blocked blaader recovery?

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blocked blaader recovery?

Postby mummyto3kitties » Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:23 pm

id never even heard of this happening until it happened to my boy last week

4 day stay in the vets and lots of medication hes finally home they did a great job with him

my 1 year old neutered boy had a blockage in his bladder for a few days b4 hand i thought he was trying to spray to was telling him off ( haven't had a male cat since i was a kid ive always had females) turns it he wasn't he was trying to show us he cant pee :'(

rushed him to vets after he had been sick during the night and screamed out when i tried to hold him ( was also tensing his boy poor lil man

his kidneys were failing and we were told he most likly wont pull through this luckily hes a fighter and has he is now peeing on his own ( was catheterized for 4 days) and his kidney function is almost back to normal

hes been put on medication that i have to put on his food and restricted diet ( cat food from the vets) for life

just wondering if any 1 else been through this was such a traumatic time for us all?

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