Leucofeligen reaction

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Leucofeligen reaction

Post by buddythecat » Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:27 pm


I would appreciate advice in regards to my cats reaction to Leucofeligen (virbac) vaccination.

He was taken to our vet for his 3rd year vaccination mid February, and since then he has been sick on a number of occasions. Like all cats, he has in the past spewed up furr balls and had dodgy stomachs from time to time, but since his vaccination he seems to have a dodgy stomach more regularly.

He is not being sick every day, but for instance within the first week post-vaccination, he was sick a number of times, mainly during the night. And within the past 24 hours he has been sick twice.

I can/will take him to the vet, but has anyone heard of bad reports about Leucofeligen (virbac) because it seems that since having this vaccination he has become fragile. I am unsure if the vet is at fault here? This is his first time having Leucofeligen (virbac), prior to this brand of vaccination he has only had Nobivac FeLV.

Thank you

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