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I already had six cats and they all live quiet happily together ages range from 5 years to 11 years, my grand daughter found a young stray cat about a year old, she couldn't keep her as she has two dogs and they are not cat friendly she ask me if it could live with me. I said she could but she had to advertise first to make sure she wasn't lost, we also checked for a micro chip. I kept her separate and in doors for four weeks while we advertised and had her checked for a chip. After that I had her neutered, microchip, flea and worm treatment done and also vaccinated. Once she was over her op I tried to introduce her to my cats but she just hissed at them and then once she was over her op I started to let her out but she keeps attacking the other cats three of them stand up to her so she just hisses at them but the other three are more timid and run and she chases them and attacks them. I am having to keep her in again as its not fair on the other cats but she is pacing to go out. She has also scratch me a few times but I am not sure if that is just because she is so upset about the other cats that she lashes out.

I don't want to rehome her but not sure what to do with her and feel its cruel to keep her in when she clearly wants to go out. I would worry about rehoming her as she is not a lap cat and does have an attitude but again not sure if its just because she doesn't like other cats. She is in the room with me know and one of my other cats and she is not bothering him but he does hiss back.

Has anyone on here had a smiliar problem and any ideas what I can try, I have tried feliway but it didn't work.



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