he rolled he was pawing the air with his front legs. I got up to move him to the middle of the bed and realised his head was at a funny angle. As I held him I knew immediately that this was it. I thought he was having a stroke. I wrapped him in a fleece blanket and asked a neighbour to take us to the vet. Henry was grimacing and part way there he started to choke. It's five minutes to the vet and by the time we got there foam was pouring out of Henry's nose. I kept wiping it away so he could breathe, but there was masses of it. It was absolutely horrific with the noises, the foam, the stretching. I'm sorry to say these things. By now Henry was fitting. I said he needed to be pts. The vet listened to Henry's heart and said it was very weak. He didn't need any help to die. They got me a chair and I held him and told him he was a wonderful and precious boy and that I loved him so much. It didn't take long, a couple of minutes at most. Henry was my best friend and we were so close. I've had my heart broken so many times, but with Henry, it felt like the first time. I am so raw still.

Around 6 months before Henry died he started to wail and race around with very wild eyes and seem anxious. Several times a day Henry would do this. This wasn't mad cat racing. The yowling had not happened before. I was concerned it may be related to his heart and spoke to our usual vet and Henry's heart vet. They didn't think it was significant. But as Henry had a stroke and/or a massive fit, I concluded that the yowling and staring wildly were episodes. Again I spoke to both vets, again no interest whatsoever. Henry had a bad heart, so he died from a bad heart.

The problem is that I still (thank God) have Emily, Henry's sister, and she's started doing the exact same yowling, the exact same anxiety, the exact same staring and even in the exact same parts of the house. I am terrified. I haven't had Emily checked in relation to her heart, but she's always seemed fine. Henry did slight mouth breathing which is how I knew something was wrong. Our vet is a nice and kind vet but I need to tell him what I want if tests etc are needed. He's already shown no interest in this behaviour in Henry and I know he 'll do the same with Emily. I need to know what to ask for. I'm insured with Petplan and anything not covered I can pay myself. I can travel to other vets if required.

I realise this could be mad cat stuff, but the fact that Henry was here for nearly 4 years before doing it and Emily even longer. They did/do mad cat. This is different.

Can anyone please offer some suggestions, advice etc? I am absolutely terrified that Emily will suffer as Henry did. Please, please help.

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Re: Could yowling and anxiety be episodes? Henry died, sister doing the same.

Post by Christopher13 » Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:47 pm

Just read your awful experience, my rescued cat is also prone to yowling, however I put this down to the fact he's deaf and obviously isn't aware of the noise he's making. Your description from the beginning (the bed incident0 through to the end at the vets was heart breaking. This could happen to any of us cat owners, and I know how I would feel if similar was to happen to my lad! In the mean time,,,LOVE EMILY 24/ day at a time! I'm sure you do this anyway. Who knows what the future may bring... Regards...Optimistic Chris.

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Re: Could yowling and anxiety be episodes? Henry died, sister doing the same.

Post by lilynmitz » Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:25 am

I'm sorry you've been through such a tough time, and I can understand how this has left you feeling so anxious. I would really advise that you take Emily to a vet. Changes in behaviour can be an indicator of health issues, particularly when the behaviour is this extreme, and this needs checking out. If they find a problem, they can start treating it. But then if she's given a clean bill of health, you can relax a little and start to look at this as a behavioural problem rather than a health issue, and try to work out what's triggering this behaviour, and address that instead. The vet may even be able to recommend a good behaviourist who can some to your house and see her in action.

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Re: Could yowling and anxiety be episodes? Henry died, sister doing the same.

Post by meriad » Mon Feb 13, 2017 12:01 pm

Firstly I am so sorry to read your post; so heartbreaking

But, and not wanting to be the bearer of bad news, personally I'd get Emily to the vet and have her heart checked. Persians (cats anyway, but some breeds more than others) can be prone to HMC (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and it sounds like your Henry may have had that?

If necessary, nice as your vet may be, get a 2nd opinion from another vet, but I'd get Emily checked

Best of luck and fusses to your girl

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Re: Could yowling and anxiety be episodes? Henry died, sister doing the same.

Post by Crewella » Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:40 pm

Wow, you've really been through the mill, I'm so sorry. I agree with Ria, and the others, that a 2nd opinion from another vet would be worth seeking. I've been there with a vet that you feel is ignoring your opinions - it's of no use to you and only serves to reduce your faith in them and increase your stress levels. A good vet should know that the owner is a valuable source of information, and you are the one paying the bill, after all.

Good luck, I really hope your fears are unfounded.

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